Are English Bulldogs Good For First-Time Owners?

I just moved into a new neighborhood and wanted to get my first dog.  Since I’ve never had a dog in my entire life, I needed a dog that would be good for a first-time owner.  I wanted a dog that was part watchdog and part companion, and I loved the friendliness of the one English bulldog I met at the park.  I needed to know more before I could choose this breed.

I dug up some details, and here is what I found out.

Are English Bulldogs good for first-time owners?

Are English Bulldogs good for first time owners?  Yes and no.  English bulldogs are great for first-time owners due to their laid-back attitude and easy-going nature.  They are friendly and don’t ask for much in the way of exercise. They do love attention and bond well with their owner or family. 

They are also great companions to their owner or family.  Their appearance, breed background, and reputation, as well as a fierce bark, make them a good watchdog too.  

English Bulldogs should be avoided by first time owners that do not have the time, energy, or finances to get them professionally trained since they are a hard breed to train. 

With an independent, I am my boss mindset; training can be difficult.   They require a professional or loving persistence in their owner.  They also are not the best breed for first-time dog owners that are highly active and want a dog to tag along on their adventures with them.   

If a first-time dog owner has plenty of time, energy, and financial stability and is looking for a dog that is low key but independent, this can be the right breed for them.  

English bulldogs have a reputation that follows them.  This breed reputation can be quiet contradictory to what they are today.  While aggression may have been a part of this breeds’ historical background, today, English bulldogs are vastly different than that mold. 

Gentle, loving, and friendly the English bulldog makes a great first pet for single people, couples, and families that want a companion dog with personality.

Another perk to having an English bulldog as a first pet is that they don’t require a lot of exercises.   This knowledge can spell trouble for those first-time dog owners that don’t research the breed thoroughly or consult with a veterinarian. 

This breed is a brachycephalic dog breed.  This type of dog breed has the physical characteristics of a smushed in face.

While this physical trait, can and does look adorable, it doesn’t come without its warning and precautions.

Any dog in this category has a unique respiratory system that doesn’t easily allow air to flow through their respiratory system.  This issue can create problems breathing if they are given to much exercise or spend time in excessively hot temperatures.

First-time dog owners need to research this well, consult the dog’s veterinarian or breeder, and understand that this isn’t something that can be changed. 

They must consider their lifestyle and how the English bulldog will fit into that lifestyle, long and hard before adopting this breed since health is always the top priority of every dog owner.

The English bulldog makes a great companion or family dog because they are very friendly, loving, and can even become the family clown. 

They love attention from their owner or family and thrive best in households where they are a companion that can tag along on adventures and spend time snuggling and hanging out around the house.

When in a loving household where they can thrive and grow, they become extremely attached to their owner or family.  This attachment will follow through to their protection of the owner or family. 

While their historical past doesn’t apply today, they do have a very intimidating bark and appearance.  They will also guard their house or home environment with the same territorial mentality.

English bulldogs are not the easiest to train, and anyone looking to adopt one should know this before selecting this breed.  With a very independent streak, they don’t just follow what their owner or anyone says because they have to.

This rebellious personality doesn’t mean they can’t accept training.  The English bulldog requires dedication, persistence, and that the owner knows they are always in charge.  This mentality leaves no room for negotiating.

This loving but firm mentality regarding training is necessary to help the English bulldog heed their I am my boss’s attitude to their owner.  If this isn’t possible on the owner’s part, seeking out the advice of a trainer or their veterinarian or breeder is best.

Another method for successful training is offering treats.  Nothing will help an English bulldog learn easier than dog treats, and lots of them. 

This breed is highly motivated by their stomach, but owners should use caution when using this method.  The English bulldog can put weight on very quickly using treats as a motivator but is unhealthy for any dog breed.

English bulldogs are not the right breed for first time dog owners that don’t have knowledge or understanding of their breed characteristics.  This knowledge includes the fact that they are a brachycephalic dog breed.

These brachycephalic dog breeds have unique needs when it comes to exercise and lifestyle.  The physical characteristics of their respiratory system can make it hard for them to breathe if they exercise too much or become too hot.

For this reason, they shouldn’t be over-exercised, nor should they be exposed to extremes in weather temperatures. 

If a potential dog owner lives in a hot climate, the English bulldog must have air condition for their health.  They also shouldn’t be exposed to this excessive heat for long periods and definitely shouldn’t be exercising in hot weather.

Due to this unique physical trait, it is also important that this breed doesn’t become exceedingly obese.  Therefore, using the treat method to train this breed is not a good idea. 

While the English bulldog will love all the food and treats you offer, it can cause problems with their breathing.  They must be on a regular, consistent, and healthy diet with a minimum number of well-placed treats for their happiness and health.

What type of first-time owner would be a good match for and English bulldog?

The best first-time dog owner, regardless of the breed, is a well-informed person.   This person may not have the prior experience of owning a dog but can have the knowledge and information necessary to choose the right breed for their lifestyle and living situation. 

This information and knowledge will give them the tools to properly care for whatever dog breed is selected, providing a loving and healthy life for the chosen dog.

The decision to bring a dog into a family isn’t something a person should take lightly.  No matter how big or small the family is, the dog becomes a part of that family and must be treated with the same love, compassion, and care that everyone else receives. 

They depend on that family or owner for care, love, attention, and attending to all their needs physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Are English Bulldogs Good For First-Time Owners? #dogs #puppies #bulldogs

A potential first-time dog owner must be sure that they are ready to own a dog.  They must also make sure that they have all the necessary knowledge and tools to ensure the health and well-being of that dog, regardless of whether it is an English bulldog or another breed.

These tools include a safe, secure, loving, and thriving home for the dog to grow in as well as the time and financial resources to care for that dog.

Once established, the next step is thoroughly researching dog breeds and finding the dog breed that is the right match for that person or family’s lifestyle and living situation. 

This process takes time and is necessary for choosing the right dog for the owner or family, and any quality breeder will know this.

To place an English bulldog with a family that spends most of their time away from home working or being physically active would be an unhealthy choice for the owner or family and the English bulldog.

In Conclusion

The English bulldog isn’t perfect for everyone.  Addressing issues before choosing this breed is necessary.

With a friendly, companionable, and mellow disposition, it is easy to see why they would be a perfect breed for everyone.  The English bulldog is independent, but with potential health issues that can make them the wrong choice for some individuals and families.

No matter what breed is selected, the English bulldog is an unforgettable dog breed with style, attitude, and a tremendously loving heart!

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