When Do Australian Shepherd Puppies Need Their First Haircut?

I don’t know much about the Australian Shepherd puppy I just adopted. I have so many questions, and I am curious to know everything, like when he should get his first haircut. I want to do the right thing, keep him healthy, safe, and growing strong, including making sure his fur is groomed correctly.

I thought I would take a break today from hanging out with him while he was napping and see what I could find out. What I found out was pretty informative.

When Do Australian Shepherd Puppies Need Their First Haircut?

Australian Shepherd puppies should get their first haircut around ten to fourteen weeks. There may not be much need for a haircut around this time, but grooming, brushing, bathing, and haircuts will all be an essential part of their lives in the battle to keep them looking and feeling their best. The sooner the process is started, the better the outcome.

A professional groomer can do the first haircut, but this isn’t truly necessary as a puppy’s coat of fur takes a long time to grow from a puppy coat into an adult fur coat.

During this time, the puppy’s fur will transition and go through many phases of looking good and perhaps not so good. The first haircut for an Australian Shepherd puppy who will eventually have a somewhat long fur coat is essential in teaching them to accept this process as part of their lives.

Grooming will need to happen weekly and will including brushing and attending to any issues related to their fur coat. The first haircut teaches the puppy to accept being handled and managed and fussed with. It will introduce them to unique tools that a professional groomer or pet parent will use to get the job done.

The more cooperative they are and the sooner they learn this process, the better for them and their family. A first haircut is never needed until they or any puppy for that matter are older, but it can be an excellent place to start when training them to sit and stay.

When Do Australian Shepherd Puppies Need Their First Haircut 1 When Do Australian Shepherd Puppies Need Their First Haircut?

Australian Shepherd puppies are a working, herding dog breed that loves being active and spending time outdoors. Grooming, brushing, bathing, and haircuts will all be an essential part of their lives in the battle to keep them looking and feeling their best. The sooner the process is started, the better the outcome.

The first haircut for an Australian Shepherd puppy is straightforward to do, even for a pet parent. No fancy hairdos are needed at this point, and it is unlikely that this will ever be the case as they are a working dog that most likely shouldn’t have a foo-foo hairdo that might get easily wrecked outdoors while working.

Whenever the first haircut happens, pet parents and groomers should be encouraging and praiseful, so the process is welcome again and again.

Australian Shepherd puppies were bred to work and have a job to do like herding animals. For this reason, they love being outdoors and having some activities to do.

Their coat of fur is a double layer coat of medium to long and wispy fur. It is one of the most eye-catching fur coats with a wide variety of color schemes.

That being said, one might wonder when a puppy of this breed needs their first haircut. A puppy’s first haircut, regardless of the breed, is usually for introducing the puppy to the process of grooming.

Puppies take a long time to lose their puppy fur and grow in their adult dog fur. During these early months, haircuts and grooming sessions introduce the puppy to the process of grooming without making much fuss about how things happen or if everything is as it should be.

These haircuts and grooming sessions should be mainly done to help the puppy accept a process that will be a part of their lives for the rest of their lives. They need to accept and learn to sit still when brushed, combed, bathed, and getting their haircut.

Each dog breed will have unique needs in this department. Since the Australian Shepherd is a dog that has longer fur and a double fur coat, they shed a lot too. The first haircut can be simple, quick, and more for learning and going through the motions. 

When Do Australian Shepherd Puppies Need Their First Haircut 2 When Do Australian Shepherd Puppies Need Their First Haircut?

The puppy will learn to accept being handled and maneuvered, so the job of grooming, haircuts, and other processes get done quickly and with the least amount of stress possible.

Australian Shepherds are intelligent dogs, even as puppies, so it is likely that they will pick up things quickly and before long be sitting still and behaving for lengthy grooming sessions.

When most puppies, regardless of breed, get their first haircut, it is typical for this to happen around ten to fourteen weeks, depending on the individual puppy.

Aside from haircuts, grooming should happen regularly every week, at the very least. These dogs are notorious for enjoying the outdoors, which can mean debris, dirt, and other foreign objects could land in their silky hair.

If that does happen, pet parents need to attend to the issues quickly as It can happen pretty fast that they get knots, tangles, and other problems that can make them highly uncomfortable.

Should I Get My Australian Shepherd Professionally Groomed?

If you decide you want to have your Australian Shepherd puppy groomed, it doesn’t always have to be done professionally. Many a pet parent has groomed their dog, especially puppies, with their fuzzy, soft, and furry coat.

Before the pet parent decides to perform a grooming session, they need to have their tools handy. Having the right tools not only gets the job done quickly but also better as the right tools usually mean the potential for fewer injuries.

This is highly important for any grooming session, especially when little puppies get bored or curious and start to squirm and fuss.

Professional groomers have the knowledge, skill, and training on how to groom a particular dog breed properly, but they also know how to handle and work with a puppy that has a short attention span.

Pet parents can have the same success if they have treats and the right attitude that is confident but loving. Words of praise and affectionate pats or scratches can be a great way to show appreciation for good behavior like sitting still.

For pet parents who are active and want to groom their puppy, it can be fun to perform the task outdoors when the sun is shining. It can make the process easier and the house less messy. Inspecting skin, fur, nails, paws, ears, nose, and mouth can take some time when done in a grooming session that includes the Australian Shepherd receiving a haircut.

These inspections do need to be done as the puppy gets older, and in the beginning, the puppy may have a hard time with them because they can be lengthy, so patience must be given. 

Why Type Of Haircut Should I Give My Australian Shepherd Puppy?

There are many types of haircuts for puppies. The breed of dog is important as some dog breeds don’t have the right kind of fur for the pet parent’s haircut.

The puppy cut will be like an all-around trim. It is simple, easy, and no fuss for anyone. This can be a plus for these active and adventurous puppies, who will likely get into their share of more trouble than the pet parent realizes initially.

Another added perk to a simple puppy haircut or an all-around trim is that it is easy to do, so pet parents can learn and try out their skills quickly and without much fuss. If there are a few mess-ups, no one is likely to notice at this point.

Whatever type of haircut your Australian Shepherd dog gets, whether puppy or adult, they should never be shaved. Shaving can wreck their fur coat. This breed has a double fur coat that means an inner and outer layer of fur.

If this fur is shaved, there is a chance that it will never grow back the way it was supposed to. This is true of any dog breed that has a double coat of fur.

Many people think shaving this breed means they will have less fur to deal with, but this is a myth. This breed sheds quite a lot, and shaving will not deter that. It will only appear to fix the issue, but they will still shed just as much.

Whatever puppy cut is chosen, this breed will look adorable as long as their pet parents are prepared for a lot of fur everywhere. Having good grooming habits is important and can never be started too early in any dog’s life, regardless of breed.

Australian Shepherd Puppy Haircut

When a puppy needs a haircut can vary; starting these good grooming habits early is beneficial for them as it will be an essential part of their adult dog life.

While there is no right or wrong age for a puppy to learn this process, the sooner, the better. Please keep it simple, keep it fun and keep it short at this point.

While a haircut is not the most essential part of a puppy’s life at this point, grooming and brushing are very important and should not be ignored.