When Do Cavapoos Go Into Heat?

I have a female Cavapoo.  She is a sweet and loveable dog, but I am concerned about when she will go into season or heat and what to expect.  I have never had a female dog before, so I would really like to know more.

When I had some time, I figured I would peruse the internet and see what information I could find to help me understand this phase in her life.  I am sure someone else out there could use this information too.

When do Cavapoos go into heat?

Cavapoos go into heat for the first time after six months but before twelve months. Cavapoos grow and mature faster because they are smaller dogs. This means that their maturity when it comes to reproduction will happen more quickly than a larger dog. 

During a Cavapoos heat season, a female dog will go through various changes that come from internal changes in hormones.  Each stage of a Cavapoo being in heat will have specific characteristics that they will display.  These characteristics will be related to their physical body and their emotional and mental state as they prepare for becoming pregnant and carrying a litter of puppies that they will eventually birth.  

The first of four phases will have the female Cavapoos body preparing for reproduction, but at this point, she will still be infertile and not ready.   This phase can last anywhere up to over a week.  The second phase, which has her body releasing an egg, and then she will be fertile at this point. 

During this phase of a female Cavapoos heat, she will be more welcoming to a male encounter.  She will produce a slightly bloody discharge which shows she is inactive heat at this point. 

This stage can also last for just over a week.  The third stage can last for a month or longer until she gives birth if she has successfully become pregnant at this point.  

Either way, if she is pregnant or not, the female Cavapoo will lose interest in males, and the bloody discharge should be gone by now.  If the female has become pregnant, this cycle will continue through her pregnancy all the way through the birth of the puppies. 

If the female Cavapoo is not pregnant, the final phase will be when her body rests and waits for the next reproductive phase in her life.  This last phase can last until approximately five months. 

When a Cavapoo or another female dog goes into heat, it is their body’s way of preparing for pregnancy, and to birth puppies, it is a process that takes time and comes from the inside. 

During this phase, pet parents must be diligent if they do not want a litter of puppies but also responsive to the female Cavapoos needs.   This includes additional needs for rest, healthy food, comfort, love, and social interactions, depending on the desired outcome.

Cavapoos are smaller mixed breed dogs.  Due to their size, like everything else in a small dog’s life, they will develop faster and, of course, go into heat faster than their larger doggie pals.

When a dog, regardless of breed, goes into season, specific changes happen to the female’s body on different levels.  Some changes will be noticed in their physical body, but most of what is going on during this process will come from inside them and are related to hormones and the natural cycle of life.

The female Cavapoo may behave or act slightly differently with each of the four phases of the heat season. Their body and mind prepare for reproduction, carrying and birthing her puppies.

How a female Cavapoo moves through each phase will be based on what happens during the second phase of their heat season.  If they do not become pregnant, the third and fourth phase will be different than if she does.

Whether the pet parents want their female Cavapoo to become pregnant or not and make arrangements with their breeder beforehand will determine how they handle these phases of their dog’s life.

What does it mean for a Cavapoo to be in heat?

For a Cavapoo to be in heat means that the female Cavapoo’s body is in preparation and ready to conceive a litter of puppies.

The heat season is a process that begins inside the female’s body with hormonal and other bodily changes that prepare her body for releasing eggs so that they can be fertilized when the time is right.  This process is similar to when a human female ovulates.

The Cavapoos eggs are released from the ovaries when the time is right, and the process continues preparing her mental and emotional state and her physical body for the process of conception.

If the female Cavapoo becomes pregnant during the process, the process will continue as she moves through the phases of pregnancy and eventually labor and birth of her puppies.

If the female Cavapoo doesn’t become pregnant, the heat season eventually comes to an end, and her body goes into a cycle of rest which can be thought of as being inactive.

This process repeatedly happens throughout a female dog’s life as female dogs continue to go into heat no matter their age and can potentially become pregnant at a well, advanced senior age.

Is there a way to prevent my Cavapoo from going into heat?

Yes, there are ways to prevent any female dog from going into heat.

The first option, which is the most common, is the surgical method of preventing a Cavapoo or another dog breed from going into season.  The surgical option is what is known as spaying their female dog. Spaying the female Cavapoo is irreversible and involves removing the female reproductive organs in your Cavapoos body.

This option also reduces the chance of female cancers happening later in life to the Cavapoo and is a good option for pet parents who will not change their minds about a litter of puppies in the future.

The process is not very expensive and usually safe for your dog.

The second option is to administer medications that delay the reproductive season from occurring at a later date.

This can be helpful for those pet parents who have a dog that is currently unwell but eventually will be healthy again, and they may want her to have a litter of puppies.

These medications used do have some side effects, which must be discussed thoroughly with the veterinarian.  It is also possible for a female dog to still go into a heat cycle while taking these medications and the increased potential for some forms of cancers and other health issues.

While there are many advantages to preventing unwanted pregnancies in dogs regardless of their breed or genetics, the most crucial advantage is to reduce the chance of an increase in unwanted or abandoned dogs due to an accidental pregnancy.

Thoughtful planning for a dog’s future, including what will be happening in their reproductive life, is taking a proactive stance in their life and also the lives of any puppies they may conceive.  It is our responsibility as pet parents to make conscious and thoughtful decisions about this part of their lives since they are under our care and protection.

When Do Cavapoos Go Into Heat?

Should a female Cavapoo be spayed before or after their first heat season?

This can be hard to determine.  Some believe it is best to spay their female dog as early as five months of age before they go into their first season.  Others feel that it is better to wait until later, after their first season, as early spaying can cause tumors and other issues down the road for the dog.

It is always best to consult their veterinarian before deciding on this or any other medical procedure.  The veterinarian knows the individual female dog and can determine the best outcome for the situation relating to the dog’s health. 

One veterinarian may recommend spaying before the heat season, while another may recommend after, having a thoughtful discussion about your own opinions as a pet parent can also help the process be smoother and keep you informed of what the best choice is for your individual dog.

Whatever time is chosen, it is a good idea to reduce stress, provide nutritious food and plenty of rest for the female Cavapoo before and after the spaying procedure to ensure that they have the best chance of good health after surgery.

Closing Points

Going into heat is a normal process that female dogs go through as female humans do.   When and how it happens depends on the dogs’ genetics and breeding and their health and lifestyle.

As a pet parent and essentially their caregiver, it is our responsibility to ensure that this process, like other parts of their health, is well attended to and cared for.

Whether or not a litter of puppies is planned or a surprise, their mother pup who has gone into heat are precious gifts and blessings in our lives.  Remembering that helps us make the right decisions at every phase of a female dog’s life!