Are English Bulldogs Dangerous?

As a person that lives alone, I decided I wanted a dog to keep me company and help me socialize.  I wanted a dog that wasn’t too big to intimidate others but not a yappy tiny dog.  The English Bulldog appeared to be a unique looking dog so I thought I would investigate further.

Here is what I found out in my research.

Are English Bulldogs Dangerous?

English Bulldogs are not dangerous dogs at all due to their temperament and personality.  With a friendly and welcoming personality, the English Bulldog would be more likely to lick a person than attack them since they are more passive and easier going than other breeds. 

If you are searching for a dog that is more likely to roll out the welcome mat than growl or bark at someone, the English Bulldog is the perfect dog for you!

What makes a dog dangerous is their personality and temperament. This can be a product of many things and often begins with their breeding.  Another factor that determines if a dog is dangerous is if they are unpredictable in their temperament and nature.

Aside from breeding, their temperament, personality, and innate nature can be affected by different things.  Training, socialization, health issues, environment, stress level, and age can all play a part in shaping a dog to be dangerous or not.

There are many dogs of various breeds that have a historically aggressive background that are notoriously the babies of their families.  These dogs break the mold on what is characteristically dangerous.  They may be physically large, have a deep and strong bark or other physical traits that lend them to appearing dangerous.

When push comes to shove however, they are the pushover that lays for hours on the floor enjoying every minute of a belly rub that the stranger in the house offers.

Better still are the dog breeds that were historically companion animals that wouldn’t appear to have a dangerous bone in their bodies.  Yet, issues relating to their upbringing, environment, health, or training were not properly addressed.

Then one day when an unsuspecting friend or relative comes to visit they snap and become a dangerous or aggressive dog despite their heritage.

The point is, dangerous dogs come in every breed, therefore any dog can be dangerous if the right mix of factors come together to create that scenario.

The English Bulldog was bred for very dangerous things, if we followed their historic background, they might be considered dangerous, but they are generally not dangerous at all.

If they are raised from a puppy with love, attention, and having their needs met properly they will thrive.   If they are healthy and receive consistent and thorough training and socialization from a young age they will become excellent dogs.

If their home environment is filled with love and attention and they don’t suffer from neglect, mistreatment, or abuse they will be content.  If they are free of as much stress as possible while receiving continual reinforcement of what is expected of them positively and reviewing social skills regularly they will be happy, content, loving, and friendly.

This isn’t only true for the English Bulldog, this is a recipe for true happiness for any dog breed.

What can make an English Bulldog Dangerous?

There is a mixture of scenarios that can make any dog dangerous which are as unique as each dog.

Aside from proper socialization, training, and ample love and happiness, some certain events or situations can trigger a reaction in a dog which can make it dangerous, regardless of breed. 

Each dog is unique in what these triggers are.  The better you know your dog and their personality and temperament the easier it is to prevent episodes.

Situations and scenarios can include, the mailman coming to drop mail, the housecat scratching their ear, too much wrestling with the children in the family, strange smells, or sounds.

Once an owner gets to know their dog, they are armed to address issues that can arise from situational based aggression which can make any dog dangerous.

For many years now the English Bulldog has been bred to be a social, friendly companion to humans.  This makes them a wonderful addition to any household seeking a dog.  While they do sometimes have a territorial streak when it comes to other dogs or animals they are generally not confrontational.

When it comes to breeding the English Bulldog, those breeders that are responsible and truly care about the breed select the best dog to breed.

This includes picking dogs that have a more mild temperament to create the English Bulldog that is friendly and peaceful. The aggressive part of the genetic background cannot be completely removed.

What are some triggers for the English Bulldog that could make them dangerous?

Emotions are triggers for the English Bulldog or any dog that can make them dangerous.  Fear would be the top emotion to trigger a dog into becoming dangerously aggressive.  Fear of being hurt, abused, or mistreated can cause them to harm others.

If an English Bulldog was raised as a puppy in a loving environment and lives in a loving home fear would only become apparent when there is a real danger like an intruder.

Territorial behavior can sometimes escalate into aggressive and dangerous tendencies.  If proper training and socialization are addressed early on for the English Bulldog, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Health issues can cause an otherwise friendly dog to become dangerous and aggressive.  While the English Bulldog can and often does suffer many health problems, if family and friends are taught to physically respect the dog then this shouldn’t ever be an issue. 

What are the signs of a dangerous English Bulldog, or any breed?

Snarling, barking, snapping, growling staring, and changes in body position can be signs of a dangerous dog that is about to become aggressive.  Their ears or tail might change position and these signs can also be combined in various ways depending on the dog.

It should be noted that very dominant but dangerous dogs will show no sign of their aggression and suddenly become dangerous to those around them without warning.

Are English Bulldogs Dangerous?
What are the signs of a dangerous English Bulldog, or any breed? #dogs #bulldogs

English Bulldogs are rarely aggressive but each dog is unique.  If for some reason an English Bulldog were to become dangerous there are clear warning signs that will let those around them know that something is brewing.

If the English Bulldog owner knows their dog well enough these warning signs can be addressed early on before there is no way out of a dangerous situation.

Does age play a role in whether or not an English Bulldog is a dangerous dog?

Yes, age does play a role in whether or not an English Bulldog can be dangerous or not.  Puppies are generally happy and friendly, they eat, sleep, play with each other and that’s life.

In later stages of life, environment, health, stress and other factors can create difficulties that can make and English Bulldog dangerous.  This, however, isn’t the norm since most English Bulldogs are passive and laid back.

Is there anything I can do to prevent my English Bulldog from becoming dangerous or aggressive?

Yes.  The best tool for prevention is to know your dog inside and out.  Know their health issues, their personality, what they like and don’t like.  Know who they are, and what will keep them happy and loveable.

This includes knowing how well they have been trained, where they need extra practice, and so forth.

The better you know them the easier it is to stop a difficult situation from happening, or at least lessen it.

Aside from this, providing a loving, healthy, peaceful, and happy home for them to live in is a good foundation.  This can create the right scenario for the English Bulldog to thrive, grow, and be happy.

What can I do if my English Bulldog becomes dangerous and aggressive?

If you have a strong footing as the one in charge (and this is vitally important to any dog training.) remaining calm can help an aggressive or emotional dog calm down as well.

They take clues from us, therefore if you are in charge and calm, they will follow your lead.

Use the training commands they have been taught to stop what they are doing and come to you.

Other helpful ideas include removing them for the scenario and distracting them.

In Conclusion

While any dog can be dangerous and aggressive at any moment, the English Bulldog is not a likely candidate.  They would much rather snuggle up beside you on the couch for a good movie than hurt anyone.

With the right mentality, tools, and environment any dog regardless of their breed background can be happy, friendly, and non-threatening.  The English Bulldog just has a better grip on things.

Just be prepared to share those snacks of yours and make room in your day for playtime, cuddles, and fun and they will show you how delightful they can be!