Do Springer Spaniels Have A Double Coat?

I am looking to get a dog.  I spend a lot of time outdoors, doing a variety of activities.  I also travel around a lot to various regions for leisure and work, and I would like the dog to be able to come along with me. 

The dog breed that I select will need to have a coat that is versatile to handle the varying weather conditions and climates I visit.  I like the appearance of the Springer Spaniel, which is the perfect size for me, although I don’t know much about the breeds background or history. 

I understand that some dogs have a double coat and believe this would be important for the dog I select as my companion.  I needed to investigate this breed further and gain more knowledge before choosing the Springer Spaniel to be my furry companion.

With a little research, I quickly uncovered some details that I think others might find helpful.  Check them out below, hopefully they are helpful.

Do Springer Spaniels have a double coat?

Do Springer Spaniels have a double coat?  Yes, the Springer Spaniel dog breed has a double coat.  Their breed background warrants them to spending a lot of time outdoors actively playing and working.  This outdoor climate that they thrive in can vary from one region to another, which means that they need a versatile coat of hair to endure the weather and seasonal changes.  The double jacket that they boast can help them quickly adjust to weather and climate patterns while protecting them. 

The Springer Spaniel’s double coat is also necessary for the type of job they have historically completed as a hunting or bird dog.   

For those potential dog owners who want a dog that can quickly adapt to varied situations and have a double coat of hair, this breed is.

The Springer Spaniel is a dog breed that was bred for hunting as a gun or bird dog.  This task has historically taken them trudging through various weather situations and elements that are likely to change or be challenging to them which makes it necessary for them to have a double coat on the bottom side of their body.

While flushing out bird games for their hunter companion, they might trudge through marshy waters and muddy swamps where they might pick up debris, dirt, and foreign objects.  They may find themselves slopping through ponds and creeks or scampering through dry thickets of brush and thorns.

The Springer Spaniel is adaptable for those hunters and outdoor enthusiast that require this trait.  Their personality and skill quickly adapt to varying situations, and thankfully due to a double coat of hair, so does their body.

What is a double coat on a dog?

A double coat is a second coat of hair that some dog breeds have.  This double coat of hair is found on the dog’s body’s underside, their belly region.  It is similar to a human wearing a jacket over top of a shirt to provide insulation and added protection.

The double coats’ primary purpose is to protect the dog against exterior elements.  The double-layer will act as insulation during those times when the dog needs to be kept warm if out in colder climates.  The double coat also can prevent anything that the dog may go through to harm the dog.

This double coat or second layer of hair on the underside protects the skin from any debris, dirt or harmful object from penetrating their first layer of hair.  It is only found on the bottom of dogs with a double coat, and each layer varies in texture.

For the Springer Spaniel, the topcoat, which is outside the dog, is either a wavy or flat texture depending on the individual dog.  The inner coat or undercoat is more soft and dense, and it is also much shorter than the outer coat.

Each dog breed with this double coat will have a layer that varies in texture on the outside, but the inner coat is always shorter, denser, and softer.  The double coat is also more waterproof to handle the outdoor elements that the breed might be found.

How should I care for the Springer Spaniels double coat of hair?

The Springer Spaniels double coat is taken care of just like the remainder of their body.

Regular brushing and grooming should be a part of their weekly care, which a bit extra emphasis on their double coat to keep it looking healthy.

Their underbelly will receive a bit more attention during these grooming sessions.  The coat is a double layer, so there will be more brushing and likely more hair that comes out, but this is not causing alarm.

Depending on the Springer Spaniels environment and lifestyle, they may or may not need extra attention to this area as much.  If they are trudging through the backyard, it is unlikely that much debris and dirt will be found in this hair.   If, however, the Springer Spaniel has spent the day trudging through woods, marsh, or other diverse outdoor elements, they will likely have stuff caught up in this hair.

An excellent way to prevent this from becoming a problem is to have a plan when they are outdoors often.  Whether the activity is hunting, swimming, or hiking, their owner should take the time to care for their health and this double coat of hair.

When the owner has a moment during this day, the Springer Spaniel should be physically checked for issues with their coat of hair.  It is good to carry a brush in the dog’s outdoor backpack.

At specific points in the day or at the end of it, the owner should brush and inspect the Springer Spaniels coat of hair, including the double undercoat.  They will be looking for anything foreign that may end up in the coat and don’t belong there.

Twigs, bugs, thorns, and other objects will be held in this area as more natural to remove done regularly.  If the Springer Spaniel is left alone and this not dealt with, it can be harmful to the dog.  Should they return from a day of outdoor work and play and not receive a proper brushing, they will likely attend to it themselves.

It can be harmful to them if they ingest or touch on something that could hurt, but it is also possible that they will not remove everything in this double coat of hair.

Does the Springer Spaniels double coat require special grooming?

Yes and no.  This grooming depends on whether the Springer Spaniel is a show dog, companion dog, and if they spend a great deal of time out of doors.

For the show dog, their appearance is very particular, which will require specific grooming techniques and care to adhere to certain standards.

For the Springer Spaniel that is a companion dog, they will only need to be bathed every few months unless they become extra dirty from spending extra time outdoors.  They will require regular brushing at least three to four times per week.  This brushing could end up being a daily job if they are outside a lot or spend time with their human companion being active and physical.

One of the best tools that a Springer Spaniel owner can have for grooming is a slicker brush like this one.  This handy brush removes mats and tangles on the dog’s entire coat.  It is especially helpful for the undercoat that quickly gets mats and tangles from its thickness.  This tool makes grooming the Springer Spaniel easier and more thorough.

Do Springer Spaniels Have A Double Coat 1 Do Springer Spaniels Have A Double Coat?

It is essential to brush the double coat like the Springer Spaniels other bodily areas would be brushed.  Brush in the direction that the double coat flows, front to back.  Be as gentle as possible in areas where there are tangles or mats to hurt the dog or remove excess amounts of this hair.

This double coat of hair typically sheds away more because it is a two-layer coat.

Extra care must also be used when bathing the Springer Spaniel’s double coat.  This time can be spent ensuring that nothing is in this double coat, but it will also take more lathering and scrubbing to get it clean and keep it healthy.

Trimming this area with a straight scissor is best done by a professional groomer.  This groomer will prevent too much from being removed.

Final Thought

Most dogs have a single coat of hair or fur, while others have what is known as a double coat.  This double coat is an extra protective layer of hair utilized by dogs that were breed for spending more time out of doors.

This coat helps keep their skin and body healthy from the outdoor elements and protects their underside from harsh debris and dirt that could cause harm.

With proper care regularly, the Springer Spaniel double coat will be healthy and clean every day, providing them the protection they need for every adventure they will entertain by their owner’s side.