How Often Do Corgis Go Into Heat?

Having an unfixed female Corgis opens up a world of possibilities, but with that potential comes a lot of maintenance.

If you’re on the fence about fixing your Corgi puppy, one of the main factors to consider is their heat cycle.

How Often Do Corgis Go Into Heat?

Corgis, like other dogs, go into heat every six months. The reproduction process for the female Corgi will have them going into their first season at some point during the first year of life. Then about every six months after this, they will go through these heat seasons for the rest of their lives.

This timing can vary from one female dog to the next because it is driven by the first time they go into heat. This happens every six months after that first heat season.

Female Corgis can go into heat for the first time between six months and one year. Each dog is individual when their body begins this reproductive process as it is driven from within.

The only way to stop this process is to have a female Corgi spayed.

Some things can affect the timing of when a Corgi goes into heat, whether for the first time or the fifteenth. Health issues of any kind can stop or delay the heat season depending on the severity.

Health problems related to the female Corgi reproductive organs are a top reason for no heat season or changes to the timing.

If a female Corgi hasn’t gone into heat for the first time by the age of one year, it is a good idea to take them to their veterinarian. 

There may be a health issue causing this problem, but sometimes it is just the individual dog being a late bloomer.

It is better to be safe than sorry and get the Corgi checked out to make sure they are healthy and developing as they should.

There are four stages to the female heat season for a dog, these include the proestrus stage, estrus stage, diestrus stage and anestrus stage. 

The proestrus stage is the beginning when her body is changing, and male dogs will be attracted to her, but she will not be attracted to them.

The estrus stage is when she is receptive and attracted and when reproduction can occur if the time is right. The diestrus stage which begins the process of returning her body back to normal unless she is pregnant. 

At this point she will also be uninterested in the male dog.

Finally, the anestrus stage, this is the resting stage where the body has returned to normal if pregnancy has not occurred. 

The entire process takes the length of approximately six months from start to finish, but the first two stages are the most important.

Once a female Corgi goes into its first heat season, a pet parent can expect this season to actively last around three weeks for the most important two phases, the infertile or proestrus and fertile or estrus phases.

However, there is a total of four phases to this season that include an infertile phase, the fertile phase, a balancing phase where their body goes back to its original state before fertility, and finally, the resting phase which lasts until it begins again.

Their heat cycles can be unpredictable during the first two years of life as their bodies continue to grow and develop. 

Still, after that, their heat cycle will become more normal and predictable unless underlying health issues cause a problem.

This means that a female Corgi will have two heat seasons per year on average.

In some years, a female Corgi may have only one season, which is rare for small breeds of dogs, or they might have three depending on timing.

How Often Do Corgis Go Into Heat 1 How Often Do Corgis Go Into Heat?

How will I know when my female Corgi is going into heat?

You will know your female Corgi is going into heat by the physical symptoms they display.

The female Corgi might have spots of blood that they leave around the house. If this is noticed, it is good to keep them in a comfortable but easy-clean area until they have completed this stage.

If this cannot be accomplished, it can be beneficial to purchase doggie diapers for use at this time to protect furnishings and the household.

The female Corgis habits may change during this time. 

She might be hungry or sleepy or have more energy. She might appear moody or have easily changeable behaviors and increased urination.

The female Corgi might also have a simple discharge from the area that doesn’t have blood, or perhaps spend more time cleaning herself and seeking comfort from her family and surroundings.

The heat season can be difficult for the female Corgi as it can create many changes that the dog doesn’t understand that are physical, mental, and emotional.  

This is a fun time to provide extra loving support, so they know that they are loved during this trying time.

Each of the four stages of the heat cycle will have its own symptoms or signs that the female Corgi is in that stage. Some will be easier than others, like the final stage where their body goes back to its normal state, and the body rests.

How do I care for my female Corgi during the heat season?

The best way to care for your female Corgi in her heat season is to provide emotional and physical support. Showing extra love and attention while considering her feelings and ignoring certain challenging behaviors can make her more comfortable.

The heat season is a passing time that will reoccur throughout your Corgis life, and the best way to get through it together is with love and compassion. 

Spending time with her and showing as much love and care as possible will help her feel better while she is going through this process.

Also, ensuring that you have cleaning products and are managing problems when they come up, can help keep the home environment as stress-free as possible for everyone.

Keeping the female Corgis area clean will also make her comfortable and keep her as happy as possible.

When your female Corgi is outside, keeping a remarkably close eye on her is incredibly important to prevent unwanted pregnancy and minimize aggression and issues with other dogs, which can happen quickly if a male dog lives close by.

In Conclusion

The heat season is a normal part of a female Corgis life and a process that is driven from within their body that usually begins sometime during the first year of life.

After that time, the female Corgi will go into heat every six months for the rest of her life unless she has health issues that change that.

Preparing for this time and showing love and compassion during the process are the best ways to offer support and help your female Corgi through this time!