Beagle Rescue Guide: How to Find One, and What it Will Be Like

90666001 m Beagle Rescue Guide: How to Find One, and What it Will Be Like

Beagles are a great breed to rescue, so where should someone go to adopt and what is the process like? After some quick research, I found some useful information about what the rescue process looks like for beagles.

So how do you find a Beagle to rescue and what will it be like? Beagles can be found at shelters or rescue centers for adoption. Adopting is a fairly straight-forward process on the human side of things, but can be a little challenging for your new beagle to adapt to its new home.

The process of adopting a dog will bless the dog’s life and your own life greatly. Knowing what to expect will ease the confusion of what’s going on in the rescue process.

How to Find a Beagle to Rescue

So it’s the big day you’ve decided to adopt a dog, lucky you! The first step to adopting a beagle is knowing where to find one. There are several different businesses and people that will try to sell you their dogs, but it is important to know the history and how trustworthy they are before purchasing a dog.

What are the different options of places to adopt from? Although it’s fun to look at the puppies in puppy stores, this is not the best option. Often the dogs sold here are from puppy mills.

A puppy mill is a company that breeds dogs in what most consider “inhumane” ways. Dogs are mistreated and kept in cages, only kept alive to breed and fuel the company’s revenue.

Not all pet stores purchase from puppy mills, but you will need to do your research beforehand to ensure that they do not purchase from puppy mills. Buying from a puppy store will only supply the puppy mills with more cash and allow them to breed more dogs in their cruel manner.

The best option for rescuing a beagle would be to go to a local dog shelter or rescue. Here there are dogs that need a good home and the process is easier and can be less expensive compared to the puppy stores.

First, begin by looking up different shelters or adoption centers in your area. It is best to look at the websites to see which is the best option for you and to choos your dog. On the websites, they may let you know if they specialize in beagles.

Usually, if you go to a shelter they have several different breeds to choose from. For beagles, in particular, you may need to call the shelter to ensure they have a beagle there.

If you go to a shelter, the process may be easier than a rescue center. The shelter will conduct a small screening process allowing you to take home a dog that very day. Shelters also tend to have less fees, but may require you to pay more for vet care.

Rescues are a great place too because they know their animals really well. There’s more of a screening process so it will take longer, but it is worth it because the dog is worth it! They know their dogs more because they often participate in foster homes, so they know the personality of the dogs.

This works out well because you can know the personality of your beagle beforehand and can see if the two of you will be compatible. The fees may be higher at a rescue center, but usually, the dogs here have gotten the shots and necessities from the vet beforehand.

If you still choose to purchase your beagle from a different source, ask about the background of their company and about the dog’s parents. It may work best for you to visit them and see the puppy interact with its parents to ensure its a breeder you can trust.

Be careful to not be fooled. Several companies may appear to look like family-friendly breeders but their images online can be deceiving. Puppy mills can disguise themselves as being great small family run breeders. When, however, they actually raise the puppies in awful methods. Take caution before purchasing from any breeder.

Questions to Ask When Adopting a Beagle

When you go into a shelter or rescue, it is important to ask questions to know more about your dog. Before you adopt them you want to know where they were coming from, what their personality is like and if they have the information, how the dog’s parents personality/growing up stage was like.

Some of the questions that are important to ask are the following:

  • What is their history and why is this dog here?
  • Do they have the shots they need?
  • Do they have any medical conditions I need to be aware of?
  • What have vets done to this dog and do you have a history of it?
  • Are they potty trained?
  • What times of the day have they been eating and what brand?
  • Does the beagle get along with children and families?
  • Have they been adopted before?
  • Are they here because of animal abuse from previous owners?
  • Is this dog comfortable wearing a collar and a leash?
  • Does the dog have any dietary restrictions?
  • Do they obey basic commands?

It is important to know where the dogs are coming from like their previous owners because it will help you learn about the personality. A background about a person or a dog can explain why a person or a dog acts a certain way. For example, if the dog seems scared of you especially when you try to touch them, it may be due to abuse from previous owners.

Knowing their medical history will help you know if they need any shots or if they have any medical conditions you should be aware of. Keeping your dog healthy will ensure for happy family life with you and your pet.

Ask to see papers on the dog’s medical history so you can keep a history. It will also help you see if you need to take your dog to the vet for any additional treatments needed.

Asking if the dog’s been potty trained can help you know if you need to house train them yourself. Several people prefer to do the crate method when teaching potty training. The crate method is where you keep the dog inside the crate and bring them outside to do their business.

If you have a family, then it is important to you to find a dog that will get along with your children. Some dogs will have no experience with kids and could be rough with them. It’s best to find a dog that works well with families, if possible.

Even if they are not familiar with children, finding a dog that’s friendly may be the better option. Need to make sure to make a safe, friendly home for both children and the dog.

Some dogs have been through traumatic experiences and may act out. That’s why it is important to get a dog that won’t act out on children and hurt them. On the bright side, several of the dogs at shelters and rescues are friendly and loving, just waiting for someone to take them home.

If the dog does basic commands already, then yay! What a treat! If the dog doesn’t follow basic commands, then that’s okay, you can teach them! If the dog knows basic commands, it will help you communicate with the dog.

If they don’t know tricks already, you can learn how to teach them with patience and time. It’s good to ask this because not all dogs can follow commands, so don’t just expect them to.

