How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A Cavapoo?

I adopted a Cavapoo, and I am ready to potty train them, but I don’t know how long this process will take. 

I am hoping it is not too daunting a process and everything goes smoothly, but right now, I need more information so I can feel comfortable with the process.

Seeking to learn more, I spent my afternoon doing research. Here it goes.

How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A Cavapoo?

Some Cavapoo puppies may take as little as a few weeks, and others may take as long as a few months. Who they are as a puppy and their environment and the training methods used will make this training process go smoother and easier or cause it to be harder and take a longer amount of time.

How long it takes to potty train a Cavapoo will depend mainly on the personality of the Cavapoo puppy; some puppies will be more obstinate or take longer to learn what is expected of them or get the idea. 

Others will have it down pat in no time at all and learn it willingly. 

Thankfully both pure breeds that make up this mixed breed background are intelligent and eager to please, making training for any reason easier. 

Crate training can be helpful in this process as it can make it easier for the puppy to get the idea of where they go to the bathroom and not. 

Not to mention such tips as taking the Cavapoo puppy out often and keeping them confined to one area inside the household with the pet parent during the process. 

This helps the pet parent keep an eye on them and take them outside immediately if they anticipate that the puppy is showing signs that they need to go to the bathroom. 

How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A Cavapoo 1 How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A Cavapoo?

Potty training is a process that takes time, and while a pet parent doesn’t want to spend an eternity in this arena, they must understand that even this phase of a Cavapoo puppy’s life doesn’t last forever. 

Regardless of how long it takes each Cavapoo puppy, their needs, wants, and learning must be respected. Persistence and patience will prevail at the end of the day, and eventually, they will learn what needs to be done where.

Cavapoos are an interesting mixed dog breed that comes from crossing two purebred dogs. Their background is that of intelligence and an eager to please personality. 

That being said, many may think this will make training easier whether it is housetraining or something else.

When potty training a puppy regardless of breed, the process is as individual as the puppy themselves. 

While breeding can offer a guideline based on their intelligence and abilities, each dog will still learn at its own rate.

The process of potty training a Cavapoo puppy can take anywhere from weeks to months depending on who is potty training them, the method used, and their home environment, as well as their temperament and personality.

Those interested in crate training their Cavapoo puppy can make it easier to potty train them as they learn quickly where it is okay to go to the bathroom and where they should not. 

Puppies of any breed and dogs, in general, don’t like to go to the bathroom where they are going to sleep. Crate training in a comfortable crate but fits them to stand up and turn around provides just enough room for them to move. 

However, it doesn’t leave much room for them to have a bathroom spot unless they want to use their bed. 

This makes it necessary for them to learn to hold their bladder until they go outside or learn to signal to their pet parent that they have to go NOW.

During the process of potty training, regardless of how long it will take for your individual puppy, it can be helpful for the pet parent to take them out often.

It is also necessary for the pet parent to keep them in a confined area where the pet parent is located. This allows the pet parent to keep a close eye on them, notice any signs and signals they might give, and immediately respond by taking them outside.

During this process, it is essential that when the puppy does go to the bathroom where they are supposed to, they should be rewarded and praised for their efforts and correctness. 

Obviously, when they make a mistake, the rewards will not happen, but they should not be mistreated in any way.

How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A Cavapoo 2 How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A Cavapoo?

Should I Use A Puppy Pad To Train My Cavapoo?

Some pet parents love the idea of puppy pads and others hate it. Others still will find it necessary to live in a condo, apartment, or another area where there isn’t a readily available outdoor space. Using a puppy pad comes down to owner choice and access to outside space.

Either way, if a puppy pad is used, it should be placed by the door to learn it is used to go outside to use the bathroom.

The problem with this method is that in some cases, it can delay the potty-training process as they learn that they can pee inside on this type of surface.

Whatever method is chosen, it is important to be easy on everyone involved, puppy and pet parent. The potty-training process is not an easy one that happens overnight. Patience and understanding must be given.

When Will A Cavapoo Puppy Sleep Through The Night?

The Cavapoo puppy, like other puppies, will stop waking at night to go outside to use the bathroom around four months old. This is a guideline as some puppies will take longer than others to get the idea and sleep through the night.

It is important to help this process by having a nighttime ritual that happens before bedtime. This process will always include a final bathroom break outside. 

With time this bedtime ritual will be their last stop to use the bathroom, and they will not wake, but it can take time for individual puppies to get the idea.

For really young puppies, it may seem counterproductive to wake your puppy to use the bathroom at night, but this is precisely what a pet parent needs to do at this point.

In the beginning, it can be helpful to set up a nighttime routine for this process. At certain times of the night, the pet parent always gets up and wakes their puppy to use the toilet.

If for some reason, the times selected during the first few attempts are not soon enough, the pet parent can adjust the times, providing more bathroom breaks or ones that happen sooner until the right timing is created where they are not peeing in the house.

When training through the night, as the Cavapoo bladder gets stronger and bigger and they can wait longer while sleeping, it can be helpful for the pet parents to make adjustments gradually, so they still prevent any issues while working towards their Cavapoo sleeping through the night.

For instance, the puppy is put to bed at ten PM in the beginning, the pet parents wake them at two AM for a bathroom break, and then perhaps again at six AM. 

If the Cavapoo isn’t peeing in the house after a few days, the pet parent could adjust the time to three AM and then six AM if nothing happens inside the house after a few days or a week. Changing the time again can work,

There is no right or wrong way to approach this; what is important is consistency and finding the sweet spot where they don’t use the indoors as a toilet. 

Some pet parents might choose to put the puppy to bed at Midnight and then wake at five AM, and that is it. The routine will be based on the family and their lifestyle.

How Do I Potty Train My Cavapoo While I Am Away During The Day?

If you have to be away from home during the potty training, you can have someone else to train your Cavapoo. It is, however, necessary for the person doing the training to have a set ritual or schedule that you can adhere to when you return so that the process isn’t delayed or becomes confusing for the Cavapoo puppy.

It is probably best if the plan is situated before you leave or are away from home, so you know what will be happening. The person performing the training should be capable of doing so and have the patience required for the task.

They should not leave the Cavapoo puppy alone at any time during this process, and should any troubles arise, you as the pet parent should be prepared to return home.

If none of this is possible, potty training might have to be delayed until you return home to train the Cavapoo puppy yourself. This process can be difficult and time-consuming, but it can also be a practical training and bonding time between pet parents and Cavapoo puppies.

Potty Training Cavapoos

Potty training is a process that takes time. That time is different for each puppy regardless of the breed and training method chosen.

While it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, it will happen when the time is suitable for the individual puppy.

In the meantime, adopting a positive attitude that includes a bit of humor and a whole lot of patience and understanding is what is needed to get through this phase of their adorable puppy lives!