How to Find a Husky to Buy

80311152 m How to Find a Husky to Buy

I think Huskies are cute dogs, and one day I might want to buy one. But first, I had to learn how to find a Husky to buy. So, I decided to research it.

So, how do you find a Husky to buy? Resources that many people use to find Huskies include local newspapers, the American Kennel Club, animal shelters, and other online resources. Simply googling a breed of Husky and the word “buy” will bring up many sites that may offer options to buy one.

However, there are a few things to be aware of before buying a Husky from the first place you find. This article will illuminate some of those things for you.

Places to Buy a Husky

There are plenty of places where you can find a Husky to buy. Listed in this section are some of those places and information about them.


For a long time, people have bought dogs from ads in newspapers. This is still an option today, and the online equivalent may be something like Craigslist or a similar online local-buying website.

Finding a Husky to buy from a newspaper is not exactly the safest option, nor will it a guarantee the health and condition of the dog. This is because most people who advertise through this method are backyard breeders that don’t have professional experience or expertise when it comes to breeding.

Later in this article, I will talk about breeders and why it’s important to find a good one.

“Who advertises in the newspaper? Usually, owners of ‘mistake’ breedings, or people who bred litters without having homes lined up for the puppies, and who now need to get rid of them.”

-Bette Isacoff

While finding a Husky to buy from a newspaper to buy may not be the best option, that doesn’t mean it is always bad. Many people have found their furry friends from a newspaper ad. When you look at the ad, look for a few things.

Check that the dog is registered, has had health checks and shots, that you can see the parents, and that the price is reasonable. Don’t commit to a purchase unless you are able to meet the breeder and see the dogs beforehand.

Newspaper ads may be nice because they are convenient and usually local. Sometimes you may find a good Husky through this method, but always exercise caution before committing to a buy.

The American Kennel Club Marketplace

The AKC marketplace is a great online option when it comes to finding a Husky to buy.

As will be stated later, finding an ethical breeder is important to getting a new dog. The American Kennel Club is one of the top resources for finding good breeders.

“Marketplace allows you to easily search for puppies based on breed, gender, and location.”

-American Kennel Club

Breeders who have registered their dogs and undergone checks by the AKC are able to sell their dogs through their website. There are types of recognition a breeder can have, such as the AKC Breeders of Merit or AKC Bred With H.E.A.R.T. (Health, Education, Accountability, Responsibility, and Tradition) that breeders can have.

These mean the breeders have demonstrated a commitment to the breed and are in compliance with AKC standards.

Through this, you can see what puppies are available, where, and often their breed history. You can contact the individual breeder to learn more, and they often put up pictures as well.

While not every breeder on the AKC marketplace is going to be a guaranteed good and ethical one, it is much more likely to find a good one through this resource than many other ones.

Other Online Sites

Besides the AKC and sites like Craigslist, there are many other online sources that you could find a Husky to buy on.

The breed resource, which for Siberian Huskies is the Siberian Husky Club of America, is a good option when looking into information about the breed. This site also has information about locations throughout America that you could contact to find a breeder. There is also a referral directory to find breeders in your area.

Adopt a Pet is another online source where you could find a Husky to buy. They have a list of states, or you can enter your location, and it will find breeders who are selling Huskies near you.

Simply doing a google search of “buy a Husky” will bring up plenty of web pages to look through and where you can buy a Husky. Just remember that some of these are similar to newspapers in that the breeders that sell through them may not be the most ethical or responsible.

Shelters and Adoption

Another option is to adopt a Husky through a local shelter or dog adoption agency. This may be a good option if you are looking for an older dog and not a puppy.

Forever Husky is an online Husky adoption resource that may be helpful to look at when looking for a Husky to adopt. Googling “Husky adoption” can bring up many local places that specify in the adoption of Huskies that you could look into. You could also simply call or visit your local dog adoption shelter to find out if they have any Huskies available for adoption.

Adopting a Husky can be a great option. Some shelters don’t have enough space for all the animals they get, and so they have to euthanize some. Adopting a dog can save it from that fate, as well as open up space for another dog to be there.

Dogs in shelters are also often trained and well-looked after, so they will be socialized and ready to take home. Huskies are friendly dogs with a lot of energy. Adopting one can be a great option for a family, and it can give you a great new friend that may thrive on the love you can give to it.


110025659 m How to Find a Husky to Buy

It’s important to get a new dog from a breeder who practices ethical breeding. There are many breeders who don’t care about the well-being of the dogs they breed.

Puppy mill and commercial breeders often breed simply to make a profit, and these often sell directly to pet stores. Backyard breeders are often inexperienced and just looking for a profit as well.

There are some breeders who are not in it for the dogs. When looking for a Husky, if you find a breeder willing to sell you a puppy, watch out for a few things.

