Do Pugs Get Along With Cats?

Pugs are small dogs, classified in the toy dog section. They are slightly larger than other toy dogs, however. Depending on the breed mix, pugs can be a variety of sizes. Pugs are known for being very nice animals and very easy going. But how do they get along with one of the dog’s greatest enemies, the cat?

Thankfully, pugs can get along very well with cats. There are a few key factors that make this possible like their small size and calm, loving temperament. To make sure that a pug will get along with a cat, there are some techniques that can make the transition easier for both pets.

Pugs are one of the easier breeds of dogs to introduce to cats, fortunate for you. Let us get into those factors, and later the techniques that will make it easier


The breed is believed to originate from China in B.C. 200’s as there are some records of dogs with some similar attributes. They were traded to European countries in the late 1500s and early 1600s, where they became quite popular.

Many European royal households would own many of the breeds, and many artists in the 1700s depicted them in the backgrounds of their paintings. Their adorable faces have been capturing the human heart for as long as they’ve been around.

Small Size

Pugs are smaller than a lot of other breeds of dogs. This is a good thing when introducing a dog to a cat. The cat will not feel as intimidated and will be able to set the boundaries that it needs without too much difficulty.

The pug will not be able to use its size to make the cat mad. The dog will be put lower than the cat, which can be good for their relationship because pugs are easier to deal with when they’re lower than someone. Cats don’t work well when they are lower than someone, both physically and socially. You know, cats typically have high self-esteem.


Pugs do not have the natural instinct to hunt that other dogs do. The way the breeding of this dog was done, the hunter/prey drive has not been passed on. There is no prey instinct to prey on other animals. This will keep things good between the pug and the cat. Hopefully, the pug’s instinct can be developed to not fight the cat.

For the most part, the cat will just ignore the pug because it is small and will not threaten the cat. This is a good thing. Most cats do not have that instinct to be friends with everything that moves, unlike the pug.

Pugs Have a Great Temperament

Pugs, however, do have a trait of being loveable and kind to other creatures, including cats. They will want to be friends with the cat just as they do with humans. This means that they will try to play with the cat and be silly with the cat.

This can help the cat determine where that line is, and it will let the pug know exactly where that line is. The pug will have many opportunities to learn where that line is, and hopefully over time will not cross it.


When introducing your pug to your cat or the other way around, there are some ground rules that you should set down. If the pug is the new pet, make sure the cat, who has been around for a while, has places where it can escape from the pug, especially if he or she is a puppy.

Safe places

Ideally, have in every room a place high up where the cat can get away from the antics of the puppy. This will help the cat tolerate what the puppy wants to do. Most of the time, the pug will just want to play with the cat. This is okay, but the cat won’t like it.

Command Phrase

Make sure to have some sort of command or phrase that can get the pug to stop doing whatever it is he is doing that shouldn’t be done. The puppy will be easier to train than the cat, and that is just how it has to be.

If the pug is the first pet and you’re bringing home a kitten, things will be a little harder. Kittens will be more excited than a full-grown cat, so the pug will have to remain calm and not get excited. Kittens can get spooked and lash out if frightened.

This can be bad for your pug, as their eyes are in a location that can be hurt easily.

Puppy Energy

image 5 Do Pugs Get Along With Cats?

Introducing your cat to a puppy when the cat has been raised with dogs is easier, but can still be interesting. The puppy will bring different dynamics to the house, and this can irritate the cat.

Besides having safe areas and training the puppy, there really isn’t anything you can do. Make sure that the puppy and the cat aren’t ever alone together, but it will just take time for the cat to get used to the puppy.

Pugs and cats can be protective, so it is important to keep an eye out for any tension or reflex reactions.

Like anyone, pugs can be protective of things that they think are theirs. This can be food, toys, people, or even cats. There are stories of pugs ‘adopting’ a litter of kittens if the mother and the pug were close or got along. They are one of the friendliest breeds, so not always.

Tire Out Your Puppy

By taking your puppy on walks and constantly playing with him/her, you can tire out your puppy, which will help with introducing the cat to the puppy.

This can also help with training your puppy in social situations. Take him to the dog park or to places with a lot of people, like the store. Introducing him to a lot of different situations can help him get used to those new places, but it will also excite him and get his energy out before he gets home and tries to bother the cat.

Give Attention to Your Cat

Just because you have a new puppy doesn’t mean that you should neglect your cat. Make sure that he knows that he is still loved. If your cat doesn’t like human touch, give him the opportunity to turn you down. Cats like this, I promise you. Bug him for a minute, and then give him his personal space.

If you think that your cat is stressed, take him to the vet. There is a calming medication that can help your cat change to the lifestyle of having a puppy. This will calm him and make him more open to the changes.

If your cat likes humans, give him attention; as much as he’ll let you give him. This can help keep his stress levels down, but it will also help keep your relationship healthy and strong.

Feed Them in Separate Places

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Even once the cat get used to the pug or puppy, there will still be potential for conflict around feeding time. It will be more convenient for you to feed them at the same time, so don’t change that. Instead, feed them in separate places.

Keep the dog’s food on the ground, but have a place where the cat can eat higher up. This can keep them separate and happy as they eat. Although pugs do not have any hunting instinct, there is still the drive to protect their food.

This is a common trait among all animals, and even humans feel like they need to protect their food. And with friends like mine, sometimes you do.

Pugs and cats can become great friends, which is past living together. All it takes is time and trust from your cat. Train the pug to be nice and respect the cat, and the cat will also be nice.

Asking the cat to respect anything is a little too much, so settle for being nice.