How Much Does A Cockapoo Cost?

I am thinking about getting a dog.  I like the Cockapoo dog breed, but I am unsure how much they cost.  I know some dog breeds can cost a lot, but the Cockapoo is a cross-breed, so I don’t know if that applies to them.

After I got home from work today, I decided to take a few minutes and see what I could find on this topic.

How Much Does A Cockapoo Cost?

The cost of a Cockapoo can range from anywhere slightly under a thousand dollars to well over two thousand dollars.  How much Cockapoos cost can depend on the breeder and where they are located.  As a Cross-bred dog these dogs take on some of the qualities of both their pure-bred dog parents which will play a part in how much this cross-breed as a whole will cost. 

Another thing that can factor into how much a Cockapoo cost is what generation of Cockapoo they are and if the Cockapoo puppies are back-bred to the Poodle line again.  The Cockapoo is often back-bred to the Poodle line to ensure more hypoallergenic and low shedding qualities.  How much a Cockapoo can cost is based on current popularity and demand for this cross-bred dog and if there is a waiting list for these dogs. 

Many factors play a part in how much a Cockapoo will cost, including coloring, health, gender, and age.  A Cockapoo cost can be reduced for those who cannot afford a high price tag by turning to rescue groups.  Potential pet parents may be concerned with how much Cockapoo costs, but they must realize additional charges after their puppy must be considered.

The Cockapoo is a cross-bred dog breed that comes from combining an American Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle.  While each dog is unique in who they are, a potential pet parent can expect to pay anywhere from just under a thousand dollars to well over two thousand dollars.

The price range is so vast, with assorted factors playing into how much the price will be at any given time.

The breeder will determine how much their Cockapoo puppies cost based on their expenses and other factors related to the breeding, puppy care, and time invested.

Quality breeders will, of course, cost more since they have the experience, knowledge, and skill to breed healthy dogs that have fewer negative qualities and health issues than other breeders.  The time invested, energy and expense to create a healthy and well-rounded dog will factor into the equation.  These qualities are essential and should, of course, be considered along with the cost of the Cockapoo.

These breeders also practice humane and responsible breeding practices, which should, of course, be of the utmost concern for potential pet parents.

Inferior quality breeders may offer a Cockapoo puppy at a less expensive cost, but a potential pet parent has to ask, at what cost to the dog or their future.

It is always essential to research well when considering welcoming a Cockapoo into your home, regardless of expense.  The cost upfront may not be as much, but throughout their lives, the Cockapoo may suffer health issues or problems related to inferior breeding, which costs more in the long run.  Least of all, this inferior breeding can cost more for the Cockapoo and their pet parents in the form of poor health and a shortened life span.

The location will factor into how much a Cockapoo costs.  Certain geographical areas will be less populated, or there may be multiple Cockapoo breeders in one area.  These can all drive the cost down for a Cockapoo puppy.

While the generation of Cockapoo may be less critical to a potential pet parent, it can factor into how much the Cockapoo costs. Some generations have more stable and positive qualities, while other generations can be less predictable.  These predictable or not predictable qualities can factor into the pricing because many people who want a Cockapoo that has certain traits like being hypoallergenic.

The surprises that came crop up with some generations of Cockapoos make them no less loveable, but can determine how much they will cost because they may not look a certain way.

Cockapoos back-bred to the Poodle line has a higher chance of being hypoallergenic, low shedding, and safer for allergy sufferers.  These Cockapoos can cost more than Cockapoos that are not hypoallergenic or low shedding because they are less in demand.  Some Cockapoos may end up having fur like their American Cocker Spaniel dog parent.

Speaking of demand and popularity, they also factor into how much a Cockapoo costs.  Cockapoos that are hypoallergenic and have more of those qualities related to their Poodle parent background generally cost more than Cockapoos who do not have these qualities.

Cockapoos cost more when the demand is higher.  This means that if a breeder has a waiting list for Cockapoo puppies, this can drive the cost up.  The process of supply and demand can factor into how much they cost.

Other factors that can drive the cost of a Cockapoo puppy up or down are coloring, gender, health, and age.  These factors will vary based on the individual breeder and what they choose to charge based on these variances.

Females that can be bred can cost more than males, but quality breeders will most often have a contract with new pet parents that limits their ability to breed their female Cockapoo.

Specific colors of Cockapoo may be more popular than others, and this can drive the price up or down.

If a Cockapoo is considered the runt of the litter or smallest, or if there is a chance that they may have health issues, this can lower the cost for a Cockapoo.

Age also plays a factor into how much a Cockapoo costs.  Older Cockapoo puppies can bring the cost for a Cockapoo down.  This can be an added advantage for potential pet parents looking to welcome a Cockapoo into their home if they don’t mind an older puppy.

Those potential pet parents who can’t afford how much a Cockapoo puppy costs can look into rescue groups.  A more reasonably priced Cockapoo that is no less loveable can come from a rescue and is just as wonderful to have as a pet.

While the upfront cost of a Cockapoo can be a lot for certain pet parents, they must also consider the cost of having a Cockapoo in the long run.  Having a dog, regardless of breed, can cost a lot of money, and these things must always be considered.

It may be better to pay for quality upfront and lessen the likelihood of additional, unforeseen expenses down the road.  To save money initially and have added expenses later, can make the overall cost more in the long run.

What are the added costs of a Cockapoo puppy?

The added costs of a Cockapoo puppy can vary from one family or individual to another.

The following items can cost a little or a lot depending on the family or individual and how much they chose to invest.  These items for a Cockapoo can be elaborate or inexpensive depending on the family.

Having a set budget in place can help certain families and individuals.  This budget can cover the necessary expenses like dog food and have monthly perks included, like a new toy, designer dog treats, or a trip to the local doggie bakery.

  • Licensing and Identification
  • Leash and Collar
  • Crate and Bedding
  • Dog Food, Bowls, Treats
  • Vaccinations
  • Veterinary Visits
  • Health Insurance
  • Toys
  • Outdoor Gear (For being outside in the weather)
  • Grooming and Bathing Items or Professional Care
  • Gates
  • Micro-Chipping
  • Running Pen
  • Insurance
  • Dog First Aid Kit

While not every Cockapoo puppy or dog will need all of these supplies, the cost will go up and down throughout their lives.

Certain supplies are required, like licensing, veterinary care, vaccinations and perhaps micro-chipping.  Some of these may be factors into the puppy’s initial price, but depend on the breeder and pet parent contract.

Some items will be regular purchases, like dog food and treats.  Other items will be annual investments, like a dog first aid kit or outdoor gear.  Some will only need to be updated as the Cockapoo grows through the stages of their lives.

Whatever the gear, having a Cockapoo can cost a lot, which is an important thing to consider.  Potential pet parents must be assured that they can care for their puppy, which can take more than just love and affection despite our wish for otherwise.

In Conclusion

How much any dog, Cockapoo, or otherwise costs can vary based on many factors.

Potential pet parents must be prepared for the cost of the Cockapoo at the beginning and how much expense will be required for the long haul of their pets’ life.

While there are many things to consider when welcoming a Cockapoo into a family or home, the cost is only one factor.   

Whatever it costs for a Cockapoo, no one can put a price tag on the love, affection, and joy a Cockapoo can bring to a pet parent’s life!

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