Are Corgis Hyper?

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi, like other small dogs, might appear to be the kind of dog that is content with a minimum amount of exercise and activity.

For senior Corgis, this may be the case, or Corgis that have health issues or injuries, but healthy younger Corgis will need lots of activity.

If you don’t meet their needs, a Corgi, like any active and energetic dog, can wind up with unspent energy and behave in a hyper manner.  

This is easily fixed by providing them with mental and physical stimulation that meets their energy level, so they behave better.

Are Corgis hyper?

Corgis can be hyper if given the right age, environment, and lifestyle, but this is true of any dog breed. Overall, the dog breed is not hyper, but they are energetic and will thrive best in a home where they can be active dogs.

Many pet parents who own a Corgi note that they are beyond energetic, their zest for life, need for activity and attention can be exhausting at times and seem like a full-time job. 

This however doesn’t mean they are hyper.

This energy and constant need for attention and activity is a part of their breed background so those adopting these dogs should be aware beforehand and prepared for the challenge if they do decide to adopt these dogs.

While some dog breeds can be naturally hyper or have nervous energy, it is possible to reduce these tendencies with obedience training that teaches them how to behave.

However, even a dog who behaves perfectly and has received obedience training can struggle with hyper behavior if their need for physical and mental exercise is not met.

The Corgis who have unspent energy may try to behave their best, but their breeding and personality may get the better of them at times, and they will act out in whatever way suits them now.

Like a child that hasn’t been given a proper channel for their energy, Corgis might begin to display negative behaviors if they don’t get what they want.

This is very easily remedied by providing them with some outdoor adventure, playing a game with them, exercising them, going for a hike or walk and tossing a ball are clever ways for them to expel their energy.

There are certain circumstances where a Corgi may behave hyper, and it has nothing to do with their activity level for the day. 

Some dogs react strongly to their environment, and while this is linked to breeding, any dog or breed can have this issue.

For instance, a Corgi that is very in tune with their environment and owner might have had a busy day where they received plenty of physical exercise and mental stimulation at the doggie daycare.

However, when their parent comes home from work, they are angry, acting out that anger in the home, slamming doors and such, the Corgi might pick up on that and not know what to do.  

The Corgi might begin to feel stressed. Then if the television is too loud, the housecat has decided to drink out of their water bowl, and the kids are jumping around a lot, the Corgi might get overly excited.

Even though they have had enough activity, some Corgi may respond to that above-noted environment by becoming hyper.

Corgi puppies will seem to have endless energy and appear hyper and out of control. 

This is a part of their age, lack of training, and not enough activity on both the mental and physical level.

As the Corgi puppy ages, they learn what is expected of them, and their pet parent learns how to channel the individual dogs’ energy. 

When this happens, they will begin to behave better and be less hyper.

When attempting to manage any dog’s behavior, it is first important to know the dog breed. 

When adopting a Corgi, it is important to learn about the individual dog breed to know what to expect of your new fur baby.

Once the puppy or dog is brought home, a pet parent needs to take some time to know the individual dog and learn about what makes them tick and who they are because each dog in a breed is uniquely individual.

After a pet parent has learned about their Corgi, they can manage their dog and lifestyle, so the Corgi behaves in the best way possible.

Even when this is done, some Corgi will still have bad days like us humans where they behave hyper and act out based on their day, environment, and what is going on inside the dog. 

Are Corgis Hyper 2 Are Corgis Hyper?

How can I stop hyper behavior when my Corgi starts acting that way?

The best way to stop hyper behavior if your Corgi suddenly starts acting that way is to take a break from what you’re doing and assess how their day is going.  

Figure out if they had enough physical activity and mental stimulation.

Think about how their sleep was the night before and if they have eaten.

Ask some questions in your mind about the environment they were in, whether it is at home or away. Note any triggers and issues and then proceed.

From here, you will want to address any of those problems or issues.

For instance, if they haven’t been exercised enough, they will need some outdoor activity to fulfill that need.

If it has been a while since they have eaten, they should be fed. If it was a stressful day for them in the home, they might need some good old-fashioned love and attention from mom or dad to soothe the stress.

Like with a human child, your fur baby has needs in their day that, as a parent, you will need to fulfill.

Once those basic needs of life are tended to, if they still are acting hyper, it could be that they are not feeling well, or the hyperactivity just needs some time to burn out.

This is especially true if they have had a stressful day. 

Again, like humans, dogs have feelings, and letting go of stress for them isn’t always easy to do.

It may be necessary to provide them with a special toy to entertain them mentally. This toy can give them something to do, to distract them from the stress they feel until it fades away.

A pet parent can figure out triggers for their Corgi through trial and error. 

Still, each day will be different, and a pet parent must be prepared and understand that sometimes hyper behavior happens, and eventually, it will burn itself out.

This is one of the reasons why it is always best to provide the right environment and lifestyle for your Corgi, so these problems are minimal.

When the Corgi is living in a happy, healthy home and their needs are met, including physical activity and mental stimulation, the chance that they will suffer hyper moments is reduced.

Final Thoughts

Hyper behavior is something that any dog can display at any time, and some dogs are more susceptible to it while others are not.

Corgis are energetic dogs that need their energy channeled to behave their best.

If this doesn’t happen, they can act out and be hyper.

If they become hyper, addressing the issue, and creating a loving home life and lifestyle are the best ways to prevent this issue in the future!

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