How Long Do Huskies Reproduce?

16474352 m How Long Do Huskies Reproduce?

Siberian Huskies are some of the most beautiful dogs in the world, and they are very popular. This is why breeding them can earn you big bucks. One of the main questions beginner breeders want to know is how long that window of opportunity will be open for each dog.

So, how do Huskies reproduce?

Typically, female Huskies have a 7-year window in which they can reproduce. A male Husky can impregnate a female for a longer period of time, potentially 13 years. Reproduction for a female should start at no earlier than 2 years of age, and ends around age 9.

Breeding is a very tricky thing to do because there are a lot of steps, and you need to make sure you are not hurting your dogs in the process.

How Long Do Huskies Reproduce?

When it comes to how long Huskies can reproduce, it is important to take a look at the overall lifespan. Huskies live for 12 – 15 years. If we split up the life of a Husky into stages, we will find that around 2 years is the age that a Husky reaches adulthood.

This adulthood lasts from 2 until about 8 years old, where their retirement age starts to set in. This is when a Husky becomes a senior, or less active. Think about it as menopause if that helps. Periods will stop by 9 years of age, and reproduction is no longer possible for a female.

So adulthood is going to be the prime time to reproduce and this gives Huskies 7 main years to breed.

Adulthood is going to be the prime time to reproduce and this gives female Huskies 7 fertile years to breed.

Studs will be able to impregnate females for a longer time, just like in the human race.

Males have 10 years to reproduce when they live to the average age. Some can reproduce longer if they live to be 15 years old.

Everything is also dependent on an individual Husky. A healthy Husky might be able to produce for a longer time. It is so important to keep in mind that not all Huskies will live to be the same age, so the retirement age might be different.

Breeding should be done with a top specimen. Tests should be done and papers filed to ensure that the line will be strengthened.

If your Husky is not in the greatest of shape or has unknown lineage, breeding her is not a great idea. It will result in the puppies not being as healthy as they could be, and a loss in money if that is the case.

Ways to Extend the Period of Time a Female Can Reproduce

One of the best ways is to keep your Husky happy and healthy.

Here are some of the best ways that you can do that:

  • Feed your dog high-quality food – Healthy food will help your dog be healthy and stay active. A dog that is in better shape will have a better time with pregnancy. In fact, being overweight is something that leads to all sorts of trouble in pregnancy.
  • Get your bitch from a good lineage – Bloodlines have everything to do with good breeding and life expectancy. If you have a dog that comes from a line of easy time in pregnancy, good sized liters, etc. there are better odds for having a good breeding dog.
  • Don’t overbreed – Overbreeding can seriously affect the health of your dog, which will affect the health of any puppies she can produce. Taking breeding seriously and slow will help a female have a long life, extending the years she can produce when compared to dying early from extreme stresses on the body.
  • Don’t start too young – Stressing your female with more pups while she is still a puppy can do a whole lot of damage.

Beginning Age Affects How Long a Female May Reproduce

26961991 m How Long Do Huskies Reproduce?

Female Huskies can become pregnant after they have reached the age of 2. Boys reach sexual maturity at 6 months. In fact, females usually get their periods at 6 months, meaning she could potentially be bred.

However, just because you can does not mean that you should. Every source will tell you that you should wait until the age of two before trying to get a female to reproduce.

Starting at an older age can help your Husky handle pregnancy a lot better than if she were young, a puppy herself.

Just like when it comes to humans, a 12-year-old might be able to get pregnant, but it does not mean that she should. There is a higher risk for complications for the pups and for the mother.

So, just stick to the 2 year rule, and you should be fine.

Male Huskies are sexually mature before female Huskies are.

When it comes to the males, most studs are not used for breeding until 12 – 15 months of age.

You can breed with a younger stud, but some health issues do not present themselves until later into the dog’s life so some prefer an older male. Breeders pay a lot for a stud who is “tried and tested” to come and reproduce with their female.

Waiting until a stud is 2 years old is not necessary because he does not have to carry the pups. However, there should be a long enough time waiting period to get all the paperwork done and all the tests run.

Temperament is important when breeding too, so wait until over a year when personality is more developed.

The Amount of Litters Affects the Length of Reproduction

Having babies back to back for a long time can affect the overall health of a female Husky, making it hard for her to reproduce for a long time. Males are not really affected by this so most of this section will focus on the bitch.

This is again where the should is way more important than the can. A female could potentially birth more than 10 liters. This is not healthy. A Husky who is being treated right will have more like 4 – 5 litters in her lifetime.

A female Husky has could potentially give to litters a year, but some say that you should wait 18 months between each pregnancy in order to better the health of the mother.

Some suggest waiting 18 months between each pregnancy to allow the mother Husky time to heal.

Even waiting a year is much better for the female than trying to force her to have pups 2 or more times a year. I mean, can you imagine?!

Pregnancy can be really hard, especially when you consider that a Husky has 4 – 6 puppies on average each time.

If you want to keep your female healthy, and not just get as much as you want out of her for your own personal gain, then don’t try to push her too far or hard.

It’s not even just about getting pregnant. A female has to nurse all of her pups, and she is nursing for years without any breaks, that can take such a big physical toll on her body.

Besides how hard it can be the female to be pregnant, paying for a stud that often is really expensive.

Breed better.

The best way to get a Husky to breed for the length of 7 years, is to breed in a smart and healthy way. Pushing it to extremes cannot only close the window for reproducing, but it can also lower the overall life expectancy of your Husky.

How Many Pups Can a Husky Have in Their 7 Fertile Years?

If a breeder is being responsible and waiting about 18 months between each birth, there will be around 4 litters in a female’s lifetime. 4×6 (the high average amount of puppies in a Husky litter) comes to about 24 dogs.

Breeding yearly will increase your litter amount to 7, which can give you, at most, 42 pups. This may seem like a “bingo” but that is a lot of medical costs.

When breeding, health is going to be the most important thing to consider. If your bitch is in great health then continue to breed. Get check-ups and vaccinations regularly.

How long do Huskies take to have puppies?

A pregnancy for a Husky female lasts for 9-weeks. After the birth, the puppies will need to be nursed and weaned for 8 weeks. This comes out to almost 4 months.

How old can a Siberian Husky get pregnant?

A Husky cannot get pregnant after the age of 9 in most cases. After 8, it is harder for a female to pregnant so most breeders stop trying after the age of 8.