Choosing a Rottweiler Mix Breed: Which is Best for Your Home?

Rottweilers are a beloved breed of dog for their devotion and loyalty that they show to their owners. Each mix offers some different characteristic for you and your family to enjoy. However, deciding which Rottweiler mix is the right choice for you can be a little difficult.

So, which Rottweiler mix breed is best for your home? Rottweiler Labrador mixes have the calm temperament of a lab, with the devotion of the Rottweiler, making them a great choice for families with children. However, choosing the correct Rottweiler mix breed for you will depend on the size of your home and whether or not you have other animals or small children around.

While mix breeds can get a bad name, a Rottweiler mix breed is sure to bring joy and excitement to your family’s life. See which Rottweiler mix breed will best suit you and your family by reading on below!

Rottweiler Mixes: 10 Examples

Purebred Rottweilers are known for their great strength and devout protectiveness.

With a Rottweiler mixed breed, you are able to get all the wonderful qualities of a Rottweiler and add some of the wonderful qualities offered by other breeds as well.

So far I have raised two different Rottweiler mixed breeds and I can assure you, there will never be a dull moment with a Rottweiler mix by your side!


Rottweiler Mix Breed

Labradors- just like Rottweilers- are known for being extremely dedicated to their owners.

So, if you are looking for a Rottweiler mix that will show true commitment to every member of your family then a Rottweiler-Labrador mix is the perfect breed for you!

However, since Labradors are generally more welcoming to strangers than Rottweilers, this mixed breed tends to lose the guard dog personality Rottweilers are known for.

Since both a Labrador and a Rottweiler are breeds that are easily trained, expect your “Labrottie” to quickly learn and understand each of the commands you teach them.

A Rottweiler-Labrador mix is perfect for anyone who has children or other animals in their home.

The only thing you will have to watch out for with this mixed breed is getting knocked over by their constantly wagging tails!


Pugs are a beloved breed that behaves well with other dogs and small children.

Often times a Pug will keep to his or her own business and not pay much attention to other dogs or people around them.

This quality makes Pugs great for people who are looking for a low temperament breed of dog.

Rottweiler Mix Breed

Since a Pug is definitely more laid back and calmer than a Rottweiler, expect the breeds to cancel each other out and you will have a dog that enjoys being active yet still maintaining the calm mentality.

This mixed-breed while still calm is very social and should not be left on its own for long amounts of time. Be sure to keep your Rottweiler Pug with you whenever possible since this breed simply wants to be near their owners.

Rottweiler Pug mixes do not require as much room to run around so they are the perfect dog for any sized home!


One of the Rottweiler breed’s most beloved physical characteristics is their distinct eyebrow coloring. When mixed with a Husky, you receive both the distinct eyebrows and the uniquely colored eyes that Husky breeds are known for.

Expect your Rottweiler-Husky mix to also inherit the softer, fluffy coat from their Husky parent with the coloring of a Rottweiler.

Huskies do not tend to be aggressive towards strangers or other dogs so expect this to even out the protective instincts of the Rottweiler in this mix.

The Husky breed is known for being extremely friendly and playful.

A Rottweiler-Husky mix requires plenty of attention and care to keep them both happy and healthy.

Not only does a Rottweiler-Husky mix require plenty of attention but they need to be groomed frequently to keep their coat clean and healthy.

Bathing this mixed breed will be extremely important and will need to be done more often than with other Rottweiler mixes.

If you will not have lots of time to spend with your dog then this is not the breed for you and your family.

Rottweiler-Golden Retriever

This Rottweiler mix is sure to wow you with both its looks and with its behavior.

Since Golden Retrievers are easy to train and get along with children and strangers, any breed they mix with becomes the perfect family companion.

While Rottweilers were bred to be guard dogs, the Golden Retriever in this mix tends to suppress the territorial instincts from the Rottweiler breed.

With this mixed breeds calm demeanor, easy training ability, and loyalty to their owners, a Rottweiler Golden Retriever can make a great mix for a service or therapy dog.

Once again when mixing these breeds you will have to be an active groomer for your dog. Be sure to brush your Rottweiler Golden Retriever mix once or twice a week.

This mix is perfect for families of any size, but not great for anyone who does not want to have to deal with lots of shedding all year long.

Rottweiler-German Shepherd

Looking for a Rottweiler mixed-breed guaranteed to look beautiful at any age?

Well, this mix takes both the beautiful colors and patterns of a Rottweiler with the longer softer hair of a German Shepherd, ensuring you a beautiful dog.

German Shepherds were originally bred to be sheepdogs and to work with police officers.

The background for the Rottweiler breed is also extremely similar. Rottweiler worked to herd cattle and then was used as police dogs in Germany.

Since these two dogs have extremely similar backgrounds, expect your Rottweiler German Shepherd mix to be an active herder with a more protective temperament.

This mixed-breed has the tendency to act more territorial at times and should be watched carefully when new people or animals enter your home.

