What Human Foods Can A Cockapoo Eat?

I have a Cockapoo, and I am interested in nutrition for her.  I want to know if she can eat human food or if her diet should primarily be dog food.  I also want to know if there are any foods she shouldn’t eat.

Doing some investigating today, I discovered some details on this topic. I hope you enjoy it!

What human foods can a Cockapoo eat?

Cockapoos can eat certain human foods, but it depends on whether they are raw or cooked human foods.  For a Cockapoo to eat human food, it is essential to keep an eye on portion control and caloric intake.  Certain human foods have more calories and must be given in smaller quantities to Cockapoos.   Cockapoos can eat human foods like bones that are raw and non-splintering, with holes in the center or with sharp edges.  Cockapoos can eat human foods like liver or chicken and rice and even ground, pureed, or finely chopped up fruits and vegetables like broccoli, carrot, or berries.    

Cockapoos may love eating human food, but these should always be given as a treat and not as a replacement for their standard dog food diet.    In the beginning, Cockapoo puppies should not be given human foods very often, even as a treat.  They should maintain their puppy food diet to provide them with the appropriate daily nutritional needs to grow big and strong. 

Senior Cockapoos may also require less frequent eating of human food as treats depending on their health and how they handle each different food.  To determine if a human food that a Cockapoo eats will cause problems, it is best to give them small quantities of individual human foods in the beginning.  If they don’t start scratching, having digestive issues, or showing any signs of a food allergy, which can happen to some dogs, they are good to go. 

There are certain foods that Cockapoos can not eat, including raisins, nuts, onions or garlic, and chocolate, to name a few.   The most crucial factor in feeding a Cockapoo human food to eat is remembering that it is only a treat, not their primary diet.

Cockapoos, like other dogs, can eat human foods from time to time in small quantities.

If the human food that the Cockapoo is to eat is cooked, they can have a wider assortment of choices than if they are fed human food that is raw.

Whether the human food a Cockapoo is fed is cooked or raw, vegetables and fruits include pumpkin, carrots, spinach, pear, meat, fish, broccoli, berries, rice, or nut butters can always be fed to them.

Raw foods like bones can be given if they do not splinter or have sharp edges on them or a hole in the center.  These bones can be dangerous for a dog to eat since they can injure the inside of the dog’s digestive system.

When feeding a Cockapoo human food to eat, their overall daily diet must be considered and their lifestyle.  Active Cockapoos may handle a bit more daily calories from human food than less active dogs.

Some human foods that a Cockapoo can eat have higher calories than others.  Fruits and vegetables are the best choices when offering a human food snack to a Cockapoo.  If a Cockapoo is less than enthusiastic about exercise and activity, smaller quantities of the human food treats can still be given.

If a Cockapoo enjoys eating human food, it is essential to remember to keep these special foods as a snack or treat only and not use them as a replacement for their regular dog food, which is designed nutritionally for them.

This is especially important for Cockapoo puppies that are growing big and strong.  Their dog food is designed to help them grow through the stages of puppyhood and should never be replaced with human food.

Human food treats can be fed to a young Cockapoo pup, but in tiny quantities when they are very little.  These foods do hold value for them but are better saved for when they are a little older.

On the flip side, senior Cockapoos can also eat human foods, but they may need adjustments depending on their overall health and if they have digestive problems.  Consulting their veterinarian may be necessary as well.

Since Cockapoos and other dogs can suffer from allergies as we do, it is best to offer them small quantities of each new human food to eat over a period of time.  If they are eating a new human food treat for a couple of days without digestive issues or scratching, it is probably safe for them to eat that food.

While there are many human foods a Cockapoo can eat, there are also a few they should never eat like other dogs.  These foods are toxic and can be harmful to a Cockapoo.

These foods include but are not limited to raisins, whole nuts, onions, garlic, and chocolate.  Pet parents can consult their veterinarian for a complete list of toxic human foods that should never be given to a dog.

How much human food can I feed my Cockapoo at one time as a treat?

There is no set amount as each dog is different in size, health, diet, exercise, and lifestyle.  Most pet parents can figure out an appropriate amount when comparing the human food their Cockapoo will eat as a treat to a regular dog treat.

If you would offer your Cockapoo, three or four dog treats for good behavior after a trip to the dog park.  That might equal a quarter of a cup.  This could cross over to four or five raw vegetables, a small dollop of cooked sweet potato or chicken.

So long as the dog receives these human foods as a treat not too often throughout the day, they should be fine.  A few times a day, offering small bits of treats can be both entertaining and healthy.

If a pet parent is concerned and wants to ensure that they are not feeding their Cockapoo too many human foods to eat, they can consult their veterinarian, who knows their dog.

If I feed my Cockapoo human food to eat as a treat, what are the signs of a food allergy in my Cockapoo?

If you feed your Cockapoo human food to eat as a treat, the signs of a food allergy in dogs include such issues as itchy or irritated skin and digestive problems like vomiting and diarrhea.  Other symptoms can include lack of energy, nervousness, weight loss, hyperactivity, and behavior changes.

Each Cockapoo will have its way of responding or revealing a food allergy or sensitivity, just as humans do.   Some Cockapoos may only have one or two symptoms that show the problem, and others will have multiple.

Most of the time, signs can be very subtle and can often be overlooked.  The most common warning that a Cockapoo or other dog breed has a food allergy is itching or scratching and digestive issues.

Once a food allergy or sensitivity is detected, that food should be immediately stopped, and their veterinarian should be consulted.  If the symptom they had continue, it may be possible that something else is wrong or they are suffering from another allergy.

Since Cockapoos are a mixed dog breed that can suffer from allergies, pet parents should look out when introducing new human foods for them to eat.

What about grains, can I feed my Cockapoo grains?

Grains are a staple of many human diets, but when it comes to a healthy diet for a dog, Cockapoo, or otherwise, grains are not healthy for them.

If one looks at the first set of ingredients in healthy, nutritious dog food for any dog, they will find that protein is the top ingredient.

Protein can come in many forms, from beef to chicken and fish, and even cheese or liver.  Proteins should always be a first choice for feeding a Cockapoo when they are given human foods to eat.

Grains might be inexpensive, readily available, and sometimes even fun to eat; think cookies here.  Dogs don’t need them, nor do they most likely want them when given a choice of chicken or a piece of bread.

If grains are given, they should be offered in tiny quantities. Think small peanut butter dog cookies without sugar, of course.

Another less than healthy option of human foods for a Cockapoo to eat is sugar.  While sugar makes everything taste better for us humans, dogs do not need it.   It also isn’t very healthy for them to eat, just like us.  Therefore it is better to save it for us to eat instead.

In Conclusion

While you can feed a Cockapoo human food, it is always best that they only have small treats to keep them healthy.

Thankfully, many human foods can delight and entertain them, so they feel like we are sharing our food.  What could be more delightful than to sit down and share your salad with your little fur baby!