Can Poodles Chew on Bones?

There is some controversy out there on the subject of dogs chewing bones. On the one hand, dogs love it. However, it is often said that bones are dangerous for dogs to chew on. So, what is true?

Poodles should not chew on bones because they can cause major problems. Some bones are considered safer to eat than others. Poodles should never eat cooked bone. Rawhide and store-bought bones pose similar problems that cooked bones do.

By now you may be wondering what is so dangerous about a cooked bone or rawhide? What can I do to keep my dog safe while chewing on bones? These questions will be answered below.

The Different Types of Bones

Which bones are safe to eat and which bones could cause harm to my poodle?

First, I must say that veterinarians say that dogs should not chew on bones at all.

Safer” to ChewMay Be OkayNever Chew
Raw Turkey BonesRawhidesAny Cooked Bone
Raw Lamb BonesStore Bought BonesPork Bones
Raw Chicken BonesRib Bones
Raw Beef Bones

Bones that are Somewhat Safer to Chew:

As seen above, the bones that are safe for your poodle to chew on without worrying too much are raw bones. What do I mean by a raw bone?

A raw bone is simply a bone that has not been cooked through. These bones are found inside raw meat. You would simply remove these bones directly before anything was done to the meat or bone.

The meats that contain good, strong bones for your poodle to eat are turkey, lamb, chicken, and beef.

Turkey bones, as well as lamb bones, chicken bones, and beef bones are stronger and don’t splinter as easily as some other bones. Because of this, these bones are safer for your poodle to eat. If you do choose to give your dog a bone, then you should choose one from this list.


If you are unfamiliar with rawhide, these are simply a different type of “bone” treat that is often given to dogs.

The rawhide is more similar to leather than it is to bone or food. This is where people find controversy within rawhide. Many would argue that rawhide should not be chewed on by dogs.

Rawhide is almost always created in China. There are very few companies that are within the United States that will sell you rawhide.

Because of this, there can be many toxic ingredients involved in making rawhide. This is simply in hopes of cleaning out the rawhide and mass distributing these chewy “bones.” Some of these materials used in creating rawhide can be dangerous for your poodle.

Some ingredients that you should watch out for when purchasing rawhide are:

  • Food color or dye
  • Artificial Sweetener
  • Artificial Flavoring
  • Gelatin

As is the case with most things bought to this day, there should be an ingredients label included with your purchase. Make sure to check that these ingredients are not included in the rawhide.

While many people have given their dog’s rawhide in their homes, many have also reported problems with their dog after chewing the rawhide.

Because of this, you should simply be careful while giving your poodle rawhide.

Store-Bought Bones:

As seen above, store-bought bones are placed in the same category as rawhide.

Store bought bones are dried oftentimes by smoking or baking. Additionally, the bones have added preservatives as well as flavoring. These bones have reportedly caused issues with certain dogs.

These store bought bones will not have high-quality strength as real, raw bones. However, they are not toxic.

Cooked Bones:

Up until this point, I have only mentioned bones that are a possibility to give to your poodle. That stops here. You should never give your poodle cooked bones.

Cooked bones are softer and therefore splinter easily. Because of this, your dog can have many issues:

  • Broken Teeth
  • Injuries to the mouth and throat
  • Constipation
  • Blockage

These things are obviously things we would not want for our poodle. However, these problems are very common with any dog who has chewed on a cooked bone.

So, if you have just cooked a chicken and prepared it for a big family dinner and want to give the bone to your poodle, DON’T.

Pork and Rib Bones:

Pork and rib bones are simply not safe for your dog to chew on. Whether the bones are raw or cooked, you should avoid giving your dog a bone from these meats.

These bones simply splinter easier. Splintered bone can hurt internal organs when ingested.

Lucky for you, there are many different types of meats to which you can give your poodle the bone.

The Pros and Cons of Chewing on Bones

After reading about all of the negative things that could come about from giving your dog a bone to chew on, I am sure you are just wanting to avoid giving your poodle a bone completely.

However, there is a reason why so many people give bones to their dogs.

What is so great about bones?

  • Bones are filled with calcium, glucose, and other minerals.
  • Dogs love chewing on bones.
  • Bones are similar to the way we brush and floss our teeth for dogs.
  • Bones break down tartar.
  • Reduce the chance of gum disease.
  • Bones allow your dog to create more saliva, which gives your dog less plaque.
  • Prevents bloating.
  • Bones benefit the digestive system.
  • Strengthen stomach muscles.

In comparison with all the harm that can be done to your poodle from eating the wrong type of bone, there are many great things that come about from bones.

Hopefully, I have given you some more faith in bones after you can see all the pros that come from bones.

Although there are some benefits of feeding your poodle bones, there are some serious health risks that are present.

If You DO Choose to Give Your Poodle Bones

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Although some bones are completely safe for your poodle to eat, you will still want to follow some guidelines to ensure that you are keeping your poodle safe.

Watch Over Your Dog While Chewing

Poodles are already so much fun to watch, so why not watch them while they are chewing?

Make sure that your poodle is not breaking through the bone of causing any harm to themselves with the way they are eating the bone. You can also check the inside of their mouth to see if there are any cuts or injuries sustained from the bone.

Refrigerate Bones

The warmer bones are, the more likely they will be to splinter.

So, when your dog is not chewing on their bone, you can keep it in the refrigerator. This is especially beneficial in the summer months so your poodle can have a little something to cool him/ her down.

Give your Poodle a Bone When He/ She is Full

We all know what a poodle can be like when they are hungry. They will simply want to eat anything and chew on everything while begging for their food.

If you give your poodle a bone at this time, it is likely that they will go a little too hard on the bone and may break the bone or their teeth.

A good rule to follow is to give your poodle his/ her bone after a meal.

This way, your poodle will simply nibble the bone rather than try to swallow it whole.

Throw Out Worn Out Bones

After your poodle has been chewing on a bone for a while, it will get warn down. Once it gets warn down, it will be much more likely to splinter causing health risks to your poodle.

So, do not keep around the same bone for too long.

The Bone Should be Longer Than the Poodle’s Muzzle

This guideline is simply to ensure that the bone you are giving it the right size.

If the bone is smaller than your poodle’s muzzle than it will look swallow-able to him/ her. You do not want your dog thinking that the bone is food. The longer the bone is, the less likely your poodle is to try to eat it.

Don’t Give a Bone to a Dog with Dental Problems

You may have read earlier that there are many dental benefits for your dog’s teeth and mouth that come from chewing a bone. However, these simply prevent dental issues, rather than save a dog with dental issues.

If your poodle has dental issues, the bone will only do more harm.

Don’t Give a Bone to a Poodle with a Big Bite

Often large breed dogs are not as capable of chewing on a bone.

Bones are dangerous for dogs that can chew the bone and split it in half or simply swallow large chunks of the bone.

Different dogs have a tendency to have this issues with chewing bones. However, poodles are typically safe from this.

As long as you follow these guidelines to ensure your poodle is chewing on the right type of bone safely, you should have a happy and healthy poodle. Remember to check ingredients and never give your poodle an uncooked bone.