How Long Do Cockapoos Live?

How long do Cockapoos live?

I have had my Cockapoo for a few years, and while she is no longer a puppy, I think she has a lot of life left in her.  I am, however, curious to know if I can expect her to live a long life or not.

Follow along to see what I found out today.

How Long Do Cockapoos Live?

Cockapoos can live for approximately fifteen years.  This is just a reference guide and not set in stone.  Some Cockapoos can live shorter or longer than this age.  Cockapoos tend to live long because they are smaller dogs. Bigger dogs tend not to live as long. 

How long Cockapoos live depends on the genetics of their pet parents and their background.  It also depends on their lifestyle, diet, and exercise and how they are cared for as a loving member of a family.  How long Cockapoos live will vary from one dog to another in this breed, with overall health playing a part, as well as gender. 

Gender can play a role in how long a dog of any breed lives, as well as other factors, including whether or not they were neutered or spayed.   Whether or not Cockpoos live to a certain age, they can suffer from health issues throughout their lives like any dog. 

How long each Cockapoo lives will vary depending on the veterinary care they receive.  How long Cockapoos live can be linked to the environment with which they grow and thrive and the people in that environment.  Cockapoos will live longer when they are from a reputable breeder who follows responsible breeding practices.

Cockapoos can live for approximately fifteen years.  This number is a reference guide as some dogs will live longer and some will live shorter lives.  Each dog is an individual, and who they are as a dog will determine how long they live.

Generally speaking, dogs that are smaller tend to live longer than bigger dogs.  Each breed is individual, and while bigger dogs don’t live as long Cockapoos are a smaller dog so they generally live longer.

The first factor in determining how long a Cockapoo will live is its genetic background.  Who their parents, grandparents, and ancestors are.   Their genetic background determines every aspect of their physical, mental, and emotional being, including longevity and overall health.

Other factors that can help determine how long a Cockapoo lives include their lifestyle, diet, and exercise and how they are loved and cared for by their pet parents or caregivers.

Factors of gender and whether they are spayed or neutered can all impact how long they live, regardless of breeding background.  Their overall health, including whether they suffer from genetic health problems or not, can factor into how long Cockapoos will live.

Even still, veterinary visits and how Cockapoos overall health is managed can increase the number of years they live.  The environment with which they live can factor into Cockapoos overall health and how long they live.

This includes socialization, training, playtime, and all areas of their day-to-day life.  Their environment affects the stress and emotional well-being of a Cockapoo.  The people around them, their family, and friends can have a profound affect on how long Cockapoos live.

If a Cockapoo is neglected, abused, or mistreated, it will not live as long a life as another Cockapoo in a happy, loving home.  It is important for a Cockapoo or any dog to be in a loving environment with people who genuinely care for them.

Breeding practice and who their breeder was can affect how long Cockapoos live.  If their breeder followed responsible breeding practices, the Cockapoos are more likely to live a longer, healthier life.

However, if they come from a breeder who doesn’t have the proper knowledge, skill, and background to breed dogs that are as healthy, the Cockapoos can end up suffering and not live as long.

How can I keep my Cockapoo healthy, so he lives a long life?

How you can keep your Cockapoo healthy, so he lives a long life is simple and easy.  It starts with love and care.  If we love our pets and care for them properly, they will live a long healthy life.

Provide your Cockapoo with a loving home where he is well cared for and treated with kindness, and your Cockapoo will live as long a life as he possibly can.

Take him to his regular veterinary visits, feed him a healthy diet, provide plenty of fresh water, ample daily exercise, and some fun and playtime, and he will live a long life.

Treat medical issues as they arise, socialize and train him from an early age and keep his environment happy and positive, and all will be well.

While no one can determine how long any dog will live, providing them with a well-rounded lifestyle and caring for them can put them on the right track to living into their senior days.

Each Cockapoo’s needs will change as they age, so being a responsible, caring, and responsive pet parent is essential.  Consulting with their veterinarian as they grow from puppy to adult and senior can help address issues that come with each stage of life.

However long a Cockapoo is meant to live, it will be a wonderful and fulfilling life for them if they are loved and cared for.

What health issues can Cockapoos suffer from?

Cockapoos can suffer from some health issues, just as other dogs.  Their overall health depends on their parental background and breeding.

Since Cockapoos are cross-breed, they can suffer from health issues related to both pure bred parents’ backgrounds.  While not all or any of these issues will appear in any Cockapoo, some Cockapoos can still suffer.

Eye Conditions

Cataracts and Glaucoma are two eye problems that a Cockapoo can suffer.  These two issues are related to both pure breed parents in the Cockapoos background.

Bone and Joints

Hip Dysplasia is a condition that causes problems to the Cockapoos hips and is related to both dog breeds in their pure breed background.  This condition can be very painful and debilitating for dogs who suffer.

Kidney Issues

Nephropathy is a disease of the kidneys that can come from their American Cocker Spaniel parent background.   This condition is usually seen when a Cockapoo is more advanced in age after about ten years.

Blood Problems

Von Willebrand Disease is a clotting disorder that’s associated with the Cockapoos Poodle parent heritage.  This condition can range from mild to severe and is lifelong.   It is usually diagnosed earlier in life before the age of ten.

While many of these health issues are uncommon in Cockapoos there is the potential, so they are mentioned.

Two health problems that can be common in Cockapoos are related to their knees and eyes.

Luxating Patella is a condition that causes their knees become loose.  This condition that can be treated with surgery is necessary, but finding a reputable breeder can reduce the chance that a Cockapoo will suffer.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy, a loss of eyesight, can sometimes happen and is related to both of their pure breed parental backgrounds.  Again using a qualified breeder can reduce the chance that your Cockapoo will suffer from this condition.

Selecting a reputable breeder is highly important when adopting a Cockapoo.  Reputable breeders who use humane and responsible breeding practices will ensure that unhealthy genetics are reduced or eliminated in future litters.  These breeders do this by selecting the best pure breed dogs to combine, so that good health is more likely than not.

The health problems listed above are just examples. Not every Cockapoo will suffer from these issues as each dog is unique and individual.

Most Cockapoos tend to have better health than their pure breed parents, suffering less from each breed’s health issues.  An essential factor in a Cockapoos overall health and how long they will live is how they are bred, regardless of who their parents are.

Good breeding doesn’t mean a particular breed but is related to the breeder and how they breed their Cockapoos.  Breeders that follow good breeding practices care about the Cockapoos they breed and how long they will live.  They want each Cockapoo to have a long, healthy, and enjoyable life.

Breeders that don’t follow good breeding practices care less about how long their Cockapoos live or what their life will be like.  Choose wisely because it affects not only the pet parent but the Cockapoo as well.

Final Thoughts

While no one can tell how long any dog will live regardless of breed, Cockapoos can live a long time.

Genetics plays a part in how long they will live, as well as breeding, lifestyle, and environment.  A well-rounded lifestyle that provides for them, can go a long way to combating hereditary health issues that may appear in their life.

Regardless of how long a Cockapoo lives, enjoy them while you have them since they can bring so much joy to your life!