Mini Beagles: Everything You Could Want to Know

39683850 m Mini Beagles: Everything You Could Want to Know

Beagles are a popular breed amongst owners but especially in mini beagles. I was curious about what mini beagles were like and what were the perks and disadvantages to owning one, so I did a little research.

Mini Beagles: What’s everything you could want to know about them? Mini Beagles are smaller beagles typically 13 inches or shorter that are bred as pets. They are playful in nature similar to a regular beagle but come in a smaller package. Mini beagles can be a great pet, but take caution when deciding what breeder you choose because they are prone to have health problems if bread with different breeds.

Mini Beagles seem to be a great idea for a pet and a cute one as well. There is a lot that goes into raising one though, and a lot to be cautious about before purchasing one.

Mini Beagle Facts

To define what a mini beagle is, it is a beagle that stands 13 inches or shorter typically and weighs between 15-18 pounds. Mini beagles are also referred to as “pocket beagles”.

There is no official say on how tall a mini beagle needs to be to be considered “mini” so it would be smart to be cautious of which breeder you choose to consider buying from.

Several people love the idea of owning a smaller, mini beagle, so make sure to ask the breeder how tall the parents of the pup are and also how tall the previous puppies grew up to be.

Since there is no official size on how tall a mini beagle can be, breeders could label any of their puppies as “mini” and you wouldn’t realize that they’re not until they’ve already grown bigger.

Normal beagles are between 13 to 15 inches tall, so it shows how easily smaller puppies could get away looking like “mini beagles”“. They tend to be more expensive as well, which is why some breeders may fake having “mini beagles”.

Another thing to keep in mind when purchasing a mini beagle is not all mini beagles will be purebred. Some of them will be mixed with other smaller dogs to make the dogs smaller. Some people do not care if their dog is purebred or not and that’s fine, it is a personal decision. In order to make a dog smaller, they usually do breed them with smaller breeds.

When they are bred with different breeds, beagles come out with different colors, colors that don’t come in purebred beagles! Some different colors are brindle and harlequin.

There can be problems when bred with other dogs, however. The safety and well being of dogs are very important. Especially when a dog becomes a part of the family, I know I want the best for my dog and their health. Be cautious about these mixed bred mini beagles.

When they are bred with others, there are new health problems that don’t occur in regular beagles.

For instance, they could have tail deformities, eye problems, funny puppy syndrome, hip problems, kneecap and leg problems from being too short, and more. Discuss with your breeder about what they are doing to avoid these deformities when breeding their dogs.

These health problems may not arise until they are fully mature. It can make several visits to the vet with your pet. By watching and taking good care of your mini beagle, you can see if there are any problems that may arise with him or if they start having trouble walking.

The best way to avoid this is to find a trustworthy breeder and make sure that if they are bred with other dogs, it is a safe breeding method. People may only be breeding beagles to achieve the small height that families look for.

Mini beagles can be more expensive than the regular beagle puppy. Mini beagles price range about $800- over $1000 dollars. Compared to the average beagle that is usually priced for about $400 to $1000 dollars.

If you are willing to pay more for a smaller dog, then this would be the way to go. Just be prepared to also pay for health problems if they arise as there seems to be more of them if they are bred as “mini beagles”.

Mini beagles can be a great choice of pet for your family if you love the idea of having a playful, fun loving pet that is smaller than a beagle’s normal size. Mini beagles can be great with kids and still have the energy to play as a normal beagle would.

Mini Beagle Personalities

34086611 m Mini Beagles: Everything You Could Want to Know

Beagles make a great play mate and family dog. Beagles have a history of being pack dogs so they are used to being around other people or animals. They are friendly around people and other dogs because it is in their nature to be in a pack or family setting. They love to visit with others and to be around people.

Beagles sure know how to bark and howl, though. This can be frightening for other people like robbers or children passing by. Although this may be a great idea for protecting your house with a good guard dog, beagles are super friendly so if the robber got inside past the barking, a beagle wouldn’t harm them.

Reassure people visiting your dog or children that your beagle won’t hurt them. They may have a big bark, but their bark is bigger than their bite!

Beagles love to sniff and explore. When they go for walks, they love having their faces to the ground so that their little noses can sniff away and find out the mysteries of life. For exercise with your beagle, this could mean a lovely walk in the park exploring everything.

They do not need to be running at full speed for an hour, but as long as they are out and about, it will help them for their health.

Allowing beagles time to explore helps them to keep their nose out of trouble at home. When they realize they have time to mess around when going outside, they won’t do it as much inside because 1) hopefully they’ll be worn out from playing outside and 2) they will let their wiggles out and not want to tear up the furniture inside as much.

Healthy Lifestyle for Mini Beagles

Beagles are typically great dogs that behave. They have a lot of energy but with daily exercise and time with their owner, they do fairly well. Problems can arise if they are left alone for long periods of time or if they don’t get the exercise they need. They are like small children, if they don’t get their energy out, they can take it out on your house.

Exercise is really important for beagles. A healthy amount of exercise is about an hour a day. With so much energy, it is important to help them get out and about to help them be healthy. If they do not exercise, this can lead to obesity and other health problems.

Something that I have in common with beagles is that I love to eat, and so do they. Beagles are a breed that can eat, eat, and overeat. It is important especially for mini beagle owners that they are aware of and watch how much food their beagle is consuming.

If mini beagles become obese, this can be dangerous especially because they are already so small with small legs to support them.

