How Big do Beagles Get? (Plus Size Info for Beagle Mixes)

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It can be hard to estimate how big a beagle will get when you are looking at a beagle puppy, but I have all of the beagles sizing information on purebreds as well as on beagle mixes.

How big do Beagles get?

There are two different sizes of beagles the 13-inch beagle and the 15-inch beagle. The 13-inch beagle weighs around 22 to 30 pounds and never grows taller than 13 inches. On the other hand, the 15-inch beagle weighs about 35 pounds and is either 14-inches tall or 15-inches tall.

If you are wanting to buy a beagle or a beagle mix but you just don’t know if they are the right size for you, have no fear because this article will give you all the information you need on all things beagle size.

How Big Beagles Truly Get

Beagles are considered to be a small dog even though many people mistake them for a medium-sized dog because they look as if they fall in-between large dogs and small dogs.

The real sizing for dog though is more complicated on whether or not a dog looks large or not. That is why they have broken up small, medium, and large dogs by height.

Small DogsLess than 6-inches to 17 inches
Medium Dogs18-inches to 22-inches
Large DogsAnything over 22-inches

Beagles range from 13-inches to 15-inches so they fall under the category of small dogs. They break up beagles into 13-inches and 15-inches because they are originally hunting dogs and size matters when it comes to the hunt.

Both sizes of beagles can be born in the same litter, so if you want a specific sized beagle you will have to wait to purchase them until they are 9 months old. By 9 months you can tell which group they will fall into 13-inch or 15-inch.

It is interesting how much size matters when it comes to pets, especially when those pets are going to be used for hunting. If you don’t mind the few inches of difference in height than you can purchase a puppy whenever you want and you won’t have to worry.

Beagle Mixes and Their Sizes

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Beagles are popular dogs and people love them, so they have been bred with many other breeds to create adorable beagle mixes. But how do you know what size of dog you are going to get when you buy a beagle mix?

Will they be bigger if they are bred with a larger dog, or smaller if they are bred with a smaller dog? Will they just stay around the same size no matter what breed they are bred with?

Genetics are amazing and they make the greatest combos, so when different dog breeds come together the effects are fantastic. I have compiled a list of different beagle mixes and their sizes.

Meagle (Beagle + Miniature Pinscher)

Both of these adorable dogs have been bred together to create something special. A Meagle. This beagle miniature pinscher mix will blind you with its cuteness and its charm.

Because both beagles and miniature pinschers are considered small dogs, their offspring are considered to be small dogs as well.

Beagles+Miniature Pinscher=Meagle
Height13-15 Inches+10-12 Inches=12-16 Inches
Weight22-35 Pounds+7-11 Pounds=10-25 Pounds

Borkie (Beagle + Yorkie)

Yorkies are interesting small dogs because their size varies more than most dogs. Because of that all measurements for Yorkies or Yorkies mixes are estimates instead of averages.

That being said mixes to adorable small dogs like a Yorkie and a beagle is just adorable and makes for the cutest dogs imaginable, so most people don’t even mind the changing sizes.

Height13-15 Inches+8-9 Inches=12-15 Inches
Weight22-35 Pounds+4-7 Pounds=20-25 Pounds

Malteagle (Beagle + Maltese)

Maltese are small dogs like beagles but they happen to be a few inches and pounds smaller. Because of that, the malteagle is smaller than beagles although they can get just as heavy as the light beagles get.

Height13-15 Inches+8-10 Inches=12 Inches
Weight22-35 Pounds+6-9 Pounds=15-22 Pounds

Beagleman (Beagle + Doberman Pinscher)

Dobermans are big dogs and they bring all of those genes to the table. Weighing in at 40-55 pounds is the beagleman. It is definitely a lot bigger than its father.

Beagles+Doberman Pinscher=Beagleman
Height13-15 Inches+24-28 Inches=16-22 Inches
Weight22-35 Pounds+71-99 Pounds=40-55 Pounds

Jack-A-Bee (Beagle + Jack Russell Terrier)

Luckily Jack Russell Terriers are similar to size as the beagles but just a hair smaller because the offspring of both is about the size of a normal beagle. Which is convenient for people who are already used to beagles.

