How Big Do English Bulldogs Get?

When considering what dog I should get, I decided to look into the English Bulldog.  They are cute, with an adorably animated face.  I knew that they were a medium-sized dog, but I wasn’t sure exactly how big they would get from puppy to adult.

I did some reading and investigating, here is what I discovered.

How Big Do English Bulldogs Get?

How Big Do English Bulldogs Get?  The English Bulldog can grow to a height of 14-16 inches in height and from 40-60 pounds in weight in adulthood. 

These sizes can vary from dog to dog within the English Bulldog breed and are only a guideline.  If you want a small to medium-sized dog that is strong and tough, with big and unique physical features, they are the breed for you.

Their height and weight are not the only thing that determines their size.  Such factors as amount of physical activity, amount of food, health and genetic background help determine how big or small they will get.

It also should be noted that sizes vary from female to male.  The male English Bulldog tends to run a bit larger, ranging from 50-60 pounds while the females range from 40-50 pounds respectively.

Their height varies from male to female with smaller English Bulldogs being more prized for their smaller stature.

Every English Bulldog is not the same in size, temperament, and personality.  While there are breed characteristics, they are only a guideline.  Some dogs are smaller or bigger than the average for their breed, many are right within the guidelines.

With regards to their adult size, the amount of physical activity they receive can determine their weight size.  They are a Brachycephalic dog breed which means that their nose and jawline is shorter than other breeds.

This causes health issues relating to their respiratory system and their breathing.  This health condition affects their ability to exercise, making it hard for them to get large doses of exercise or to exercise for long periods of time.

For this reason, the English Bulldog is a dog breed that needs short stints of exercise.  They are incapable of handling long runs or lengthy exercise which can cause severe health issues for them. 

A nice walk around the block or down to the nearby park, even throwing a ball or frisbee in the yard is best for their health.

It should also be noted that due to this genetic health predisposition they should be kept indoors during extremely hot or cold weather, and only receive short bursts of exercise, with plenty of rest and water, of course.

How Big Do English Bulldogs Get?

This health condition can make it very easy for them to gain weight.  The amount of food they receive can determine how big they get weight wise.  Due to their inability to have extensive exercise, keeping them on a standard diet that keeps treats to a minimum will be to their advantage, as well as yours.

Physical characteristics that also make them seem bigger than other dogs their size include an exceptionally large head.  This can make them appear bigger, when in fact their head is bigger in relationship to the rest of their body.

Their face boasts big eyes and cheeks that are large, extending to the outside of their eyes.  Their muzzle is very deep and wide, while their nostrils are large, and their jawline is big and solid.  All these physical traits make them appear big and adorable.

Despite these physical traits they also have stocky, short legs which keep them low to the ground in the front.

Their size ratio between height and weight is off, which is uncharacteristic for most dog breeds.  Tiny dogs don’t usually weigh much, larger dogs usually weigh a lot.  The English Bulldog however is an exception to this rule.

A difficult breed of dog to put in a box they are very heavy for their size but seem to carry off their tiny ears that appear in contrast to the rest of their body.

What is the weight of an English Bulldog, during the puppy stages?

For an English Bulldog puppy that is one month or under they typically weight 5 pounds or under.

After a couple months an English Bulldog will sprout with the capability of reaching around 25-30 pounds or more.

The English Bulldog will reach it’s full adult weight by the time it is about 1 year old.  This happens gradually from about a few months old, their weight and height slowly increasing with time.

How much does the English Bulldog grow in height through the puppy stages?

It is hard to determine this information at this point.  These types of measurements haven’t been studied enough to determine more accurate answers.  Each puppy stage needs to be investigated further to come up with this information.

What is the length of the English Bulldogs legs?

This is unique to each individual English Bulldog.  Their front legs are typically what makes them shorter, as they are low to the ground.  Their legs are short but very muscular and can have the appearance of being bowed.   While this may seem odd, this is a physical trait that comes from their leg muscle design and is completely normal.

What is surprising, is that their back legs are longer than their front legs.  Yet another adorable oddity of the English Bulldog.

How Wide is the English Bulldogs head?

Their head should match the height of the dog at their shoulders, according The American Kennel Club.  This makes for proportionality between the size of their head and their height to the shoulder.  This is just a guideline, as many English Bulldogs may be slightly off in this area.

This again, is just another unique physical attribute of the English Bulldog that makes them so loveable.

How can I keep my English Bulldog at a healthy weight?

There are many ways to keep the English Bulldog, or any breed of dog at their healthy weight.  Physical activity keeps their weight in check, while aiding in their overall health.

This area can be difficult to adjust due to their preexisting genetic health issues, but they can still receive a descent level of activity for their bodies to be healthy and not overweight.

How Big Do English Bulldogs Get?

Adequate healthy food and minimum amounts of treats will ensure their overall health, including a healthy weight for their size.  This can come in the form of homemade dog food or conventional store bought.

Plenty of rest and water as well as minimizing stress can go a long way to ensuring they are healthy.  This works to keep them at a healthy weight as well as healthy for years to come.

Regular annual checkups with their veterinarian can help target what their ideal weight is for their genetic background, but also for their age, and if they have any existing health conditions.

Consulting their veterinarian to design a health and wellness plan that includes a maintenance program for their weight will help keep them safe, healthy and thriving for many years to come.

What are the most common issues regarding the English Bulldogs unique size?

Due to their short stature, big stocky figure that boasts longer hind legs and shorter front legs they can suffer from health issues like hip dysplasia and degenerative spine disease.

While as puppies these two health issues might not be such a problem, they can become one as the English Bulldog puppy grows into adulthood.   Activities that include climbing stairs or going up and down can increase the incidence or onset of these health issues that can be painful for the English Bulldog.

They can also suffer from other joint and ligament health problems that can be debilitating and painful.  Caution should be taken with this breed and physical activities.

Does the English Bulldogs have a larger than life personality?

The English Bulldog has a larger than life personality.  While some dogs are sweet and docile, still others are aggressive and territorial, the English Bulldog can be both laid back and friendly.  They appear to have a sense of humor which makes them great for families.

How Big Do English Bulldogs Get? Does the English Bulldogs have a larger than life personality?

Does the English Bulldog come in multiple sizes?

No, the English Bulldog doesn’t come in multiple sizes, they are a one size fits all kind of dog unlike some other breeds of dogs.

Could I have a English Bulldog in my apartment?

Due to their size, the English Bulldog would make a wonderful furry companion in an apartment.  They don’t need a lot of space due to their size, and they don’t necessarily need a lot of space to run because of their health issues.

A few short walks around the block should do just the trick for getting them the proper amount of exercise for good health without exasperating their existing health problems. 

In Conclusion

The English Bulldog is a small dog with a big, larger than life appearance.  With such unique physical characteristics as stout legs, a large head and adorable facial features it is easy to see why they are a popular breed.