After years of living alone I decided I wanted a dog.  I knew that I wanted a mid-sized dog and loved the fact that the English Bulldog didn’t have extra-long fur.  The thought of excessive cleaning was a turnoff for me, so I needed to find out if they shed a lot before deciding.

I investigated their background and learned quit a great deal that I have decided to share in this article.

Do English Bulldogs Shed A Lot?

Do English Bulldogs Shed A Lot?  No.  English Bulldogs do not shed a lot in comparison to other dog breeds.  They do shed a medium amount of hair.   There hair has a soft texture and is shorter than many other dogs.  While they do shed a lot during the spring to shed their winter coat, it is far less noticeable than certain breeds.  If you are looking for a dog breed that won’t make you look like a dog yourself, this breed is a really good choice!

A dogs breed background determines the type of fur coat they have, as well as how much they shed.  The English Bulldog doesn’t shed a lot but there are other factors that determine how much any dog sheds.

Shedding is a normal part of a dog’s life, similar to our own hair falling out on a daily basis.  There are many reasons an English Bulldog might shed its fur that can include diet, dehydration, health problems, seasonal or hormonal changes, age, their environment and stress.

Beyond breeding, if an English Bulldog isn’t fed enough food or fed good quality food they may shed more hair.  Their veterinarian can help determine how much food they should receive and what type is best for them since each dog is unique.

Dehyration can cause a variety of health issues including fur coat related problems.  Changes in shedding of the English Bulldogs hair can signal that they are not getting enough clean water on a regular basis.

If an English Bulldog has an existing health problem, side effects that can include changes in shedding.  Their veterinarian can determine if the health problem is causing different shedding patterns so it is best to consult with them first.

It should be noted that if an English Bulldog suddenly starts shedding excessively it is possible that they are suffering a health problem and their veterinarian should be consulted.

Typical shedding occurs with the changes of the season, with most dogs shedding larger amounts in the Spring season regardless of how much they shed regularly.  An English Bulldogs shedding is connected to changes in their environment that include hot and cold weather and extra sunlight.   This is a normal process and shouldn’t necessarily be thought of something that needs to be stopped.

Female English Bulldogs can suffer changes in their shedding due to the hormonal changes that occur with going into heat and during pregnancy or lactation.  Age also plays a part in whether an English Bulldog will shed a lot or a little.

As with the weather and seasonal changes, the indoor environment of an English Bulldog can affect how much they shed.  The continual running of an air conditioner or spending most of their time indoors with artificial lighting can affect the normal process of shedding.

Stress has an impact on every dog’s physical state regardless of breed.  Excessive amounts of stress can cause behavioral and physical changes in their bodies that can include excessive shedding. Locating and minimizing the triggers for the English Bulldog can slow down excessive shedding and provide peace in their life.

It is important to remember that each dog is uniquely their own, what one English Bulldog does another may not.  Therefore, shedding patterns may be different from one English Bulldog to the next.  Breed background plays a role but so does the ancestoral genetics of each dog.

Why Do English Bulldogs shed their hair?

English Bulldogs shed their hair like other dogs as part of a normal body process.  This process occurs naturally to rid their body of damaged or old hairs similar to humans.  Normally the English Bulldog will shed their hair in unison with the changes of the season.

Their hair, like our own is designed to protect their most vitally important organ, their skin from the environment and weather.  Their hair also helps keep their internal body temperature level, not too cold or too hot.

Do English Bulldog puppies shed more than other puppy breeds?

No, English Bulldog puppies do not shed more than other puppy breeds, just as the adult English Bulldog doesn’t.  A puppy will shed a bit more than their adult counterparts as their coat is going through the changes of growth and age.  Once they reach adulthood if they are healthy this situational shedding quiets down.

What is a double coat and do English Bulldogs have one?

The double coat on a dog is a second layer coat of hair that provides an extra layer of insulation and protection from environmental and outside elements like water and cold.  It consists of a wool textured undercoat that is shorter and a topcoat of hair that is longer and softer.

Typically found in dog breeds that are meant to exist and work within the elements, this coat also protects them from dirt, debris and other harsh hazards that could irritate their skin.

English Bulldogs do not have a double coat of hair, which means shedding is less than other dog breeds.  It also means less grooming and cleaning around the house.

What are some ways I can keep my English Bulldogs shedding under control?

To keep your English Bulldogs shedding under control first ensure that they are as healthy as they can be by providing regular checkups with their veterinarian.

Provide your English Bulldog with adequate amounts of the right type of dog food which should be determined by their veterinarian.  You can also discuss supplementing with fish oils which can be added to their dog food to promote a healthy fur coat.

Offer enough clean water and minimize daily stress while giving them the right amount of exercise and some playtime to promote a healthy body which minimizes unnecessary shedding.

Do English Bulldogs Shed A Lot?

Lastly practice good bathing and grooming techniques by bathing them monthly or even less depending on how dirty they appear.  You should brush them a couple times a week to help keep any shedding to a minimum.

If you perform their bathing and grooming outside or in a easy clean area this will keep shedding hair to a minimum.

Are English Bulldogs hypoallergenic?

No, English Bulldogs are not a hypoallergenic dog breed.  While they don’t shed a lot, their coat of fur is not what causes the allergies that humans experience.  These allergies are associated with what is attached to the fur itself, the dead skin cells, urine or saliva.

Therefore dogs that are considered low allergen breeds are thought to be hypoallergenic because they are very low shedding.  The English bulldog doesn’t shed much but they do still shed enough to potentially cause allergies in people who suffer these ailments.

What type of health issues can cause excess shedding for English Bulldogs?

English Bulldogs can suffer a variety of health problems both internal and external.  They are a breed that tends to suffer allergies ranging from food related to environmental.  This problem can make them more likely to shed larger amounts of hair if not treated properly.

Any type of infection whether it is bacterial or fungal can cause any dog breed to suffer excessive shedding.  This can be internal such as their digestive tract or external of their paws or skin.

Parasites are another health issue can change the amount of shedding an English Bulldog does and should never be left untreated.

Pregnancy, lactating and hormones can change the amount of hair shed by an English Bulldog but is a normal symptom of their condition.

You dog might experience excess shedding if they are an extreme licker.  Let’s face it, some dogs just like to lick, their paw, your hand, the kitchen chair leg.  This can spark excess shedding since this licking irritates the skin.

Undiagnosed internal health problmes can reveal themselves in the form of exterior symptoms that include more shedding.   Such health problems can be related to the kidney’s, liver or other internal organs. Addressing any unusual behaviors with their veterinarian, including changes in their shedding of fur can promote their wellness and overall health.

A Final Thought

While shedding can be a real problem for some dog breeds, the English Bulldog isn’t one of them.  Their short coat of fur is soft and smooth and they are considered medium shedders.

With an adorable face full of folds and that confident strut, they are a hard breed to resist with or without the extra fur!  Besides, with the numerous color schemes their coat of fur comes in, one could color coordinate their outfit to match, problem solved!

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