What Age Do Beagles Naturally Calm Down?

I have a Beagle puppy, and he is the cutest dog I have ever had. While I am navigating the puppy phase, I wanted to know when to expect him to calm down.

With a need to know more about my Beagle puppy, I decided to dig up some details from the internet, and here is what I found.

What Age Do Beagles Naturally Calm Down?

Beagles naturally begin to calm down about halfway through their puppy phase, around the age of six to seven months. They will still be quite energetic and full of zestful life for some time, and pet parents will see a leveling off of their wildness and a greater balance between a year and two years. 

At this point, the Beagle reaches full maturity, and while they will still be energetic and ready to take on any new adventure that comes their way, Beagles will be a bit calmer about it.

Excitability is a common theme for the puppy phase as they learn about their world and everything in it. 

This is true for any dog breed and is a product of their growth and development, which happens on different levels. 

During the puppy phase, they will grow physically, mentally, and emotionally and much of what is developing is going on, on the inside and may not always be noticeable. 

This can cause hyperactive or overly energetic behavior. 

For those pet parents who decide to spay or neuter their Beagle, this can be helpful as it can cut down on some of the hyperactive, overly energetic behavior a Beagle has at this time. 

For those who choose not to go this route, the Beagles’ energy will calm down with time, and their behavior will level off.

Beagles are an energetic dog breed that was bred for hunting, and to be hunters’ companions. 

They are good at what they do and are highly intelligent. They also have a highly independent mindset and strong will. 

Aside from that, during their growth and even as adult dogs, Beagles can be very energetic.

This is natural during the puppy phase, but many pet parents going through this time may wonder when this behavior will stop, or their Beagle will calm down so their life can have some balance or harmony. 

When a Beagle puppy is growing, it is developing many areas of its body.

They are learning about their world, as well as developing their mind, body, and emotions. 

This requires a great deal of physical and mental work and lots of energy as they learn about their home, their family, what is beyond their home, what is expected of them, how they are to behave, and thousands of other things just like human children.

When a Beagle begins to calm down, it is usually around six to seven months of age, and while the older puppy will continue to grow and develop, it will not wholly calm down until somewhere between one and two years.

This can seem like a large gap, but each Beagle is an individual, and their development and growth will happen at their own time.

Many factors play into their development and growth and can affect how fast or slow it happens.

This phase can seem like a very long process that will never end, but like everything else, it too will end. 

Some Beagles might calm down and mature around a year, and others may develop later and reach their full maturity around two years.

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Is there anything I can do to help my Beagle reach maturity and calm down sooner?

There really is not much a pet parent can do to speed their Beagles’ development and maturity. Some things can be done to help any Beagle calm down in a moment, but it takes time for them to grow out of their puppyhood wiggles.

One of the first things a pet parent can do to help their Beagle calm down regardless of the Beagles’ age is to provide a secure, comfortable and happy home life. 

Making sure that your lifestyle and home life are harmonious for everyone, including your fur baby, can create less stress and be a source of comfort and relaxation for you and your Beagle.

The way to do this is to meet your Beagles’ needs. 

Like you would eat regularly and ensure that you rest and minimize stress, these things need to be a regular part of a Beagles’ life. 

For Beagle to feel content and happy, they need to be fed regularly an excellent nutritious diet. 

They also need to have clean, freshwater that is changed periodically.

On top of that, they need a good amount of exercise daily, which will vary from one Beagle to the next. 

They need some fun and playtime to keep them happy, as well as a safe and comfortable place to rest that is free of distractions.

Beagles will also need love and attention, but they will need more attention and closeness than other dogs do. 

Beagles thrive best when they are close to their loved ones; therefore, they will need to be involved in family life as much as possible.

Finally, Beagles will need fresh air, outside time to explore, regular grooming, and time to be Beagle, which will provide them with entertainment that aligns with their hunting and scenting abilities.

Provide your Beagle with all these things daily, and they are less likely to be hyperactive whether they are a younger or older puppy.

Aside from that, the most important factor for minimizing hyperactive behavior and helping any dog calm down is by managing their exercise and daily activities.

Providing them with physical and mental stimulation daily helps them grow and develop. 

They must receive both mental and physical, and it is not just their physical bodies that are growing.

This can be done through playtime, socializing with others, and exercise, but it needs to be enough to fulfill their needs. 

There is a fine line here, as each dog is an individual, each Beagle will have their own unique amount that they need to feel fulfilled, and pet parents will need to play around with this accordingly until they find the right amount.

It is also essential things are changed up often so that boredom doesn’t set in for you, Beagle. 

Beagles are very independent thinkers with a strong mindset, which can cause them to get easily bored or lose attention if they decide they don’t want to do the activity at hand.

Changing up toys and activities regularly can keep things exciting, and your Beagle engaged in their day. 

It is also important to let your Beagle have enough free playtime and exploration time just to do their thing.

Like with human children, it is a delicate balance between the two. 

On top of that, pet parents should remember that hyperactive behavior can also be brought on by too much activity, so they will need to find the right balance that is just enough. 

An overtired Beagle is more likely to be hyper and not calm down.

This brings me to my next point, how to help them calm down at the end of the day. 

When it comes to the end of the day for your Beagle, it can be helpful to have a ritual that promotes calm and restfulness.

The bedtime ritual can begin with something so simple as a walk around the block, followed by playtime with a toy and some snacks, and snuggles, and then lights out and quiet time. 

The point is the ritual is something that the pet parent and family can stick with every night.

This ritual will be learned and accepted by the Beagle, and they will come to look forward to it and start to unwind without even realizing it. 

After a few days or weeks, they will slow down during snuggle time and happily settle into bed.

It doesn’t mean that the Beagle will always do this, as life creates its own set of issues that can prevent us all from settling down. 

However, it will pave the way for the best possible chance that your Beagle will, at the very least, calm down at bedtime.

As they grow older, the Beagle will naturally do this by himself after certain things happen, like walking around the block.

Helping a Beagle calm down is a part of your daily life. 

Like you take care of them by feeding them, you can do things to help them let go of their day.

Closing Points

We all have hyper moments sometimes and calming down can be challenging for us. Like children, dogs go through specific development and phases in their lives, making them more hyper.

The puppy phase is not always an easy one, but the good news is that for the Beagle, they will eventually calm down, and their energy will level off.

They may never be the couch potato, but once Beagle reaches their full maturity, they will be more equipped to handle life and all it throws their way, with your help, of course!