How Do I Get My Springer Spaniel To Calm Down?

My sister wants to adopt a dog, and she likes the look of the springer spaniel.  She doesn’t know much about this breed and asked me what I might know.  The only thing I know about them is that they are sometimes used for hunting and can be a bit energetic and very active which makes them good for hunting.  I am not entirely sure how active they get and if this means that they will need help calming down or not.  Since I have more free time than my sister does, I decided to help her and do a little digging for information about this breed.

My research helped me discover some interesting facts that I shared with her and would like to offer others this information in hopes it will help me understand this breed of dog.

How do I get my springer spaniel to calm down?

Calming down any dog regardless of the breed depends on the individual dog’s temperament and personality.  Some ways to calm down a springer spaniel are to take a break time.  This moment is a way of taking a break from a situation that may cause excitability or excessive energy. 

A dog isn’t likely to understand what this break is all about; owners are encouraged to take a break.  It can be as simple as sitting on the couch for a nice snuggle and a treat, with some soothing words and just doing nothing, or as elaborate as placing the dog in their crate or designated rest area with a treat and a quick break. 

Springer Spaniel owners who want their dogs to calm down will find that this breed, like every dog, can have moments of excitability and calm.

The springer spaniel is a dog breed bred for hunting.  With that background, the springer spaniel will have a bit more energy than certain other breeds.  This energy will need channeling into activities that help them expel physical and mental strength that comes with the territory.

This energy by no means should make anyone think that the springer spaniel is a hyperactive dog breed; they are not.  The springer spaniel is energetic. Depending on the individual dog, it may become easily excitable if this energy isn’t correctly channeled.

Every dog, regardless of the breed, will have a different level of energy and excitability.  This situation can also change from day to day and vary depending on the environment at any given moment.

Other factors that can affect a dog’s energy level are the energy of those around them, including humans and other animals.  They can feel the vibes and if someone is energetic, lively, excited, nervous or any other emotion they can pickup on that energy and make it their own.

While the springer spaniel isn’t a hyperactive dog, they must be adequately trained and socialized at as young an age as possible to minimize this issue.  Socialization and training teach a dog of any breed what is expected of the springer spaniel in various situations.  If they know what is expected of them and what to expect of the springer spaniel is less likely to act up or become overly excited and energetic for no reason.

To calm a springer spaniel down, there are a few methods that can be effectively used.  With a properly trained and socialized springer spaniel, the owner can use simple commands spoken in soft tones.  These commands should be direct, such as “NO” but spoken in a firm but a gentle tone that will not cause them added excitement.  This command is sufficient if the springer spaniel is excitable and expressing it in negative behaviors.

Once the springers spaniel understands what is expected of them and the fact that the owner isn’t mad or going to punish them, they should be praised for the good behavior that follows.   This training can be done through loving words and touch as well as treats.

Another loving and affectionate way of helping a springer spaniel calm down is to take a calming break.  Sitting down in a favorite chair for a snuggle break can help reconnect the owner and springer spaniel and calm an energized situation. 

These sessions can be as long or short as the owner and springer spaniel like, as long as they effectively redirect energy.  Snuggles, words of love and praise, and treats add to the time spent together in a calm moment.

For those who prefer and have the use of a crate or dog only zone placing the springer spaniel in this area when they are excessively excitable and energetic. It will help calm the dog down while teaching the dog that this is where they can feel secure.

Another tactic that proactive dog owners use is redirection.   Some dogs naturally have a lot of energy and need channeling that energy to behave their best.  The springer spaniel is one such breed because of their heritage.

Having tools handy to redirect behavior when they are excitable and showing negative behavior changes their thought process and can change how they act.  If the springer spaniel has become overly energetic inside the house, taking them for a leisurely walk or letting them visit the backyard changes their environment.

Most dogs have triggers that can cause excessive energy.  Smart springer spaniel owners will be ahead of the game if they watch their dog and take note of these triggers.  If they get overly excited, the mailman comes to the door, picking up the dog when the mailman comes or practicing training commands with treats at that time can help minimize these issues.

How can I create a calming environment for my springer spaniel?

Creating a calming environment for a springer spaniel starts with knowing the individual dog.  All dogs are unique, even from the same litter, so knowing the dog’s personality, temperament, and triggers helps the owner create a loving, safe, and happy environment.

This situation takes time and attention to detail.   Knowing when the dog is stressed, upset, or what causes negative emotions, including overexcitability, will help make the environment calm and happy.

Placing their toys, bowls, beds, and other items in a place that makes them happy and secure are essential.  Especially for their bed, this area is their place of relaxation. It must be comfortable and free from excessive traffic, noise, and distractions.

If the springer spaniel gets overly excited by the house cat, finding a means of minimizing the time they spend interacting will help reduce negative behaviors.  If the springer spaniel gets over-excited when they hear the neighbor cut grass, taking them for a walk during that time is best.

It should be noted that animals can also pick up on our emotional state of being.  Suppose for some reason, the owner or family members are excited. In that case, it is expected that the dog or pets in the home environment will also feel that vibe.

If for some reason, none of these methods work to calm an excitable springer spaniel down, consulting their veterinarian is best.  Their veterinarian can do a thorough examination to ensure that there is no underlying health issue that could be causing the behavior.

Is it ever acceptable for a springer spaniel to be excitable?

Yes, it isn’t always necessary to calm down a springer spaniel.  Certain situations, like a new house guest arrives or a trip to the dog park, may make them a bit more excitable.  This is natural and normal.  This excitability should calm down naturally once they become accustomed to the changes.

Suppose they don’t calm down during these moments after an acceptable length of time, removing them for some love. In that case, soothing words and attention can help them transition.

What are some ways to prevent excitability and minimize the need to calm a dog down?

One of the most effective ways to prevent excitability and minimize the need to calm a dog down is to provide them with varied activities tailored to their breed background, skill level, and health.  These activities should include mental as well as physical activity to promote overall health and well-being.

Final Thoughts

Calming down can seem like a daunting task at times without the proper tools and skills.   With the right resources and knowledge, helping a springer spaniel to relax can be an easy and effective means of minimizing negative behaviors that may follow.

Patience is always crucial when it comes to these moments.  Harsh words, loud voices, fast movements, and other negative behaviors from the owner or family can cause the excitability to escalate quickly, making matters worse.

Suppose a springer spaniel owner finds themselves getting more stressed by the situation than the dog itself.  Perhaps a time-in is the most effective and time tested method for success.

When all else fails, hugs, kisses, snuggles, and treats can make any situation more comfortable to handle for everyone involved!

How Do I Get My Springer Spaniel To Calm Down?