Do Cavapoos Like To Cuddle? (Explained)

I recently welcomed a new dog into my home. She is playful and energetic, blending well with the other dogs of the house.  What I am interested to know about is if she likes to cuddle.  My mother will be coming to live with us, and she is hoping that the new dog will make a good friend to her, cuddling and snuggling up on the couch when she wants to.

With a few minutes of free time today, I decided to explore what type of information I could find.  I found some great information; I am hoping it will be helpful.

Do Cavapoos like to cuddle?

Yes, Cavapoos like to cuddle because they are a companion animal created as a mixed breed to do just this, cuddle and bond closely with their loved ones. 

This mixed breed combines two purebred dogs: the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle.  These purebred dog breeds are loveable, playful, intelligent, and fun, but they are also very companionable and love being around their family or people. 

Cavapoos that take traits from both of these purebred dogs were bred to be companion animals and enjoy spending the day cuddled up with their loved ones. Whether they are watching television, taking a nap, or playing a game, cuddle time will always be on the menu for this mixed breed.  

Since they are smaller dogs, their loved ones or anyone for that matter must pick them up and hold them the right way, so they are not accidentally hurt or injured by improper handling.   Cavapoo is a mixed dog breed that can become overly attached to their pet parents very quickly, and they don’t receive adequate training and social skills. This can become a problem for them that leads to separation anxiety. 

This can make it hard for them to be away from their pet parents when they leave the house and can lead to negative behaviors if left untreated.  Despite their breed background that proves they are a very closely bonded companion animal that loves to cuddle, other factors play a part in how cuddly they are. 

These factors include the type of environment they live in, who their pet parents are as people, and how they are treated as a puppy or dogs.  Any dog regardless of breed, or background can become a cuddle dog; it just takes time, patience, understanding, and a whole lot of daily affection to show them how wonderful that time can be.

To be cuddly, whether Cavapoo, another dog breed, or human, one must be in the right frame of mind, have the right environment, and be in the right kind of dog or human. The Cavapoo, another dog breed or human must be welcoming to physical attention and closeness and enjoy the process of bonding and sharing these moments together with those they love. 

Some dogs, like humans may be less cuddly then others depending on their innate nature, and regardless of what they were bred for or their breed background.

For the Cavapoo, this mixed dog breed was bred to do just that, cuddle.  Originally bred to be a companion animal, this crossbreed enjoys spending time around humans, cuddling, and being playful.  They enjoy it, even more when they are closely connected to their loving family.

While some dogs could take it or leave it, the snuggles, hugs, kisses, or physical connected time, Cavapoos and other companion animals consider this an essential part of their day. They would most likely not feel pleased if they didn’t have it.

Cavapoos are a small mixed dog breed that was bred from blending two purebred dogs together.  This mixture brings to life their background as a playful and fun-loving companion dog, which comes from combining the Poodle and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

With this blending of traits, pet parents that adopt this mixed dog breed will find themselves very happy should they want nothing more than to share kisses, hugs, and affectionate moments with their fur baby.

That being said, any puppy or dog can come to enjoy and even welcome cuddle time with their loved ones.  This is based on a foundation of trust, understanding, patience, time invested, and of course, lots of love. 

Even dogs that might not be considered very loveable, like dogs that are bred to be guard dogs, can be found sharing cuddle moments sometimes with those they love most.  The importance is having a solid foundation of love to form it upon.

What is a companion animal?

A companion animal is an animal created or bred for the specific purpose of providing friendship, love, and companionship to their human individual or family members.  While any dog can hold this title, despite being a sporting dog or a working dog, or something else entirely, the main idea is that their primary purpose is to be a close friend and companion.

These dogs or other animals were bred to form a close bond with their loved ones that benefited the human and the dog.

While there isn’t necessarily any specific training for such an occupation, these dogs provide a deep connection with someone based on fun, friendship, and time spent together.

Usually, dogs that fit into this category are playful and enjoy tagging along with their pet parents’ adventures.  It doesn’t necessarily matter what their adventures are. It could be a trip to the park or an extended vacation from home, or simply visiting a neighbor. The main idea is closeness, connection, and companionship.

Some of you might be saying right now, well, doesn’t every dog kind of fit into that category.  The answer to that is pretty much yes.  However, some dogs’ sole purpose is just this.  These dogs may never make an excellent guard dog, and they may never herd sheep or sniff out bombs, but they perform a critical task in our community daily.

Originally the term Companion Animal was used to describe those animals that provided a therapeutic service to a human without any formal training in this area.  It was initially required that those individuals that needed a companion animal must receive documentation of such by their doctor for whatever therapeutic support they needed.

Unlike assistance dogs, these companion dogs or animals do not need formal training.

Today this term is used very loosely and lightly to describe any animal or dog that is nothing more than a loving companion.  They most often love to play and cuddle with their loved ones.  Cuddle time is almost always a must for them as many of these types of dogs, including the Cavapoos, need to form close bonds for their happiness and well-being.

This can also cause them to suffer separation anxiety when their loved ones are away for whatever reason.

Do Cavapoos Like To Cuddle?

If I am not a cuddle person, will that make my Cavapoo less cuddle?

If you are not a cuddle person, it will not likely make a Cavapoo less cuddle.  This cuddliness is not related to their pet parent and more about who they are as a dog.  It may cause them to modify their behavior to live with someone who is less cuddle than they are, or it could them distress depending on the Cavapoo.

Their personality, temperament, and who they are as a dog will factor into how to cuddle each dog is and how they respond to life with someone who is not very cuddle.  This mixed breed as a whole thrives best on close connections and affection to feel and be the best puppy or dog they can be.

Since they are known for being a mixed dog breed that can easily suffer from separation anxiety, they will likely have issues living in a household or family where their needs for this form of attention are not addressed.

Depending on the individual or family, in some instances, it may be necessary to select another breed of dog if they do not enjoy cuddle time or time spent together sharing affection and being playful.  This needs to be well thought out before the Cavapoo dog or puppy is welcomed into the family.

Being cuddle and affectionate to a certain degree is a normal part of being a loving family, even with the family dog.  This is beneficial for both the dog and the humans and should not be thought of as a responsibility but something that enhances the relationship.  Spending time together being cuddle is the foundation of a close, loving bond.  It is vitally important and should never be overlooked, just like food, water, and exercise.

Final Thoughts

We all love to cuddle from time to time.  How much we cuddle, including how much a Cavapoo will like to cuddle, is as individual as the puppy or dog itself.

In most cases, this mixed dog breed will love nothing more than exhausting a whole day away cuddling and sharing special affectionate and playful moments because they are a companion animal.

What more could one ask for than a small dog like the Cavapoo that loves to cuddle? Not much!