Rottweiler Temperament: What’s it Like Owning One?

Are you the type of person that loves bigger dogs? Has this particular breed caught your eye, but you’re unsure of what to expect? Well, be sure to keep reading, and you can find out what it’s like to own a Rottweiler and if you’re wanting to go ahead with the adoption.

Rottweiler Temperament: What’s it Like Owning One?

The personality of a Rottweiler is that of a loyal watchdog, as well as a homebody full of love. Many people attribute the traits of aggression, meanness, and off-putting with these dogs, but like with every animal, it depends on the way that they are brought up.

There are stereotypes with this dog, but there are so many good things about this breed. Please keep reading so you’re able to understand just how these dogs could change your life.

Feeling Unsure? The Truth about Rottweilers Bad Reputation

When you’re thinking of dogs like a Rottweiler, it’s not surprising that you can think of the type of dog that would be in a junkyard and ends up chasing off the people who are trying to sneak in. But that’s not the case with these dogs.

They are thought as aggressive, mean, and kind of not interested in human contact. That’s not the case. The American Kennel Club has described this dog as one that’s confident, courageous, and calm. While all of this is very true, it’s important to know that they aren’t the type of dog that instantly becomes friends with everyone that they meet.

With their attitude, they are kind of a more sit-back-and-relax kind of dog where they will see how the people and other animals in their environment react to them, and if it’s okay to continue being in that area. Truly, the love to cuddle and love their owners.

They are actually one of the most popular dogs in Canada, the U.S., and the U.K. which is pretty amazing if you think about it. Just like people can have the same thoughts about Pitbulls being aggressive, it depends on how these dogs are raised, as well as the environment that they are brought up in.

If you’re unskilled or indifferent about care and training, these dogs can be dangerous. They are powerful enough to hurt someone, and they aren’t scared of anything if they decide to act on these desires. This aggression can sometimes come naturally.

One thing that you should know before you adopt a Rottie is that they can grunt, which will turn into a growling, they may even snap or show their teeth, and bark a lot. Their body language is also a sign of their anger.

If you notice that your Rottie is expressing some aggression, it’s important that you figure out where this aggression is coming from–what is the root of the problem? Fear is actually the most common cause of aggression in dogs, so be sure that you’re aware of what can get them riled up and help them to face their fear.

It’s something that you need to address before it gets out of hand and your dog could become a danger not only to you but to your household as well.

Traits Within Your Rottie

  • Cautious
  • Protective
  • Alert
  • Sensitive
  • Affectionate

Rottweilers are considered to be very cautious dogs, which makes people think that they are a mean dog, but it’s simply something that has been in their history. These dogs were used as a guard dog, and they are reserved when there are people who are approaching those that they love.

They are this way because they know that there could be a moment when they need to act, and so they are aware of the situation at hand. Even though they can be considered cautious, they can also be considered needy.

If you don’t have the time to spend with your dog, then this wouldn’t be the breed for you. Rotties tend to become dependent on their owners. If they are left alone, separation anxiety can kick in which can, in turn, cause them to become restless, nervous, destructive, and even aggressive.

These dogs are amazing companions if they are raised right. They are also sensitive to their owner’s mood, which is something that one needs to be aware when you’re bringing this dog into your home. They will protect your home, kids, and will love you unconditionally. If they are required to protect their family, they won’t hesitate.

Just remember that it will take some time for them to become affectionate with newcomers. This is just because they are a cautious breed and want to make sure that those who come into their life are worth the time and affection and aren’t going to betray their family.

These dogs tend to not really pay attention to how big they are, so, just be aware of that if you suddenly have this log of a dog resting on your feet.

Differences between Male and Female temperaments

Just like with humans, there are different traits that the male and female Rotties have. Male Rottweilers are known to be a little more boisterous, mischievous and aggressive. It takes the males a bit longer to mature.

With female Rotties, she becomes self-aware as she continues to grow, which results in a more friendly, trusting, and docile attitude.

The most common difference though is the fact that the males are more protective than the females, so they will definitely need to be a little more socialized and more guidance right at the beginning of their lives.

Males tend to have a bit more loose flews or lips than females, so you should be aware of that too. They are going to be a dog that will drool a fair amount. But in the end, either gender is going to end up loving you and your family and be willing to watch over you with their lives.

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Living with a Rottie

Despite their size, Rottweilers are actually fairly easy to take care of. They can become obese though if they aren’t exercised regularly and enough. So that’s definitely something to be aware of.

They are in need of constant socialization in order to be a good companion. If they are left alone, it can definitely cause a strain on the relationship between you and your dog, as well as strain the mental state of your dog. If this is your first time going to get a dog, a Rottie is not recommended for you.

