Before this day, I did not know much about how long Rosy Boas get. I’ve found their size and lifespan to be a particularly interesting subject. I’ve compiled some findings and I’m excited to share them with you all today! 

So, how long do Rosy Boas get and how long does it take them to grow? On average, rosy boas grow to 2 – 4 feet (.6 – 1.2 meters) in length. The most growth happens in the first few years after birth but growth can slowly increase throughout its life. They typically live for at least 20 years and growth can continue slowly for that entire span.

The size of your rosy boa can greatly define how you interact with your pet, and influence your decisions regarding tank and room size. I further explore the implications of the size of rosy boas on the owner’s lifestyle in this post.

The Rosy Boa’s Size

These snakes aren’t known for their impressive sizes but are loved for their manageable girth. I have read many articles comparing the rough diameter of a typical captive-bred Rosy Boa to a simple gold ball. They make good pets because of this fact and they are known to be calm and easy to handle. Not much information exists on the length patterns of Rosy Boas throughout their lives, but adults are known to grow to a good 4 feet.

Female Boas grow quite a bit larger than their male counterparts. A sort of women empowerment movement gone wild, I think. You go, girl! The reality is that there is little difference between the males and females that you can see from just looking at them. After a closer inspection, this problem will fix itself through anatomy and previously mentioned size difference.

  • Birth: approx. 10 inches.
  • Adulthood: approximately 4 feet

The growth throughout life is significant, but not enough to worry a casual snake owner. The Rosy Boa, whether male or female, is a manageable size and weight to reach regular pet status. Although not much information has been collected comparing the size of a male versus a female, there is enough difference that scientists recognized a pattern.

Do snakes make good pets 1 How Long do Rosy Boas Get (and How Long it Takes to Grow)?
Rosy boa (lichanura trivirgata) on white background.

The Rosy Boas’ Longevity

Rosy Boas aren’t the largest snake in the Boa family. They are quite small compared to their close cousins and are significantly more docile which makes them a popular pet. There is not much information on the length and lifespan of Rosy Boas in the wild, but data has generally been collected on the ones bred in captivity.

The average lifespan owners are getting out of a Rosy Boa is around 20 years. There have been cases showing some that have lived to be around 30 years old! It’s important to remember that every snake is different, and the only thing we can guarantee as snake owners is the quality of their life.

The biggest obstacle to long life in the wild is the likelihood of being taken down by predators. Captivity eliminates all natural predators and allows the Rosy Boa to live to their full potential in a peaceful and regulated environment. Their longevity is also due to the fact they are never without food or warmth. It is important, as a snake owner, to regulate food, temperature and living environment in such a way that your Boa will be happy and healthy.

Just like human beings, and all other living things, it is hard to pinpoint an exact number of years that a snake is going to live. Health problems or accidents may occur that cause your Boa’s number of years to vary from the average.  

A Rosy Boa’s Distinctive Features

The Rosy Boa is known for its beautiful coloring.  A combination of different colored stripes, with an underlying pink hue, show how the Rosy Boa got its name. The stripes tend to stay in the black, brown, and pink color range. Others may be made up of additional greys and yellows. 

They are small and have smooth scales covering their entire body. The differences in colors will come from their origin. Rosy Boas lifestyle in the deserts of California or Mexico. With the desert sand and rocks as the backdrop for their ancestors, the brown, yellow, and reddish coloring was important for blending in and staying safe.

How the Rosy Boa’s Length Affects Tank Size

Because Rosy Boas grow to a large size, it is important to plan for your snake. Their tanks tend to stay around the 10-gallon range, but the most important part of picking your tank is the realization that the snake will grow!

Find a place in your house that is big enough and sturdy enough for the tank and all the gadgets you’ll want to include in it. A Rosy Boa can become a beautiful part of your home, but you don’t want the tank to get in the way. Planning is always the best option. It’s easy to move a tank around, so don’t worry too much about the impact your snake’s home will have on your own life. 

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