Are Male or Female Corgis Easier To Train?

Corgis are known for being intelligent, hard-working, and playful dogs. 

They are smart, and any form of training will be easy to accomplish unless your Corgi decides to resist for some reason.

If you’re struggling to train your Corgi or if you’re interested in getting the easiest to train Corgi that you can, you may be wondering if male or female Corgis are easier to train.

Are Male or Female Corgis Easier To Train?

While gender does play a role in some things for your Corgi, neither male nor female Corgi is easier to train. Training is a process that takes time and depends on your Corgi and their personality and temperament. Factors like their size, age, and health likely affect their trainability more than their gender.

That said, each gender will have the specific things they are good at and other things that they have difficulties accomplishing.

Often, the case of whether male or female Corgi is easier to train comes down to who they are as a dog. 

Some Corgi will struggle with training for something specific, and it will have nothing to do with their gender; others will accept any form of training easily.

Certain circumstances in a Corgis life can make training harder at specific times. 

For instance, a female Corgi will be harder to train when going through puberty or during other reproductive phases of their life.

During these times, females can be harder to train because their thought processes, emotions, and body focus on reproduction, finding a mate, and becoming pregnant.

Many changes happen during this time, and it can be a difficult process for them to go through on many levels.  

Training during this time is not recommended because it can cause discomfort for the female Corgi if she is being encouraged to focus on something other than what her body naturally is going through.

Some female Corgis can be stubborn, headstrong, and rebellious when being trained.  

This isn’t always the case, as many male dogs can also have this issue, so it’s not related to gender.

Being stubborn can be related to the individual dog’s personality and temperament and not just gender.

Highly intelligent dogs can sometimes think that their owner or trainer must prove that they are worthy.  

They must prove their abilities, so the dog will listen to them and accept what they are being taught.

Regardless of which gender Corgi you are training, training can take time and requires the trainer or pet parent to be diligent in their methods.  

This means consistency which many of us humans can have a hard time with when managing our own lives.

If there isn’t diligence and consistency regarding the training, whatever the training may be for, the Corgi might rebel or be stubborn and choose not to accept what is being taught. 

At the same time, this dog breed is friendly, fun, and a quick learner if they want to be taught.

As with children, lack of consistency often causes delays in the training process and final success.

Male and female Corgis’ have different strengths and weaknesses.  

Males might accept one type of training easier than females and vice versa.  

This is related to females and males being good at and more accepting of certain training activities.

For instance, male Corgis might be better at training that requires them to use their physical strength like obstacle course training.  

Females may be at a slight disadvantage in this area because their physical bodies are built a bit smaller and usually not quite as strong, but this isn’t always the case.

Are Male or Female Corgis Easier To Train 1 Are Male or Female Corgis Easier To Train?

Does the female or male Corgi mature faster than the other, and how does that relate to training?

Female Corgis often mature faster than the males mentally and emotionally, whereas males tend to develop faster physically.

This slight variance in development can cause a delay in training for certain activities if the female or male Corgi hasn’t matured in that area.

Females tend to suffer from issues related to their reproductive lives, which can cause a delay in various types of training, depending on when the training begins.

If a Corgi female is spayed earlier in life and begins training early on, they will have an easier time learning new things they are trained to do because their focus will not be on mating.    

They can pick up new skills and training faster.

The same can be said for males that are neutered, they are less by the reproductive instinct and are often better able to focus on training.

Both male and female Corgi can be easily driven to succeed by the reward of a treat.  

These treats can be a great reward for them, but trainers and owners must be careful to not overuse this method which can make them obese quickly.

Females can also be more dominant or aggressive, but this also depends on their breed background, who their parents are, and who they are as a dog.

Dominance, aggression, stubbornness, and other negative qualities that make it hard to train a dog can happen to any dog of any breed regardless of gender.

Does the gender of the trainer affect how easy it is to train a Corgi?

The gender of the trainer does not usually make it easier or harder to train a Corgi of either gender unless the specific Corgi has issues with one gender or the other.

For instance, if a rescued Corgi is adopted but came from a home where a man mistreated them, they may have difficulties with all men.

This can mean that they do not accept being trained by a male but also that they are not accepting of food or affection offered from a male.

In these types of situations, it is less about gender and more about the background of the specific dog.  

Whatever issues they come to their new loving family will affect their current life, no matter who trains and takes care of them.

If a Corgi came to a new loving family but was mistreated in any way, it is best to delay training until later and focus on the emotional, mental, and physical health of the Corgi.

They will need time to be rehabilitated and trusted again, and how long this takes can depend on the dog and their unique background.  

Training is possible during this time, but it needs to align with what the dog feels comfortable with and how they will learn best.

Beyond these situations, some male or female Corgis’ will learn better from their pet parents, and others will require a professional trainer, but gender doesn’t often play a role in the success or outcome.

Closing Points

Male and female Corgi have their strengths and weaknesses, and usually, they are both easy to train.  

Successful training is specifically related to the individual dog and their personality and temperament.

Females can struggle during the mating period and should not be trained as success can be hard to attain.

While both male and female Corgi are often easy to train, how long it takes will depend on the individual dog and human pair.  

Patience, persistence, and a positive attitude will always win the day, regardless of gender!

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