Socialization should begin ASAP to eliminate any hard feelings a Rottweiler might have with other animals.

Your Rottie will be strong-willed. So, it’s important that you’re willing and prepared to take control of the situations that are occurring and not being scared of your dog. For instance, when they are young, they tend to be rowdy and jump a bit, so you have to be ready to let them know that’s not okay.

They could potentially be aggressive towards other animals, but as you work with them from the beginning, this could be something that could not occur as often.

When you’re the owner of this loyal beefcake, you’re going to soon realize that they believe they are a lap dog. They will want to sit on your feet, on your lap, lean against your legs, and even try sleeping in your bed with you. So, if that’s not something you’re prepared to deal with, maybe consider another breed.

They absolutely love to chew things, which is another reason that it’s important that you’re socializing with them often and frequently. If they are left to their own devices, they can become restless and turn to destructive behavior such as chewing. So be sure that your Rottie has plenty of interesting bones to chew and plenty of exercise. Especially since they have very strong jaws and can quickly ruin furniture.

Don’t be afraid when you hear a little grunt coming from your Rottie. This isn’t because they are feeling uncomfortable or threatened, this grunt is to let you know that they are enjoying themselves and the time that they are having with you. Only when it turns into a growl should you be concerned.

Activities and Training

If you’re planning on getting a Rottie, it’s important that you’re going to enroll them in obedience school. This isn’t because your Rottie could have the potential to blow a gasket, it’s to help them socialize with other people and animals. It’s also a way to get them to remember the good things they can do. They aren’t a rebellious breed, so they will remain obedient.

Try to socialize your puppy with your friends, other dogs, and long walks. It’s definitely important to remember that they get the proper amount of exercise. Since they have a docile nature, they are one of the easier dogs to house train. It’s so very important that you’re aware of where you’re getting your Rottie.

There’s a lot of irresponsible breeding within this breed because there is such a high demand for Rotties. That’s why the obedience school is so important as well as positive reinforcement in the home and helping them know what’s good and what’s not okay in your house.

Rottweilers need a moderate amount of exercise to maintain a healthy weight, to be happy, and to have a good temperament. They are a little too large for having to live in an apartment, so living somewhere in a suburb would probably be the best for them, especially if you have a backyard where they can go and run free.

A good amount to go by is that they should be walked several times a day, and have about an hour or so of running time.

This is because if you don’t burn off all the energy they have, they can end up chewing and destroying your living room, but that’s not with every dog. Rotties have a danger of overheating with their black coats, so limited exercise in the summer is recommended.

With their strong-willed minds, when you’re preparing to train these dogs, those that aren’t used to a dominant dog can get overwhelmed by the task. You have to be willing to enforce the rules and boundaries that you are setting for your dog. If you break on one of the rules, they will take advantage of the fact that you can be pushed.

Don’t be harsh when you’re training your Rottie, that is one of the most important things that you need to remember. They need to respect you, not fear you, or have them dominate you and assume the task of training themselves. So, in order for this to be prevented, training should start as early as you can, before any bad habits start to form.

Be sure that you get them used to the idea that there will be visitors in their home. That’s something that they will need to get used to. Because they are so wary of strangers, introducing them to that concept is important so they aren’t caught off-guard when you have a guest.

When you’re training your Rottie, also remember that when they show some bad behavior, it shouldn’t be rewarded and it also shouldn’t be punished. There’s nothing good about yelling or hitting your dog. This will make them fearful and could later lead to aggressive and unstable actions.

As mentioned before, they really like to chew, so it’s important that you provide a range of chew toys and bones for them, as well as let them know that it’s not okay to chew on the furniture. Just be sure not to let your Rottie become scared, lonely, or bored and you should be able to avoid those issues.

When a Rottweiler is Properly Trained

When a Rottie has had proper training and socialization, you will find that he or she has a great attitude.

In fact, Rottweilers are somewhat goofy when they feel loved and secure. This may seem like a little wild to you, because of the way they are often portrayed. But, they will roll around in the grass, make expressive faces, and act like they are lap dogs once they feel okay.

You will be able to have a lot of fun with a well-trained Rottweiler. Park days will be filled with excitement and joy.

The way that any dog acts depends on the way they are trained. All dogs are descended from wolves, all have the hunter instinct. Of course, there are some dogs that have aggressive tendencies back in the past. But, training and environment greatly impact the way a dog is raised. Rottweilers are not the kind of dog for beginners. They are the kind of dog for dedicated puppy parents.

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