How Long Can Corgis Be Left Alone?

Corgis need a lot of attention, and they thrive and behave best when they are close to their family or loved ones.

Sometimes we must run an errand and can’t take our Corgi.  Sometimes we need to work, and its no place for a dog.

When that happens, you may end up needing to leave your Corgi alone for an amount of time.

How long can Corgis be left alone?

An adult Corgi can be left alone for a maximum of eight hours if the pet parent has given them ample exercise and attention before and after their separation. This is an absolute maximum length of time to leave your adult Corgi alone. Younger dogs should not be left alone for more than three hours at a time.

Your Corgi will be happiest when the time apart is short, and this should be considered before anyone adopts a Corgi.

Their breed background and who they are as a dog require that they have a lot of physical connection and attention.

Those who work a lot or are away from home a lot where the Corgi cannot go may find that another breed of dog is better suited to them.

While a Corgi can be left alone for a maximum of eight hours, in most cases, this is not healthy for them emotionally because of their need for closeness and attention.

Should this be the situation for you and your Corgi, a good option would be doggie daycare or a dog sitter who can spend time and bond with the Corgi while you’re away.

The Corgi will receive the attention and close contact they need with someone, making your life easier and your relationship with your dog better.

For the Corgi or any dog left alone for eight hours or more, it is highly recommended that a dog sitter come and care for them while you are away. 

This is not just because of the emotional needs but because all dogs have physical needs like bathroom breaks and exercise that should not be ignored.

Meeting the Corgis needs in life promotes a happy and healthier dog, which means less acting up and bad behaviors. 

If you do need to leave your Corgi alone for more than a few hours and don’t take them to daycare or have someone, come into your home and look after them, they will most likely display bad behaviors once you get home.

This dog breed is very headstrong and can be stubborn. They can also become easily stressed if you are away for too long.

This can spell disaster in the form of bad behaviors and a poor relationship with your Corgi as they won’t understand why you have been away.

How Long Can Corgis Be Left Alone How Long Can Corgis Be Left Alone?

How to leave your Corgi alone

Leaving any dog alone, but especially dogs like the Corgi, requires planning, thoughtfulness, and tools to be successful.

Whether you plan to make a grocery runs every Wednesday or must work Mondays and Fridays, having everything in place for the departure will increase the chance of success for you and your Corgi.

Safe Home Life

Primarily, before you depart for any length of time away from your home with your Corgi left behind, you must understand that the home needs to be safe for you to do that.

Leaving them in a safe room is best if they are not crate trained. A safe room would be one where they could not get hurt by things that might fall on top of them or things that can cause harm in any way. 

This is like when you childproof a home for your human baby but slightly different.

Since your Corgi might act up, it is best to make sure that there is nothing that can cause them harm. For instance, they might run around the room and pull a lamp down when they catch a paw on the cord accidentally.


Corgis are energetic and active dogs, and they need lots of fun and work to be fulfilled physically and mentally. Before you leave the house, you will want to make sure they have been exercised enough so they won’t misbehave but relax instead.

You will also want to exercise them immediately when you return to eliminate all the pent-up energy and stress that built up while you were gone.

Routine Departure and Return Ritual

Having a ritual that involves your Corgi when you leave and come home is an effective way to reunite and keep the bond strong while you are away and when you return.  

Your Corgi isn’t going to care that you have to go to work, but they will miss you and have a hard time with you being away.

Having a unique way of leaving that is the same every time and a special way of greeting the Corgi when you return every time will give them something to remember.

As time passes, this ritual will stay with them in their memory, and they will learn to understand that when this happens, mom or dad leave but they return, and life is good again.

It could be sharing a few snuggles on the couch with them and sharing treats before you leave with an I will miss you

When returning you could pick them up, and head out for some fun together. The point is consistency every time.

Extra Attention

On the days you must leave your home and Corgi behind, giving extra attention throughout the day and night before and after you are gone will fill their cup up with love

 They will feel more loved and paid attention to and might be more content and less likely to act up while you’re gone or when you return.

Closing Points

Everyone needs alone time, even a dog. How long a Corgi can be left alone varies but is less than eight hours a day, with stress being on the LESS THEN.

While Corgis can be very needy for attention and closeness, there are ways to manage this when you must be away from them.

Having a routine, being thoughtful in planning your away from home activities, and being considerate of your Corgis needs is the best way to manage this alone time. If you do this, they will never love it, but many will learn to tolerate and accept it when it comes around!

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