How Much Water Should A Beagle Puppy Drink?

I have a Beagle, and she is my first puppy. I adore her spunk and affectionate nature, but I am trying to learn more about what will keep her healthy and growing strong.

Looking to learn as much as I can, I decided to research this subject and find out about my Beagle puppies’ eating and drinking needs. 

I hope someone else finds it interesting and informative.

How Much Water Should A Beagle Puppy Drink?

A Beagle puppy should drink around six cups of water every day. As adults, they should drink at least one ounce of water for every pound of body weight. However, this can vary depending on how much activity the puppy has had in the day, the weather for that day, and their health. 

Beagle puppies should drink their water throughout the day and not all at once. 

While this is only a guideline, if the puppy appears to be looking for more water during the day’s activities, they should be given more to reduce the chance of unforeseen dehydration. 

When a Beagle puppy gets older, into adulthood, and beyond their senior years, their needs will also change. 

Providing water before, during, and after is essential if the puppy is exercising a lot, just like we would do during our exercise activity. 

On days where the puppy isn’t doing as much exercise and lounging more on the couch, they may not drink as much as usual. 

Puppies that are out and about playing or exercising in hot weather or under the sun will naturally need more water than at other times. 

Of course, depending on how hot the weather is, the Beagle puppy may need a lot more water than what is required on a regular day. 

Health issues and medications can affect how much water a Beagle puppy needs in a day, both up and down. 

Some pet parents might worry that offering their Beagle puppy more water will cause them to need more bathroom breaks. 

This may or may not be true but what must always be considered is the puppies’ health over reducing accidents in the family home.

Older and more mature puppies will need about an ounce of water for every pound of body weight.

This is a natural curiosity as pet parents want their Beagle puppy to be healthy and grow big and strong. 

Ideally, a Beagle puppy should drink about six cups of water per day or, for older puppies, one ounce for every pound of puppy. 

This may seem like a lot, but it isn’t so much at all when you break it down into a typical day.

This is just a guideline or number to give pet parents an idea and not a rule that must be followed all the time. 

Some days, the puppy may not need that much water because when no one was looking, they snuck water at the family picnic from the kids’ kiddie pool that they were using for fun fishing.

Other times, they may need more water than usual because they are active or overly hot due to the weather and temperatures outdoors. 

Activity levels, health, medication, and other factors can help shape the amount of water your Beagle puppy needs in a day.

How Much Water Should A Beagle Puppy Drink 1 How Much Water Should A Beagle Puppy Drink?

If you and your Beagle puppy are out and about living your daily life and they seem to be drinking more than usual, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the puppy shouldn’t be allowed to drink. 

They should, of course, be monitored while drinking and given breaks if they seem like they are drinking too much.

Like our human children, Puppies can get so caught up in the moment and excitement of what they are doing that they don’t realize that they are full or have had enough.

It can be helpful if they appear to be heading for the water bowl more than usual to let them drink but remove it shortly after, then a little while later, offer it again, and repeat. 

This helps redirect their behavior to another activity because the fun of drinking the water is gone, and they move onto something else.

If they repeatedly return, they are probably actually thirsty and needing the water at that time. 

We must remember that Beagles, like other dogs, don’t always get as much water into their mouths as they appear to, with the floor around the water bowl and their chin being a good judge of this truth.

Older dogs may need, depending on their age, exercise, and the size of their bodies. 

Mature dogs can better gauge their water needs and will likely stop when they are done, but they need more if they are highly active. 

Older dogs are physically bigger than the Beagle puppy, and their needs will be based on their weight.

Senior dogs who may exercise less on certain days will need less water, but again this can vary from one Beagle to the next, and each instance must be taken individually.

For the Beagle puppy or even an adult, on those days where they will be spending a lot of time outdoors or exercising more than usual, it is helpful to offer them food before, during, and after their exercise.

This follows through with the mindset that we use for our own exercise regimens.

Weather is a huge factor in how much water your Beagle puppy needs to drink daily. 

Hot, humid or days where the sun is scorching will have them needing more water than on an average day.

Health issues for your Beagle puppy, as well as medications, can change the amount of water they need in a day.

For many pet parents, offering more water on any given day or offering what seems too much is troubling since it can increase the potential for household accidents. 

This is, of course, a genuine concern, but in truth, pet parents should probably be more concerned with their Beagle puppies’ health and wellness needs and less about the accidents that may happen.

As a Beagle puppy gets older, they are better equipped to hold it longer and save the bathroom stops for where they belong, outside, of course.

How do I know if my Beagle puppy is exercising more and needs more water?

This question can be challenging to answer as Beagle puppies are full of energy and curiosity about their world, to begin with. 

While we would love to watch every move that they make and compare it to the day before or week before, this, of course, is unrealistic.

A better way to get an idea of their water needs is to see how often they return to the water bowl and how often it is going empty and needing refilling. 

Add to that if they need to use the bathroom more often, it is likely that they are getting a bit too much water.

However, if your Beagle puppy is outside running around and they are drinking a lot, and you don’t notice them going to the bathroom that much, it is safe to say they need that amount of water for whatever reason.

While six cups in a twenty-four-hour period or one ounce for every pound is a guideline, pet parents don’t need to sit there and count every single cup unless they fear the puppy isn’t getting enough or getting too much.

Therefore, if you believe your Beagle puppy is exercising more than usual on a given day, providing more water should be natural. 

If it doesn’t happen and the pet parent misses a moment, their Beagle can catch up later.

Therefore, it is a good idea to keep the water bowl for any dog, puppy or otherwise, filled with clean and fresh water throughout the day. 

This water can be changed as needed and replenished often, so there is always the opportunity for your Beagle puppy to drink enough fluids and not get dehydrated.

There is not an accurate way to know if your Beagle is exercising more than usual as their exercise needs at this time will change from day to day. 

In some instances, it may be possible to discover that they are exercising more than usual if they are going nonstop from one activity to the next all day and well into the evening. 

However, this instance would require that a pet parent watch every move the puppy makes, which can be exhausting considering everything else they likely have to do.

What if my Beagle puppy refuses to drink water?

If your Beagle puppy refuses to drink water, it could be because they are not feeling well. 

This is normal as simple digestive issues like something not agreeing with them could be the cause.

If, however, this continues for more than a day, and even chicken or beef broth doesn’t seem to inspire them, a veterinary appointment is needed to ensure that they are healthy.

In Conclusion

Water is necessary for all living things, including the adorably cute Beagle puppy.

Knowing this, pet parents wonder where the line is drawn between just enough and too much.

Beagle puppy parents can rest assured knowing their fur baby is getting enough under ordinary circumstances if they drink about six cups spread out over a twenty-four-hour period.