Beagles+Jack Russell Terrier=Jack-A-Bee
Height13-15 Inches+9.8-15 Inches=13-16 Inches
Weight22-35 Pounds+14-18 Pounds=15-30 Pounds

Peagle (Beagle + Pekingese)

Peagles are adorable! I had never heard of a pekingese before I was introduced to the peagle and I have fallen in love with both of them. Peagles can be quite a bit smaller than beagles and yet if they get the right genes of ten they will resemble the beagle in size.

Height13-15 Inches+6-9 Inches=6-16 Inches
Weight22-35 Pounds+7-14 Pounds=14-15 Pounds

Beagi (Beagle + Corgi)

I love corgies and their tiny little legs. They are so cute and are a dog that has been bred with every other breed there is, it seems like, but when they are bred with the beagle it is just too cute.

They end up weighing a lot less than both dogs do, but I think it is because they are a lot closer to the ground than normal beagles are, so they aren’t so heavy.

Height13-15 Inches+10-12 Inches=10-16 Inches
Weight22-35 Pounds+22-31 Pounds=10-20 Pounds

Raggle (Beagle + Rat Terrier)

Beagle and rat terrier mixes are pretty common because of the look but also because they are a nice medium sized dog. They can be pretty light, but they tend to get tall genes from both parents.

Beagles+ Rat Terrier=Raggle
Height13-15 Inches+9.8-18 Inches=18-22 Inches
Weight22-35 Pounds+10-24 Pounds=10-20 Pounds

Beabull (Beagle + Bulldog)

I have this weird obsession with English bulldogs and have since I was little, so when I heard about the beabull I was super excited. They are just too cute.

While bulldogs and beagles are around the same height they are nothing close to each other in weight. The lightest bulldog is still five pounds heavier than the heaviest beagle.

That being said beabulls are average height for both beagles and bulldogs, but they definitely get their weight genes from the bulldog size of the equation coming in with the lightest weight being 30 pounds. That’s 5 pounds lighter than the heaviest beagle is.

Height13-15 Inches+12-16 Inches=12-16 Inches
Weight22-35 Pounds+40-55 Pounds=30-50 Pounds

Beagador (Beagle + Labrador)

Labs are big dogs so if they are being bred with beagles the mom needs to be a lab rather than they beagle for safety reasons. A beagle just wouldn’t be able to carry and birth beabador puppies.

Height13-15 Inches+22-24 Inches=19-24 Inches
Weight22-35 Pounds+55-79 Pounds=25-45 Pounds

Cheagle (Beagle + Chihuahua)

Chihuahuas are tiny dogs and they bring those genes to the table when breeding with beagles. Most chihuahua beagle mixes are a lot smaller than beagles normally are.

Height13-15 Inches+6-9 Inches=9-14 Inches
Weight22-35 Pounds+3-7 Pounds=9-20 Pounds

Pomeagle (Beagle + Pomeranian)

These cuties are adorable. Picture a beagle face with all of the Pomeranian fur and you have created on of the cutest combos ever! Whoever started the pomeagle was a genus.

Height13-15 Inches+8 Inches=12-15 Inches
Weight22-35 Pounds+4-8 Pounds=3-25 Pounds

Poogle (Beagle + Poodle)

Now, these estimations are based on normal poodles but if you breed a beagle with toy or medium poodles you are going to get very different results.

Height13-15 Inches+ 15-22 Inches=10-15 Inches
Weight22-35 Pounds+45-70 Pounds=20-30 Pounds

Puggle (Beagle + Pug)

A Puggle is taller and heavier than pugs, but in the looks department all of the puggles I’ve seen look just like bigger pugs. They do get a few characteristics from the beagles but most keep their squished cute pug faces.

Height13-15 Inches+10-14 Inches=13-15 Inches
Weight22-35 Pounds+14-18 Pounds=18-30 Pounds

Related Questions:

What age is a beagle fully grown?

Beagles reach full maturity at about a year and a half, like most other breeds. However, beagle breeders can tell whether they will stay under 13 inches or not at around 8 months.

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Do Beagle mixes get their personalities?

It really depends on the puppy you pick. Some beagle mixes will act more like beagles and have that hunting itch while others will act nothing like beagles. More than just the breed of the pup, you will need to look at the individual personalities of the parents of your beagle.