Are English Bulldogs Good Pets?

After deciding I wanted another dog, I first looked at the English Bulldog because they seemed like a happy and easy-going dog breed.  I’d heard from a co-worker that they were fun and playful, but I didn’t know if they would make a good pet.

I researched this topic very well.  Read on to find out what I learned.

Are English Bulldogs Good Pets?

Are English Bulldogs Good Pets?  Yes, English Bulldogs are good pets with their friendly and often silly personality.  As natural-born people-pleasers, they love to receive attention and be beside their owner as a companion, and guard dog loyally protecting family and household. 

Should you be searching for a dog that is very low key but funny too, this dog breed should be your top pick!

Many things factor into what makes a dog good or bad.  Breeding is just one determining factor but not the whole picture.  Training, socialization, environment, and overall health also play a part in a dog’s character.

With a breeding background that was both ferocious and aggressive it is hard to believe that the English Bulldog has such a relaxed personality and that adorably wrinkled face.  If, however breeding was the only factor that determined whether a dog was good or bad, it is likely the English Bulldog wouldn’t be so popular.

Training is by far one of the most important parts of shaping an English Bulldogs character.  While they are not always the easiest to train due to their breed background, it is still possible.  Stubbornness and a slight disregard for authority may make it hard but not impossible for their owner to train them.

A firm but loving hand must be used to address training and behavioral issues as soon as they begin.  Training will help the English Bulldog best understand what good or bad behavior is, while knowing who is always in charge.

Socialization, an especially important part of life should be included in their training.  The English Bulldog needs to be properly socialized from as young an age as possible to ensure that they adapt well to varied social situations.

They sometimes have a hard time getting along with other dogs and pets.  Therefore, it is a good idea to socialize them with cats, other dogs, or any other type of pet that will be appropriate for their living environment.

The environment with which the English Bulldog lives has a huge impact on their behavior.  If they are well-loved and cared for, they will thrive to make a good pet.  If they are not cared for properly, a good pet can easily turn bad.

Ensuring that they have plenty of quality food and water, as well as some physical activity and affection goes a long way to providing a safe, happy, and loving home environment.

Their overall health, physically, emotionally, and mentally can affect their behavior and in turn create a good or bad pet.  That is why the English Bulldog must receive regular annual checkups.  Should any health issues or unusual behaviors appear at any time, such as not eating or excessive barking, these should be reported to their veterinarian promptly.

Another factor that can affect how good or bad they are as a pet include their personality.  This can range from the mellow yellow dog that loves to have it’s belly rubbed while lounging on the couch to excessive barking since the neighbor cat got to close to their home territory and they didn’t like it.   

Laziness and lack of motivation are definite negatives for the English Bulldog personality but are foreshadowed by their brave and illustrious past that showed courage, strength and skill.

They can sometimes seem intimidating due to their strength, physique, large mouth and head and occasionally territorial personality.  Thankfully, when all this is combined with their cute wrinkled face, excessive snoring, and drooling and affectionate nature the English Bulldog is a hard breed to resist!

Do English Bulldogs make good pets for families with children?

Yes, despite their background they make wonderful pets for families that have children!  They are comical, not blinking an eye at their flatulence or anyone else’s flatulence for that matter!  They enjoy roughhousing and wrestling just as much as children do and have a good amount of patience to deal with children that don’t know the rules.

They are slow to become aggressive and enjoy joining in the fun and playtime that children often have.  It is unlikely that anyone will ever win at a good game of tug-o-war with these fur babies!

Do English Bulldogs make good pets for families with children?

Please note, incredibly young children must be supervised during playtime interactions with the English Bulldog.  This is for their protection as well as the English Bulldogs because young children don’t fully understand at such an early age how to behave around or treat a dog, regardless of the breed.

This supervision should be combined with gentle direction on what is and is not acceptable so the children can learn rules and expectations.

Do English Bulldogs make good pets for families with other pets?

Yes, they can make a good addition to a household that has other pets provided they receive ample training and socialization.

Due to their background and occasional difficulties in this area it can be more difficult to accomplish this task without those tools.  It is important in a household that has multiple pets, that all know what acceptable and not acceptable behaviors are.

They should receive positive reinforcement of good behaviors as they learn, and with time, patience and understanding everyone should learn to get along.   All pets in the household will likely need occasional review and reminders in these areas.

When should socialization and training begin for the English Bulldog?

Socialization and training should start as early as possible.  This can begin with their breeder or can be accomplished in their loving family.  Whether this is done by using a trusted dog trainer or the owner, the English Bulldog must be shown who is confidently in charge always, no exceptions.

This needs to be expressed in every aspect of training and socializing through positive reinforcement and patience.  The English Bulldog will likely show their stubborn side and refuse to submit, so be prepared.

Is the English Bulldog ever capable of being aggressive or harmful towards its owner?

Yes.  Any dog, including the English Bulldog is capable of aggression towards their owner.  The English Bulldog is very unlikely to express these tendencies despite their strength, breeding, and stubborn nature.

They love to please their family and have a relaxed and easy-going nature.  Provided that they are in a loving and caring home where their needs are being met and they are taught what is expected of them, they will thrive positively.

Aggression is a negative trait that appears not so much due to the dog’s breeding but as a by-product of their environment.

Does the English Bulldog ever show bad behavior?

Yes, all dogs show bad behavior at one time or another, just as we humans.  Sometimes it is just a bad day, perhaps the belly hurts or they slept wrong.  Occasionally like a teenager they just feel like being defiant and stubborn.  Whatever the reason these are just behaviors, there is no such thing as bad pets, they are all good pets!

What makes the English Bulldog a good pet?

What makes the English Bulldog a good pet is their personality.  Easy going, dependable, fun-loving, courageous, and snuggly it is easy to overlook their stubborn nature and natural laziness.  If one can ignore their heritage and focus on the individual dog, they make a good pet for almost any family.

Are there any situations where they wouldn’t make a good pet?

Yes.  While there is a tremendous amount of good qualities in the English Bulldog that highly recommends them as a pet, there are still some situations where they might not make a good pet. 

For individuals or families that are looking for a dog, they must first consider how much time they have, to invest in caring for a dog.

The English Bulldog is a breed of dog that can have many health issues that need to be addressed regularly.  For starters they require maintenance and cleaning of those adorable wrinkles we all love so much!

Some need to be kept on a strict diet due to food allergies, while others get boils between their toes that can harbor bacteria and become infected if left unchecked.  And most will develop Cherry eye which is a fancy name for a prolapsed gland of their eyelid.

As a breed they need daily maintenance and care to help keep them healthy and living a long life.  For some folks, this amount of regular care is too much for their busy lifestyle.  If that is the case, then no, the English Bulldog wouldn’t make a good pet.

In Conclusion

As the famous quote states, “I’m a lover, not a fighter!”, the English Bulldog was a fighter and now is a lover!  Thankfully, the only thing the English Bulldog is likely to fight over is the covers in bed! 

When you’re not paying attention, the English Bulldog will definitely nudge his way into your heart with wet kisses, slobbery smiles, and a few stubborn struts across the backyard!

If that’s not a good pet, then I don’t know what it is!