Signs of an unethical breeder are:

  • They don’t let you visit the dogs before purchase- The unethical breeder may not want you to see the condition of the parents or puppies before they sell them to you. This is a red flag because you don’t know the Huskies’ health conditions or if they are well taken care of, or their temperament.
  • The dogs are not registered or screened- An unethical breeder may not have gotten the puppies registered, or gotten their health checks and shots. They may not show you their documentation, or the papers they do show you are not official.
  • The dogs are dirty or not well-groomed- If a breeder does let you see the dogs and where they are bred, then dogs may be a bit dirty, with matted fur, and they might not be well groomed. Conversely, the breeder could be over-emphasizing the Husky’s looks and beauty, and ignoring other aspects of the dog and it’s care when trying to sell it to you.
  • The parents are bred too much and/or too early- A dog should not be bred before they are two years old, and a mother should not have a litter more than once a year. They need to mature, and time to rest so that the risk of health problems to themselves and the puppies lessens.
  • They breed unrelated dogs- An unethical breeder will breed more than one breed of dog that is unrelated to each other, such as Huskies and Bulldogs. This shows that they don’t exactly care about the specific breed, and care more about making money.
  • They won’t require a purchase contract- An unethical breeder just wants to make money, and so they won’t take the time to deal with a contract. Once the money is in their hands, they don’t necessarily care about what happens to the dog.
  • They don’t know or won’t tell you about the dog’s lineage- When buying a Husky, it’s good to know it’s lineage if possible, so you can be aware of potential health problems and temperaments. An unethical breeder will be unlikely to give you this information.
  • They can’t answer questions about the breed- An unethical breeder may not know the answers to questions about the breed such as exercise and feeding requirements, or their answers are all “from their experience” and not from research or actual knowledge about the breed.

Those are just a few of the signs of an unethical breeder. This type of breeder is bad to buy from because the Husky you buy from them could end up with health or behavioral issues that you may have previously been unaware of. This will cost you money and it can be sad for your Husky as well.

“Be prepared to answer questions about who lives in your family, whether all your family members want the puppy, and whether the puppy will be properly confined at your home. Good breeders do not sell puppies to anyone.”

-Wiki How

However, there are plenty of ethical breeders out there as well. An ethical breeder does almost the opposite of unethical breeders, but I will list and explain them as well.

Signs of an ethical breeder are:

  • They let you see the puppy and parents- Sometimes one parent is unavailable, usually the father, but an ethical breeder will be willing to show you the puppies and parents before purchase. In fact, they will encourage it, because they want to make sure their dogs go to a good person as well.
  • The dogs are registered and screened- A Husky puppy will have its shots and deworming done, and it will have official registration and screening papers to show that it is healthy. Healthy dogs with their own checks will have been bred together so that the offspring will be more likely to be healthy as well.
  • The dogs are clean and well-groomed- An ethical breeder will take care of their dogs. They’ll give the Huskies plenty of room to run and exercise because this breed needs it. The dogs will be well-groomed, and that’s not the only thing the breeder will draw attention to.
  • The parents are bred in a healthy way- The parent dogs will be at least two years old, and the mother won’t have had more than one litter in the year. Their living space is clean and fresh, they are fed and exercised well, and are generally healthy.
A Husky owner explains things to know when looking for a responsible breeder.
  • They breed just one type of dog- A good breeder typically breeds only one type of dog so that they can focus on its needs and make sure the breed continues in a healthy way. Sometimes ethical breeders breed more than one breed, but the other breeds are closely related to each other.
  • They require a purchase contract- An ethical breeder cares about what happens to the Huskies even after they have received payment. A good breeder will require a contract, that often includes a “return to breeder” clause should anything happen to you or the dog and you can’t take care of it anymore. They may also require the dog to be spayed or neutered.
  • They know and can show the dog’s lineage- An ethical breeder cares about the health of the breed, and so they will have papers or knowledge about the lineage of the Husky puppies they are selling. This will show you potential health and temperament risks that are good to be aware of.
  • They can answer questions about the breed- An ethical breeder has knowledge of and cares about the dogs, or in this case, Huskies, that they are breeding. They will be able to answer questions about the breed such as exercise and feeding requirements. They will also be able to answer specific questions about the particular Husky you are looking into adopting.

Ethical breeders will not sell to pet stores because they care about what happens to the dog after it leaves them. Pet stores often sell to anyone with money.

It’s important to buy from an ethical breeder so that you can avoid health problems in the Husky, and potential behavioral problems. Don’t be afraid to ask a breeder questions, for references, papers, and other information. An ethical breeder will have no problem with showing those to you and answering your inquiries.

How Much Does a Husky Cost?

If you’ve decided to find a Husky to buy, you may want to know how much you can expect to pay to get one.

Looking at Siberian Huskies, if you buy one from a good breeder, you could pay anywhere from $600 to $ 1,500 for it. The price will vary depending on the dog’s lineage, gender, coloring, location, and other factors.

A top-quality dog with a great pedigree or one bred for shows may cost up to $6,000.

Adopting a Husky can be much cheaper. The average cost to adopt a Husky is about $300 to $500.

These are all for the initial fees. It doesn’t include subsequent shots and health check-ups, food, and things like leashes, toys, and crates. Also, you will likely need to pay for a large fence around a big yard if you don’t already have one.

Huskies are known for running and jumping a lot, and even running away, so you need a place where that won’t happen.

It could cost up to about $1,000 to $2,000 a year to own a puppy, with food and other various expenses. If a medical problem comes up, that prices can increase. Make sure you are financially able to care for a Husky before committing to buy one.

If you do choose to move forward, you can gain a friendly, energetic new companion that can certainly brighten your life.

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How to Find a Husky To Buy How to Find a Husky to Buy

Are Huskies better in pairs? Huskies are definitely pack dogs and thrive in a social setting. They may behave better with another dog in the home, but as long as they are not left alone for extended periods of time, they can be alright, They are great family dogs because of their friendliness and sociability.