Come Prepared to Pick Up Beagle

29383478 m Beagle Rescue Guide: How to Find One, and What it Will Be Like

When you come to pick up your beagle, make sure you are prepared with the needed neccesities. Yes it is fun to adopt a dog, but having the home ready for the dog is another story.

Step 1: Get a Dog Tag

To ensure that the dog doesn’t run away or get lost, it is important to bring a collar with a dog tag on it, so your dog has your information on it. Dogs can be nervous about being in a new area. Or excited! This nervousness or excitement could lead them to run away. With the dog tag, people will be able to see your name and number to contact you if your dog escapes.

Step 2: Bring a Crate

Purchase a crate for them to ride in the car home in. Some dogs hate driving in cars, and others may be nervous because it is an unfamiliar setting. Whatever the case may be, securing them in a crate will keep them safe and in one spot on the way home.

Beagle personalities are loving and friendly, but they bark loud. When you come home with them, expect some barking as the experience may not be pleasant for them.

Like I stated before, it’s important to ask if the dog is potty trained because if not, the crate method may be a routine you may want to try. A dog won’t do his potty business inside a crate that he sleeps and eats in if trained properly.

Keep the dog in the crate to keep him from doing his business around the house. Take him outside often to relieve himself.

Some people do not always agree with the crate method of training, so be sure to look into what way you will best potty train your beagle. As far as bringing your dog home, using a crate is a great way of security.

Step 3: Prepare Your House

Prepare your house that it is ready for a dog to arrive. Beagles are a curious breed and will love to look around, especially if they are in a new place. Coming into a new home is exciting! So it is important to prepare the home with all dog necessities.

Move things away that you don’t want a dog searching through. If there is anything you don’t want chewed up or peed on, I suggest moving it out of the way or putting it up higher.

Make sure you have food prepared. Ensure that your dog will be healthy and have all of his or her nutrients. One of the questions that I mentioned above to ask before adopting was “What time of the day is the dog fed?” It’s important to keep them on their schedule at first. Then after the beginning, slowly you can change the schedule that fits you best.

Also see what kind of food the shelter or rescue has been feeding your dog. To avoid strange bowl movements, it may be best to keep the dog on this same brand at first. Slowly you can add a different brand to their food then later completely replace it if you wish to.

Prepare the people in your home so they are ready to take in the new pet. The first few days can be nerve-wracking so keeping calm without too much excitement will help them ease into being in a new home.

Make sure you know if they’ve come from a different home. Sometimes different commands can mean different things to them. If they were treated harshly, some commands might make them react differently like cower or be sad.

Is it Okay to Adopt a Senior Dog?

Several people buy a puppy for their family because they want a dog that they can teach commands too. Yet there are several perks to adopting a senior dog! Here are some of the great things about older dogs:

Beagles have a lot of energy, so if you adopt a senior dog, it is more likely that your dog will be more calm. This is great for those who work several hours a day because their dog doesn’t need to go outside and release energy as much as a puppy would need.

Most adult dogs are trained with basic skills. They know a chew toy is meant for chewing and can usually obey common skills like “sit”. Older dogs can also learn new commands as well, not just puppies.

Older dogs have an easier time adjusting to a new family because they have a past with living with people.

Older dogs can still be young spirited like puppies with personalities of their own. Whether you choose to adopt a puppy or an older dog, both can come with a loving, friendly personality that beagles posses.

14021201 m Beagle Rescue Guide: How to Find One, and What it Will Be Like

Introducing a Pet Beagle to Other Pets and to a New Home

If you have other pets, make sure to introduce the two of them outside the house before coming in. It can be hard for a pet to share his home with a new friend. Let them sniff each other and get to know each other.

It is better to not let the two be in the same areas of the house. This is because the previous pet is not used to another one disrupting their territory. It is best if they stay in two different parts of the house for the first day or two.

Introducing a pet to other people may be best to do outside the home as well. Before entering the home, introduce the dog to different members of the family then show them around the yard so they can begin to be familiar with the area.

Be Patient During the First Few Weeks

Being caged up in a shelter or rescue can be damaging. Imagine if you were locked up for several months without your normal comforts, you’d probably go crazy! Not only that but after you got home, it would take some time for you to heal from this experience.

The same goes for dogs. It can be a hard experience leaving one home, going to a cage, then leaving for another home.

It is important to be patient during this time of adjustment. The dog could act nervous, excited, or different the first few weeks because they are unfamiliar with their surroundings.

If you have children, be sure to not leave the dog alone with the kids. They are still getting used to their new home and do not always know how to behave in a new situation.

Keep the dog on a routine. Once they become familiar with this routine, they will grow more comfortable at your home. Becoming adjusted takes time, so just be patient.

You may not get to know your dog’s personality until later. It takes time to adjust which means they may act differently the first three days. They may act out or not act at all, like not eating properly. After some time, they will become adjusted.

In three weeks they will start to adjust more and in three months they will be completely comfortable around the house and with members of your family.

How much is it to rescue a dog? To adopt an adult dog, it would cost about $200-250. To rescue puppies, the price can go up to about $400. The fees usually include the medical history with a record of shots or other procedures a vet has done for the dog.

Can dogs change owners? Changing owners can be confusing for a dog, so if the owner is changed, the old owner should not come to visit. The dog can get confused and especially with long goodbyes. It is best to change in the morning so the dog is more secure in their new surroundings rather than at night.

Beagle Rescue Guide Beagle Rescue Guide: How to Find One, and What it Will Be Like

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