Do Cockapoos Bark A Lot?

I have a Cockapoo puppy, and I am moving into an apartment.  I am interested in knowing whether or not my puppy will be a dog that barks often or not.

I did a bit of investigating today, and here is what I found.

Do Cockapoos bark a lot?

No, Cockapoos do not usually bark a lot.  As a cross-bred dog, they come from the mix of the Poodle and the American Cocker Spaniel.  These dogs generally don’t bark a lot unless there is something important to report.  

Cockapoos also, may not bark a lot unless there is something important that they need to say.  They may have to tell their pet parent that someone is outside the house, so they will then bark as a warning.  

Cockapoos will bark a lot if they feel negative feelings that can include being scared and anxious or alone and suffering separation anxiety.  If they are in pain or feeling a type of distress or are being playful and want attention, Cockapoos will also bark to get their pet parents attention. 

Cockapoos do not generally bark a lot, but there can still be some Cockapoos that do, depending on the home that they are in and their stress level.  Each dog is individual in how they will respond to life around them, with some Cockapoos responding by barking and acting out, but proper training can be helpful.  Whether or not a Cockapoo barks a lot depends on how well they are trained and how those around them respond to this barking. 

Cockapoos are cross-bred dog that comes from the mix of the Poodle and the American Cocker Spaniel.  These two distinct pure-bred dogs are relatively low barkers that will usually only bark when they have something important to tell.

Cockapoos are usually the same way.  If the mailman shows up to deliver a package or that pesky cat next door is sitting on the fence, they will likely warn the pet parents and anyone else in the vicinity of this issue.

Should something be happening in their immediate environment, like the kids are loud while they play, they will bark to inform everyone.  If one thought of the Cockapoo, it would be like the young boy selling newspapers yelling, get your newspapers here, read about the cat that has been cleaning itself all day in the window!

Should a Cockapoo be hurt, or perhaps feel anxious or scared in any way, they will let their pet parent or caregiver know by reporting the issue with barking or making other sounds.  If they feel in need of attention or are left alone for too long, they may bark a lot too.

Cockapoos can suffer from separation anxiety, so this can be one area that pet parents can see the issue of barking, popping up, if it does happen.

Each dog is individual, and while Cockapoos do not usually bark a lot, some may bark a bit more.  Their environment can play a role in how much they bark and how often, so creating a comfortable and peaceful home life can keep their stress to a minimum.

Cockapoos, like any dog breed, benefit from proper training and social skills.  This training can help a Cockapoo to learn what is expected of them.  It can help minimize the amount of barking a Cockapoo does for any reason.

Why do Cockapoos bark?

The reason Cockapoos bark is because it is their way of communicating to those around them.  Dogs have two ways of communicating.  The first way is through body language. This will have them physically expressing their needs, wants, thoughts and feelings.

The second way is through barking.  Barking is like our talking and is their way of expressing what they want, need, think and feel or telling what is happening around them.

Barking is incredibly important for the Cockapoo as it is part of their communication, even though we don’t always understand them, and they don’t understand us.  Without all that barking imagine how much more difficult life would be with your dog. 

Some perceptive pet parents can get to know their Cockapoo so well that they can tell what specific sounds mean.  It can even be fun to attempt to figure out how their barking relates to certain life scenarios, and then be able to help them.

Cockapoos might bark at a different pitch, louder, softer, and even more or less consistent when trying to express something.  Each dog will have their way of doing this, which is individual to them alone.

As frustrating as it can be, it might help the pet parent picture themselves being in a foreign country and wanting something to drink.  With no restaurant or grocery store in sight, they need to get to one, so they can have a drink.

So they turn to those around them to help them locate where the water or juice is, or at least a store to buy some, and there is a communication barrier between them and those around them.   So, they attempt to communicate anyway, saying whatever they can think of, which is received with many confused looks.

A Cockapoo might feel the same way.  Your busy, so they are watching the squirrel walk across the tree branch like it’s a television.  They are waiting as patiently as they can for you to be done with your human stuff, but you didn’t notice that their water bowl is empty or that they need to go out.

They bark here, and then they bark there.  Then perhaps they forget themselves, and they even end up barking at the squirrel outside because now they are frustrated, they are so thirsty, or they must go to the bathroom.  Not to mention that now they are excited about the squirrel who might climb down into their yard.

After that, they might bark at you because they are excited and maybe even toss in some jumping around to express how urgent it is.

As you can see, barking and body language often go hand and hand for a dog, but barking is simply a means of communicating what they need, want, think and feel.  If we pay attention, it is often not too difficult to figure out.

How can I stop my Cockapoo from barking?

There are many ways to stop your Cockapoo from barking, but they depend on why your dog is barking.

For dogs that are barking to get attention, it is best to ignore them.  Cockapoos that are easily stressed or suffer from emotions like fear and anxiety, it can be helpful to create a distraction with toys that entertain their mind as well as their body.

Another option for Cockapoos that suffer from fear or anxiety, is to desensitize them to what they are afraid or anxious about.  This will take time and must be attempted cautiously as some dogs don’t respond well to this method.  If needed, a consult with their veterinarian can confirm if this is a good idea.

It can be helpful to teach the Cockapoo that calm and quiet behavior gets the reward of attention from mom and dad.  This can help to teach them through positive reinforcement, what is acceptable behavior and what is not.

Changing the environment or routine can be helpful.  Changes to their environment can stimulate their mind.  Changes to their routine can entertain and distract.  These can reduce unnecessary barking in some Cockapoos.

Why has my Cockapoo started barking?

Barking, which is one of two ways that a Cockapoo communicates can happen for a variety of reasons.

Cockapoos can bark to say hello or to grab someone’s attention.  They may want to play or go outside.  It is even likely that they will bark when they are hungry and want a treat or to tell their pet parent about something exciting.

Cockapoos may be lonely and want to cuddle or be held.  They could be afraid, lonely or bored.  Barking for a Cockapoo could also be there way of sounding the alarm if something is wrong.

Every situation is different and determining why they are barking will require thoughtfulness and attention to the moment.

What does it mean if my cockapoo barks a lot?

What it means when your Cockapoo barks a lot is that they need the pet parents’ attention for some reason or another.  What they need can vary from one situation to another but in the moment when they are barking a lot, they need a pet parents’ attention.

If they are barking a lot, it may or may not mean that the issue is urgent or important.  Once what they need or want is discovered, a pet parent can determine what level of importance it is and act accordingly.

Cockapoos are highly intelligent dogs due to their breeding background.  For this reason, they can get bored easily and require more mental stimulation than other dogs.  This high level of intelligence can have them barking a lot as a way of getting attention so the pet parent will offer something to do.

In Conclusion

However much a Cockapoo may decide to bark, it is still less than some other dogs.

With proper training and good social skills, these dogs will be well behaved and only barking when it is necessary.

Since it is a form of communication for them, it should be managed but not completely discouraged.  As any loving pet parent will know, you must sometimes take the bad with the good, if you genuinely love your four-legged friend!

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