Typically about 7/8 cup to a little over a cup is a good amount for mini beagles. Ask your vet what amount of food is right for your mini beagle because he might have a better idea of how much is good for them. Ensure that the food is healthy and does not harm or bring more health problems for your dog.

Smaller legs to support your mini beagle means even more trouble for when they walk around. They have little legs so it will be difficult to support their body if their body is overweight.

Mini dogs are already more prone to health issues, so keeping watch over how much they eat can help them be happy and keep you happy by saving more trips to the vet.

The life span of a typical beagle is about 12-15 years and the same should go for mini beagles as well. However, it seems to be that mini dogs live shorter because they have more health issues. As you watch what your dog eats and how they exercise, keep in mind that this can help them live longer.

Even if they beg you for more food, it is important that they maintain a healthly life style so they can stay longer with you. Sometimes health problems arise that are out of your control.

This is common among mini beagles. Make sure to keep constant contact with your veternarian to ensure the best help for your pet.

Mini Beagles and Children

94295448 m Mini Beagles: Everything You Could Want to Know

Mini beagles are more fragile and more prone to injury so it is important to watch them when they are with children. Although beagles can be great with families, mini beagles could be a problem.

If children are holding the mini beagle, ensure that they sit down on the ground or at an area where the dog will not fall down. If they fall, it is easier for mini beagles to be injured.

Mini beagles also have spunky personalities so they will playfully bite or play with children. As long as the children are aware that the beagle is being playful, it should be fine.

If you have children, it is important to warn them that although your beagle is friendly most of the time, don’t bother them while they are eating. Beagles love to have their food to themselves and can get a little fired up if you mess with their food.

Beagles are not aggressive dogs. This works well with families because they will not attack children but will be friendly and loving with them. Beagles can bite and nibble but only when being playful.

Beagles naturally love to be around other people though and I can understand why they wouldn’t want to be bothered at dinner time. Beagles can make a great pet for children if they are properly taken cared of. This includes being more gentle with them and never leaving children and the dog alone so that they don’t injure each other.

A great part of raising beagles is that they are very obedient. Training a beagle will be a great resource to your family. Once the dog is trained, it will be fun for the children to give them commands and great for you to have a dog that listens to you.

Grooming and Size of Mini Beagles

Beagles are known to shed although they don’t look like the type that would. Brushing can help them keep them well groomed. Remember, even if you have allergies, just because a mini beagle will be smaller doesn’t mean you will have fewer allergies.

Be cautious as you go forward that mini beagles also shed like regular beagles. This may or may not bring on allergic reactions.

Beagles never need to be shaved, which is nice. Mini beagles are great because they shed lightly than other dogs, but more in the spring after winter. Like said before, brushing can help but there is no need to shave them.

Mini Beagles like stated before are typically under 13 inches tall, averaging about 9-12 inches. They weigh about 15-18 pounds if kept at the right eating amount. Average beagles are usually 13-15 inches tall, so even if you aren’t finding mini beagles for sale in your area, regular beagles are only a little bigger.

Mini beagles do great in homes and for taking on the go. They are lighter and smaller which makes it more convenient for owners. This also makes it easier to injure them on accident so watch for them as you move around your home or doing daily activities.

Potty-training Mini Beagles

Lots of people want an indoor dog but making sure they do their business in the right spot can be a struggle. As you are potty training your dog, keep a patient and optimistic mind as you set out on your journey. Starting a dog out early is the best bet to helping them become potty trained and keep that habit going.

One benefit I think would be great with owning a mini beagle would be less mess to clean up if they accidentally went potty or did their business inside the house! Seriously though, you probably don’t want to clean up after your dog every day.

One way to keep your dog from doing their business inside the house is by putting them in their crate. A crate is an area where the dog will eat, sleep, and play. Since it’s an area where they eat and live in, they are less likely to go potty here and hold it in until they are let out.

This method can work if you take your dog out of the house often to do their business. Just like how it can be uncomfortable to wait before going to the bathroom for humans, it is also uncomfortable for dogs.

Puppies, for example, cannot stay in a crate for over 3 or 4 hours because they cannot hold it that long. They need to be taken out regulary and should not be expected to be in a crate for long periods over these hours.

Some people do not like this method because they feel it is not right to leave their dog in a crate. Like stated before, it is important for beagles to have time to exercise and also to be around people. Therefore, some people feel the crate is not the way to go.

It can help to prevent accidents though if you are leaving your home for a short time and want to ensure your dog does not go potty anywhere in the house.

Although some people find it terrible to leave their dog in a crate, it can provide comfort for the dog. If they have a secure place to rest and have their food or toys, it is a place they will be comfortable returning back to.

Related Questions:

Can Beagles be left alone? Dogs that can be left alone are ones who are well trained and can handle themselves at home. Beagles can be trained to behave at home. They love to be around people and need their exercise, but can be at home while their owner goes into work all day.

How do you discipline your beagle? Disciplining a beagle should always be done in an encouraging way that does not involve physical harm to the dog. Physically harming a dog will make them lose trust in you. Your beagle will behave better if they are trained to do so.

Keeping them on a leash, taking them out to get exercise, moving things in the house so they don’t chew on them, and taking your dog out to go potty will eliminate opportunities for your beagle to misbehave. When they misbehave, use tones that will let them know you are displeased with them but do not physically harm them.

Mini Beagles Mini Beagles: Everything You Could Want to Know