What Is A Cockapoo, And Are They A Good Dog For A Family?

What is a Cockapoo, and are they a good dog for a family?

I want to get a dog for my family, and I saw a dog at the park today.  The owner told me, she is a Cockapoo.  I don’t know anything about this breed, as I didn’t have time to talk.  I am curious if they might be a good fit for my family.

This morning before I left for work, I decided to do research, and here is what I found.

What Is A Cockapoo, And Are They A Good Dog For A Family?

A Cockapoo is a cross-bred dog that combines the qualities of two purebred dogs.  They are a mixture of American Cocker Spaniel and Poodle.  A Cockapoo is a good family dog since they have the qualities of being friendly, loveable, and happy.  Cockapoos are dogs that adapt well to various situations.  They are suitable for new dog owners and can adjust to life in apartments or large houses. 

Cockapoos don’t need a lot of space to run around due to their size, so a big yard isn’t necessary, but if they get one, they will be all the merrier.   They get along good with family, including kids, other dogs, and even strangers or other pets.  They are generally considered low shedding and hypoallergenic, making them good for families who have allergy issues.  This, however, depends on the generation of Cockapoo they select with their breeder.  Cockapoos are a dog that has moderate energy and exercise needs but can be very playful which can be a bonus for families with kids. 

Cockapoos have a zest for life that can be contagious and since they are very friendly, make them a great uplifting companion for anyone.  Cockapoos enjoy life and living it and want everyone else to do the same.   Cockapoos are great-sized dogs for people who don’t want a tiny dog or a dog that is too big.  They are good for families because they don’t require a lot of fancy grooming like their Poodle parent does.  

Cockapoos are a dog that has a high level of intelligence and a well-balanced temperament from their dog parents.  Cockapoos are dogs that are not usually prone to excessive barking but can sometimes suffer from separation anxiety.  Cockapoos are dogs that are good for a family because they were bred to be companion animals.

A Cockapoo is a cross-bred dog that combines the qualities of the American Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle.  With this cross, they combine the qualities of being friendly, loveable, and happy-go-lucky.  They take the even temperament and intelligence of both breeds and add a high level of hypoallergenic and low shedding qualities.

Due to their unique combination, they adapt well to various situations, including life in both an apartment or a bigger house. They can enjoy life without much fuss wherever their family lives.

Since they are not large dogs, they don’t require a lot of space to roam.  A yard would be nice, but if not, they can survive with trips to the local park and through the neighborhood.

They get along with near everyone, from the elderly neighbor, to the house cat and the kids in their family.   With their personality and love life and everyone it, they an excellent dog for families because their personality and zest for life can be contagious.

In many cases, a Cockapoo is hypoallergenic and low shedding.   Unless they get their American Cocker Spaniel parent’s fur coat, these qualities can make them suitable for families that deal with various allergy issues.  It is also one of the reasons for their popularity, aside from their even and happy temperament.

Generation can play a part in whether they are low shedding and hypoallergenic.  Potential pet parents should consult with their breeder before selecting a dog.  Either way this breed is generally considered a good choice for those who suffer various types of mild allergies.

For those who suffer from more severe allergies it is always best to consult a doctor before selecting any dog breed.

While some dogs can be athletic and require large amounts of exercise and activity, this isn’t the case with a Cockapoo.  They do need physical activity and exercise, but it is more moderate than some dogs.  They aren’t couch potatoes by any means, but they will be able to adjust to life in a family that doesn’t spend countless hours exercising and being active daily.

Families with kids will enjoy the Cockapoos’ playful nature as they can join in the fun or create some of their own.

While a Cockapoo will need to be brushed daily and have particular grooming needs, it will not require extensive or lengthy grooming sessions.   Certain breeds, including their Poodle parent, can require extensive grooming regularly, which can be time-consuming.  The Cockapoo doesn’t need this and can make a great addition to a family for this reason.

In a family, the Cockapoo can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for too long, but this shouldn’t a problem since there may likely always be someone around to entertain and snuggle with.

Since Cockapoos are not dogs that bark a lot, they make great family pets that can join in the fun without being obnoxiously loud and intrusive if there are moments where quiet is needed.  They can be vocal at times when the need arises but not always like some smaller dogs.

As a companion animal, the Cockapoo makes a great addition to any family because it was designed to be companionable, fun, loveable, and happy.  This is precisely what Cockapoos are, all rolled into a cute and joyful package.

Do Cockapoos make good guard dogs for a family?

No, Cockapoos do not make good guard dogs for a family.  Their personality and temperament do not lend them well to protecting and attacking.  While they might not have a problem notifying the family that someone is at the door or outside, they are more likely to befriend that person that protect the family.

Neither one of their pure-bred parents make good guard dogs in the sense of protection.  But if someone is looking for a guard dog that warns them when someone is in their territory, both purebred dogs, as well as the Cockapoo, will alert them of any problem.

Like most dogs, the Cockapoo is very observant, and with their high level of intelligence, they likely won’t miss anything that happens in their yard or surrounding area.  They will alert their family, but beyond that, they can’t be counted on the make a good guard dog for protection.

This, however, makes them no less of a perfect family dog.  Those families looking for a guard dog for protection might want to look into another dog breed.

Is a Cockapoo easy to train?

Yes, Cockapoos are easy to train.  With a high level of intelligence, they can make training easy for their pet parent or trainer as long as positive reinforcement is used.

All dogs respond best when training is done in a positive but persistent manner.  For dogs like the Cockapoo with a much higher level of intelligence, this can be a bit intimidating for pet parents or unskilled trainers.

Any dog will respond appropriately to training when they knew who is in charge and that there is no room for negotiations.  Some dogs with higher level of intelligence tend to test the waters of who is in charge and make their pet parents or others prove it, but this is not the case with the Cockapoo.

Training the Cockapoo can be fast and easy since they pick up things very quickly.  Of course, the trainer’s skill and abilities can factor into how quickly and easily any dog is trained. The Cockapoo is not one of those breeds that resists these necessary skills.

With a close bond and connection to their owner, the Cockapoo will respond well with a loving, friendly, and enthusiastic manner that they offer to every task in their life.

Training can be done by patient, persistent, and understanding pet parents or by a professional trainer.  The Cockapoo is not likely to make a fuss either way.

The best way for a pet parent to train any dog, Cockapoo, or otherwise is, to begin with, a solid, trusting foundation.  This is gained through the relationship the pet parent or trainer has with the dog.

Once this trust is established, the only other area to factor into training a Cockapoo is time and location.  Generally speaking, when training any dog breed, it is essential to ensure a minimum of distractions.

Distractions can make it hard to train any dog, even the highly intelligent Cockapoo.

It is essential to be consistent in the dog’s training and patient as they go through this learning process.   Have special treats on hand to use as rewards, be sure to use positive words of praise for hard work and a job well done, and be prepared for possible setbacks.

Even the smartest and most responsive Cockapoo will have difficult days.  Love them and show them positive reinforcement, and they will respond in kind.

Closing Points

Cockapoos are an exciting mix of two distinct purebred dog breeds.  They have a high level of intelligence, great personality, and are usually hypoallergenic with this background.

These qualities make them an excellent dog breed for families.  With a happy-go-lucky attitude, cute size, and loveable nature are sprinkled in for good measure, they are a hard dog to resist!