German Shepherds are known for always showing extreme devotion to their owners and for being useful as either a guard dog or a service dog.

A Rottweiler German Shepherd mix is going to be extremely devout to you and your family.

For small children, you can expect a Rottweiler-German Shepherd mix to be tolerant of children’s behaviors. However, since this mix can grow to be quite large, always be aware of your dog and children as they play.

Rottweiler-Border Collie

You have to be careful when choosing this mix of breeds to join your family.

Mixing a Border Collies high energy with the strength of a Rottweiler, you will need to spend plenty of time playing with this hyperactive mix.

However, since both Rottweilers and Border Collies are some of the smartest dog breeds, your dog will be extremely intelligent and easy to train.

Border Collies are known for being very active and kind to strangers, however, with a purebred Border Collie or any of their breed mixes you need to watch for hip-dysplasia.

Hip-Dysplasia is a common ailment for any mix including a Border Collie and requires close attention and care to keep you dog happy.

A Rottweiler Border Collie mix will most likely have the long soft hair of a Border Collie colored with the patterns of a Rottweiler.

This Rottweiler mix is perfect for families with children as they are gentle with kids and love to play at all times of the day.

If you are going to adopt a Rottweiler Border Collie mix be sure you have plenty of room for them to be active and play in.


Rottweiler Mix Breed

Now this Rottweiler mix may take you by surprise at first, but once you spend enough time with a Rottweiler Corgi mix (affectionately known as a “Rorgi”) you will fall in love with their loving and playful personality.

While some Rottweiler Corgis do not inherit the shorter legs that corgis have, most of these mixes will end up standing less than a foot tall.

Expect your Rottweiler Corgi mix to be shorter with large paws and thick muscles. Corgis are known for being extremely playful, friendly, and be a little stubborn.

Since Rottweilers and Corgis are both very protective breeds, this mixed breed often acts as a guard dog and can be aggressive at times.

However, Rottweiler Corgi mixes are extremely loyal to their owners are enjoy playing for long amounts of time. If you have children that seem to never tire out, a Rorgi will make the perfect playmate for them.

Corgis do tend to bark more and this mixed breed often has a higher pitched bark. Be sure to train you Rottweiler Corgi mix from a young age not to bark.

Due to their smaller size, Rottweiler Corgi mixes are great for smaller homes or apartments. However, with their higher energy levels, a large area for them to run about is extremely important.

Rottweiler-Basset Hound

One look at this creative mixed-breed will surely melt your heart.

Basset Hounds are extremely friendly and calm dogs. Mix this with the playful and protective temperament of a Rottweiler and you are sure to have the perfect family watchdog!

Rottweilers are known for being one of the easiest dog breeds to train. However, Basset Hounds tend to be harder to train and can be quite stubborn at times.

A mix between these two breeds will more than likely be a little more difficult to train and will take longer than with other breeds.

If you are looking for a Rottweiler mix capable of both watching over your house and still being able to play with your children, then the Rottweiler Basset Hound mix is perfect for you!

The Rottweiler Basset Hound mix does not require a large amount of yard space and will settle with having a medium to a small area to play in.

Both Rottweilers and Basset Hounds are prone to having eye issues and joint dysplasia. Be sure to watch carefully for any symptoms of these and spend plenty of time caring for your dog to keep them live a happy, healthy, and long life!


The personalities of a Boxer and of a Rottweiler are both very similar and so expect each of their natural instincts to be heightened in a Rottweiler Boxer mix.

Both Rottweilers and Boxers are known for their higher intelligence, high energy, loyalty, and ability guard and protect their home.

With a Rottweiler Boxer mix, you will need to train them from an early age to combat some of the more territorial habits each breed possesses.

Rottweiler Boxer mixes tend to weigh anywhere between 60 to 100 pounds and stand much taller than other dog breeds.

Expect your Rottweiler Boxer mix to be extremely muscular and to have lots of energy.

This Rottweiler mix does best in a home with plenty of space to roam and play. An apartment would not be large enough for this dog breed to live in.

Be sure to have a large fenced in area where you and your Rottweiler Boxer mix can release all the energy they have stored inside them.

While this mix may be more protective of you and your family, you can expect a Rottweiler Boxer mix to enjoy spending every second with their family playing or snuggling.

Are all Rottweiler mixes aggressive? While Rottweilers have been given the stereotype of all being aggressive, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The Rottweiler breed was bred to protect cattle and therefore they do act more protective for their family members, but this does not mean they will be aggressive.

How big do Rottweiler mixes get? Depending on what breed a Rottweiler is bred with, they can grow to be anywhere from 12 inches to upwards of 24 inches. In a Rottweiler mix, expect the puppies to take the body shape and height of the other breed.

Which breed makes for the best guard dog? Rottweilers have been bred for hundreds of years to protect cattle and their families. Because of this, a Rottweiler can be trained to be an extremely effective guard dog with little effort on your part.

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