Do Springer Spaniels Like to Cuddle?

I love dogs, so when I wanted to add another dog to my furry family, I chose a Springer Spaniel.  I don’t know much about this breed, but she was so cute I had a hard time resisting.  The rest of my fur babies and we are spending time getting to know each other.   At the end of a long day, I like to spend some time with them and snuggle up for a good cuddle.  My other dogs love this time; they look forward to it.  So far, she seems to enjoy these moments too, but I don’t know if she likes to cuddle.  I want to get to know her and her breed; I want to learn as much as possible to make her happy.

When I was done cuddling with my fur babies tonight, I thought I would take a few minutes and investigate her breed background and see if they typically like to cuddle; here is what I found.

Do Springer Spaniels Like to Cuddle?

Do Springer Spaniels Like to Cuddle?  Yes, Springer Spaniel dogs like to cuddle.  With a gentle temperament and loving nature, they often enjoy spending these moments with their owners and families. 

People who first lay eyes on this dog breed may automatically think, what a cuddly dog, which is true, but this by no means implies that they are lazy or prone to doing nothing.  

Springer Spaniels are a well-rounded dog that will enjoy these special moments spent together with their owner and family. 

They want to give kisses, snuggle and cuddle up beside their owner or human companions.  They can be found nestled on laps and snuggled beside those they love, receiving and sharing love and affection in various ways, including cuddling.  

With floppy, fuzzy ears, cut face and need for near-constant attention from those that love them make them a hard dog to resist.  Those potential dog owners who want a dog that loves nothing more than to receive attention and cuddle up beside them are the most perfect breed around!

The Springer Spaniel is a dog breed that is hard to resist when it comes to cuteness.  Their breed background is that of a hunting dog; they typically could be found assisting their fishing or hunting human companion catch and retrieve game.

This background doesn’t necessarily give the impression that they will be a cuddly dog. In fact, for those who have never seen this breed might think the Springer Spaniel wouldn’t be cuddly.

However, at first glance, all those thoughts are dispelled with their appearance.  Floppy, fuzzy ears that invite anyone within proximity to pet them, they are hard to resist.  But all this cute cuddliness comes at a price regarding their ears.  Potential Springer Spaniel dog owners will find that those touchable ears are always wet from ending up in everything they encounter.

They also love to cuddle, probably more than their human companion will.  Anytime their family or owner is looking for a lap dog that wants nothing more than to snuggle up and sleep, they are that dog.  Need a dog that wants to share tons of kisses and doggie hugs? They got your back.

When we combine this cuteness with their eagerness to please their owner or those they love, cuddle times will often be lengthy.

Depending on the human family or companion, this can be a problem and may need to be managed.  The Springer Spaniel will likely follow their owner around waiting for any bits of attention and cuddles.  They will be a shadow waiting for the open invitation or cue for a loving moment.

Those who have the time and energy will find much happiness and joy in this dog breed.  They have spunk and energy and love being beside their owner or family.

Springer Spaniel owners will find this is even true when they are going out on a walk or socializing.  Many people find it hard to resist their cuteness and openness for love and affection.  Take them on a walk or to a park, and it is almost certain that you will find them naturally drawing attention from everyone in the area.

They will welcome this attention as openly as they do from the human family and happily accept it.  This behavior can work to the owner’s advantage if they are not as social as possible.  Bring a Springer Spaniel to a park or event, and the owner will naturally and easily make friends.

What can I do if my Springer Spaniel likes to cuddle too much?

Many things can be done if a Springer Spaniel likes to cuddle too much.  There are times when it may be inconvenient to stop repeatedly to attend to their need for attention, such as when work is being done.

One of the easiest ways to manage a Springer Spaniels cuddliness is to set boundaries.  This setting of limits can be a part of their training and socializing.  They can learn when it is appropriate for these loving moments and when it is not.

Healthy boundaries are a normal part of a healthy lifestyle, even for a dog.  Through training, a dog learns what is allowed when.  The length of time it takes for them to understand when cuddle time is and not can vary from one dog breed to another and from dog to dog.

For instance, cuddling while human mommy is on the computer working is out of the question.  They can be trained to understand that this time, they must behave.

Begin by offering some attention and cuddle time before beginning the work session.  This time can include positive words and treats, perhaps while cuddling up on a couch.

Once this time is done, they can be set up in a comfortable bed with some toys, water, and treats right beside their owner as they work.  This can be a fun time for a dog, they get to feel a part of their owners days while work gets done.

This is best practiced before the actual work session, repeatedly until they understand.

When “Work” or pretend “Work” begins, they are placed in their area with all their fun stuff, and work begins.  If they try to jump up on the human companion’s lap to receive affection during the practice or training, the owner can firmly but lovingly remind them that they are at “Work.”   Like “Come,” Stay,” “Sit,” and so forth, this can also become a command they understand with repetition.

Do Springer Spaniels Like to Cuddle Do Springer Spaniels Like to Cuddle?

With repeated training, they will learn what is expected of them during “Work.”

When the session is done, they should be rewarded with some cuddle time from their loving human companion.  Perhaps taking another break to snuggle up with them on the couch and offer some cuddling and affection.

Most importantly, the human companion will want to show positive reinforcement of the right behaviors and a firm but loving nature when they don’t understand yet.  Patience is always necessary since every Springer Spaniel will learn differently.

The Springer Spaniel dog breed is a smart breed that will learn this quickly.

Are there any reasons why a Springer Spaniel might not like to cuddle?

Yes, there can be a few reasons why this adorable dog breed doesn’t like to cuddle.

One reason that the Springer Spaniel doesn’t like to cuddle can be related to their health.  Depending on how old they are, preexisting health conditions or health issues that are mild but troublesome for the dog can make them less cuddle.

This breed is very cuddly, so this shouldn’t be a problem, but each dog is an individual.  If a once cuddle Springer spaniel suddenly becomes a hands-off dog that stays away from their human family and avoids contact, their veterinarian should be contacted for an appointment.

The environment can also play a role in how cuddly the Springer Spaniel is at any given time.  If stress is their environment, it is highly likely they will become more clingy, but again there is a rare occasion where an individual dog will do the reverse.

Their previous home environment can play a part in who they are as a dog.  This environment can shape who they are as dogs and affect how many cuddles they like to receive at any given moment.

If a potential dog owner finds themselves with one of these dogs, time and patience, and plenty of love provide them the comfort, they need to heal.  With time they will likely become as cuddly as many other dogs.

In Conclusion

Everyone needs a cuddle now and then.  Some will need it more than others, dogs included.

The Springer Spaniel is a dog breed that needs lots of love and attention

With all their cuteness and often loveable nature, they will likely request cuddle time more than their owner will.

In these moments, remembering how much they depend on us for everything will ensure kindness.  The unconditional love of a dog is priceless and should always be respected!