How Big Do Great Danes Get? (Plus Size Info for Mix Breeds)

The Great Dane, sometimes referred to as the “Apollo of Dogs”, has been sought after for many years first by royalty, then the upper-class citizens, and now, you and I. These gentle giants have become popular among everyday citizens. Although, when browsing for your own Great Dane, how large can you expect it to be?

How Big Do Great Danes Get?

Great Danes can weigh anywhere between 100 – 200 pounds. Males can grow up to 36 inches tall and females can grow up to 33 inches tall. On hind legs, a Great Dane can be over 6 feet tall.

Great Danes are without question, one of the largest dog breeds out there. Mix breeds using the Great Dane have recently become popular among the dog owning community. Weights and sizes of these mixed breeds may surprise you!

Great Dane Size

Great Danes are gentle, yet playful giants. If you get a purebred Great Dane, you can expect to have a giant pet.

A full-grown adult will be on average 120 lbs if female or 150 lbs if male. There are some that will be bigger and others that are smaller. Danes are individuals so it makes sense that the size fluctuates throughout the breed.

When it comes to the height, most females will be around 28 – 30 inches tall, standing on all fours. A male will be about 31 – 32 inches. If you want a larger dog, you should try to adopt a male.

Basically, you need to anticipate taking care of an enormous dog. I’m not kidding. For comparison sake, a division “A” mini horse is 34 inches in height. That’s not that much taller than a Great Dane.

A dog of these proportions can be intimidating. Just wait until you see a Great Dane on its hind legs. A male can be 6+ feet tall, some even reaching 7.

Fun Fact: There was a dog named Zeus, a Great Dane, and he still holds the record for being the tallest dog at 44 inches tall.

If you want to take care of a Great Dane, you have to be willing to deal with a giant who has a lot of energy. Plus, you need to have a ton of room.

Great Dane Size Over Time

AgeWeight Height
1 Month5 – 8 lbsn/a
3 Months25 – 45 lbs17 – 23 in
6 Months65 – 100 lbs26 – 33 in
9 Months85 – 125 lbs28 – 34 in
1 Year95 – 140 lbs29 – 36 in
Fully Grown110 – 170 lbs30 – 26 in

Info gathered from All-About-Great

Great Danes grow a lot in the first year of life, and rapidly. If your Dane is growing quickly, that is a good sign.

A good hint of what your Great Dane will look like when fully grown where he or she falls on the spectrum during this first year.

A pup who is on the smaller size during the growth period will more likely to be smaller (relatively) in adulthood. The same guide applies to bigger puppies as well.

Smaller Great Danes Aren’t Usually Healthy

Sometimes you might find that your Great Dane is actually smaller than the sizes we said. If it’s just by a little, then it’s nothing to worry about. However, smaller Great Danes and Mini Great Danes exist.

Maybe you have heard for a Mini Great Dane. These puppies are usually the runts of the family, mixed breeds, or a have Dwarfism.

You should not try to get a Mini Great Dane, as they have many health issues and many breeders find the breeding of Mini Great Danes unethical because they will have numerous issues with their health.

If you want a Great Dane who is smaller than the average 30 inches, try getting a mixed puppy. You’ll find that these dogs have fewer health problems.

Really large dogs may have a short life expectancy as well. Zeus, that HUGE Great Dane in the video died at 7 years of age.

Great Dane Mixes – With Sizes

The Apollo of dogs, when mixed with other breeds such as a Siberian Husky or a German Shepherd, can give unusually exciting results.

Some of these mixed breeds may be exceedingly heavy, while some may be able to cuddle on your lap without hesitation, but almost all Great Dane mixes will be large in nature.

Here are 6 Great Dane mixes with their different sizes.

1. Great Dane Siberian Husky Mix (Great Danesky)

The Great Dane, when mixed with a Siberian Husky, can result in a dog with variable weight. This is because there is a bit of gap between the two and there is no real way to guarantee what a mix dog will look like.

Great Daneskies are usually large and powerful and can weigh anywhere between 35-190 pounds, averaging at an adult weight of around 75-100 pounds.

2. Great Dane Mastiff Mix (Daneiff)

The famous gentle giant, when bred with a mastiff, brings forth the “Daneiff”.

Because of the Great Dane’s large nature, the Daneiff grows large and heavy, usually standing at approximately 25 inches, and often weights upwards of 200 pounds.

Since the Mastiff is a bit heavier, this mix can often way more than a purebred Great Dane, who has a lean build. If you want a dog that is bigger than a Great Dane, than this mix can make an excellent mix.

3. Great Dane German Shepherd Mix (Great Shepherd)

The German Shepherd is often a bit smaller, weighing in at an average of 50 – 80 pounds.

When bred with the Great Dane, the Great Shepherd is most often a large, yet lightweight breed. Depending on the genetics of each dog, the Great Shepherd’s size can vary but usually stands at 25-30 inches. When fully grown, they can weigh an average of 75-100 pounds.

Either way, you’ll have a lean, athletic dog.

4. Great Dane Rottweiler Mix (Weiler Dane)

As you can expect, the Great Dane Rottweiler Mix results in a large, heavy result. The Weiler Dane most often stands between 32-33 inches, weighing in at 145-165 pounds.

A Weiler Dane can be an awesome thing to behold. Being bigger than the average dog can make them intimidating to look at.

5. Great Dane Labrador Mix (Labradane)

The Labradane is most often a medium and somewhat lightweight mix. This breed averages at about 30 inches in height and often weighs around 100 pounds.

Lightweight here is a relative term. It’s one of the smaller Great Dane mixes out there. Labradanes are nimble and full of energy.

You’ll get a smaller Great Dane if you decide to get a Labradane.

6. Great Dane Doberman Mix (Doberdane)

A Doberdane is a great mix if you want a slightly smaller looking Great Dane. Dobermans look pretty similar to Great Danes in a lot of ways.

On average, a Doberdane will be 28 – 30 inches if she is a female and 30 – 35 inches if you get a male.

He or she will weigh anywhere from 95 lbs to 140 lbs.

This mix breed has come about in just the last 15 years or so. Dobermans are athletic and protective which match the characteristics of the Great Dane pretty well.

If You Do Have a Great Dane Mix

Great Dane mixes will often have different sizes but it is important to note that if your dog is part Great Dane, you will be dealing with a large to extra large dog.

How Big Do Great Danes Get?

Most mixes will not be any smaller than a Husky size.

If you are interested in a Great Dane, you should be prepared to have a huge dog in your midst.

You could also get a mix that makes your dog a little bit heavier, like Daneiff. However, a Great Dane will generally be the tallest dog you can find.

You’ll need to have a lot of room to keep any Great Dane, mix or purebred, happy and healthy in your home.

There will be a lot to love about your gentle giant, so prepare yourself for the journey.