Bulldogs: How Often Can An English Bulldog Be Bathed?

I recently got am English bulldog as a pet, and I want to know how often I can bathe my English bulldog

My new dog seems to get dirty quite often, but I need to keep them clean since I live in an apartment with other people.  I need to know how often I can bathe my English bulldog.

I did a bit of reading and research, and here is the information I found.

How often can an English bulldog be bathed?

An English bulldog should get a bath at least every six to eight weeks at most.  This breed of dog has a smooth and slick coat of fur.   You should bath the English bulldog regularly to prevent the common skin issues that they can suffer. 

This grooming will keep their coat and skin clean and is essential for their overall health.  Bathing and other necessary grooming habits will keep their coat shiny and healthy.

The English bulldog can be cleaned and bathed as often as every week, but they should never go beyond six to eight weeks before getting a bath.  This situation is due to the type of fur coat they have and the skin issues that they can suffer. 

They also get dirty at times, and that can exasperate skin and other problems.   Bathing them more often is best.

What kind of shampoo and grooming tools should I use on my English bulldog?

English bulldogs are predisposed to suffering skin-related health issues.  They have numerous skin issues, and some are related to those cute and adorable skin folds we love so much. 

These skin folds or wrinkles can be a breeding ground for bacteria to grow, and that can cause infections.  You must clean these areas daily.

Along with proper daily grooming habits like cleaning these skin folds, selecting the right shampoo can make all the difference in the world for the English bulldog’s skin. 

The correct shampoo will not only clean the fur and skin but also minimize the potential for bacteria to grow and infections to develop.

On the market and internet, there are many shampoos used for the English bulldog.  When selecting a shampoo, it should always contain ingredients that fight and treat a variety of infections that include fungal infections. 

It is also best that this shampoo is gentle so as not to cause other skin issues for this breed.  The shampoo should also always contain a skin-soothing ingredient since English bulldogs are known for skin irritation and inflammation.

What is the best way to bathe my English bulldog?

Bathing your English bulldog can be fun and a great way to connect with them, sharing affection, and offering attention.

Many people don’t think they need to bathe their English bulldog or bathe them often because their coat doesn’t appear to need it.

The first step in bathing an English bulldog is to select the appropriate location.  An out of doors is always best.   This location minimizes messes and the clean up inside, but if this isn’t an option, then a bath in the bathroom is a great choice.

Before beginning, gather all your materials and some treats in case your English bulldog has trouble.  This bath ritual is a part of their lives that will happen regularly, and you will want to make it a positive experience.  Tools like a no-slip mat can prevent them from getting injured.

Draw up the bath, which should be at a temperature that is as close to their body temperature as possible.  Keep the water low, no higher than the mid-point of their leg.

Before putting them in the bath, it is best to brush them first to remove loose hairs and then place a clean cotton ball in each ear to prevent water from getting inside.  This breed also suffers from ear infections.

Then apply ointment to their eyes to prevent any irritation they might get from the shampoo or water.  Sadly, these dogs also suffer from eye issues.

These products should be approved and provided by your dog’s veterinarian.

Once in the tub or sink, wet and rinse off the skin and wrinkle folds then apply the shampoo as prescribed on the bottle.   Lather gently, being sure to reach areas of those adorable wrinkles.  You can use your fingers or a washcloth to do this.

Be sure to clean between their toes.  Their toes are another area of trouble for this breed, and avoid their head at this point.  This area is more sensitive and prone to health issues, and you should save it for last.  Don’t’ forget to wash their adorably cute tail since they can’t do that.

Next, using the washcloth wash their face gently being careful but thorough to get them clean without causing issues.  Pay extra attention to their skin folds on their body.

When you rinse them be sure to shield their sensitive eyes and ears.

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Dry them off with a towel, paying close attention to those folds.  Droplets of water left behind can become a breeding ground for other problems. 

At this point, if your dog isn’t afraid of a hairdryer, you can use this on them.  Remove the cotton balls from each ear and clean the ear and voila, the English bulldog is clean!

How often can I groom my English bulldog?

The English bulldog will benefit from regular daily grooming.

Cleaning their eyes and skin folds and examining their coat for issues should be done daily.  Brushing and other grooming can also be done daily, depending on your schedule, or at the very least, this should happen a few times per week.

This regular grooming is healthy for their coat and can help minimize coat and skin issues.

You will want to use a rubber brush or soft bristle brush to prevent irritation.  Brushing at the back first, you want to go against the grain of the English bulldog’s fur.  After you have done this brushing, you will do this again, going with the grain.  Avoid the English bulldog’s head since this can injure sensitive areas.

After you have done this, give them a gentle rubdown to promote a shiny and healthy coat of hair.

Can I give my English bulldog a haircut?

No.   The English bulldog doesn’t need a haircut.  The English bulldog’s hair doesn’t grow past a particular length.  

Aside from that, trimming a dog’s hair can be unhealthy, depending on the breed.  The dog’s veterinarian should be consulted first and will recommend if and when they should have a haircut. 

For the English bulldog, this only happens when there is a health issue.

What can I do if my English Bulldog does not like baths?

If you find that your English bulldog does not like baths, they are highly motivated by their stomach.  

Treats are a big motivator for them.  The best way to offer dog treats to get this job done is to break them down into tiny bits. 

This way, the English bulldog receives the dog treats, but you are not promoting obesity.  Obesity can cause other issues for this breed of dog.

Once an English bulldog gets accustomed to regular baths, it is best to gently wean them off most of these treats, saving a few for the very end.

Is there a way to keep my English bulldog clean without baths?

No.  Bathing is a necessary part of life for everyone, dogs included.  It is best to start this bath and grooming ritual at an early age.

It is possible to insert a daily grooming ritual that includes brushing, cleaning of their ears, and inspecting for dirt and debris on their fur that could cause issues.  When done daily, it is possible to stretch the time between baths to closer to six weeks.

The good news is that they shouldn’t have a lot of exercise due to respiratory issues.  This low maintenance can mean that they won’t get as dirty as some dog breeds, but not always!

What are some skin issues they can suffer from?

The English bulldog is a dog breed that can suffer from numerous skin issues.  These issues can be mild or severe, and depend on the dog and their health.

Mild skin and coat problems can include:

  • Itchy Skin
  • Odors
  • Inflammation
  • Hotspots

More complex issues can include:

  • Flank Alopecia
  • Dermatitis
  • Allergies
  • Mange

These more severe issues must be discussed with their veterinarian to ensure the best outcome for their health.

Final Thoughts

The English bulldog is a high maintenance breed.  This high maintenance is due to the English bulldog’s breed background and the numerous health issues that they can suffer.

Thankfully, bathing them more regularly than most other dogs can keep them healthy and smelling fresh!  So, pull out those treats and grab that shampoo because it won’t be harmful to them.

If your English bulldog doesn’t like baths, throwing on the sprinkler in the yard might help.   During the hot summer months, they can cool off while having fun!