Do Cockapoos Shed?

I am looking for a dog that doesn’t shed much, and I like the way the Cockapoos look.  I don’t know much about this breed, but I would like to learn more.

I took a little time earlier today to do a bit of research, and here is what I found.

Do Cockapoos Shed?

The amount of hair Cockapoos shed can be considerably less than other dogs, but Cockapoos do shed. No dog is 100% non-shedding. How much a Cockapoos sheds depends on their genetics which is related to breeding and their parental background. 

When Cockapoos shed, it can be for various reasons that include growing from puppy to adult and when the seasons change.   When Cockapoos do shed, grooming can reduce the amount of hair a pet parent has to deal with around the house.  Cockapoos shed, but how much depends on which type of coat of hair they got from their parents. 

This breed is a cross-bred dog that comes from a Poodle and an American Cocker Spaniel, and like other cross-bred dogs, the generation of the Cockapoo can determine whether they shed a lot or a little.  It is generally considered that multi-generational Cockapoos are more predictable in their coat of hair and shedding habits.  These Cockapoos may have been back-crossed with another Poodle making the mix more Poodle and less American Cocker Spaniel.

Cockapoos are a cross-bred designer dog that was created to be a companion animal.  Cockapoos are a cross between the American Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle, usually the Miniature Poodle.

Cockapoos do shed with this cross-breeding.  The Cockapoo has a likelihood of being low shedding thanks to their Poodle parent and background.

When two purebred dogs are crossed, they create a mixture of two dog breeds.  While this is considered a fifty-fifty mix between the two breeds, it is not a complete guarantee of fifty percent of each dogs traits.   It can be hard to determine which traits will be gained from which dog parent, including shedding and other physical characteristics.

The Poodle is a dog that hardly sheds any hair. The American Cocker Spaniel sheds a lot.

When these two pure breeds are crossed, the first generation of puppies generally takes an equal amount of both parents’ traits, including whether the Cockapoo sheds.

Second, third and multigenerational dogs of this cross will see more predictable traits relating to shedding and other physical qualities.  The multi-generational Cockapoos will have a higher likelihood of being low shedding because they have more Poodle in the mix when they are being back-crossed to the Poodle line again.

Is it possible that a Cockapoo will take after the American Cocker Spaniel and shed a lot?

Yes, a Cockapoo can take more after their American Cocker Spaniel parent and shed a lot.   This is more typical in the first generation of Cockapoos, which can be unpredictable in how they display traits from either parent.  This variance can happen in a single litter of puppies.

Three puppies might have a low shedding coat similar to their Poodle parent, while one might have a very high shedding coat of hair like their American Cocker Spaniel parent. 

Each generation after the first becomes more predictable in regards to their physical traits.  This is where you will find most Cockapoos shedding, in this generation.

If low shedding is what a potential pet parent is looking for, and they don’t want a Poodle, Cockapoos are a great option when a multi-generational dog is chosen.

Do Cockapoos shed more when they are puppies?

Yes, Cockapoos shed more when they are puppies.  It is true for every dog breed.  The puppy phase brings with it many changes and growth, including what can be termed as molting.  Molting is a term used to describe a dog’s shedding its puppy hair to make room for and grow in the adult hair.

This process naturally brings more shedding of hair, typically at the beginning, around six months old.   Some puppies will shed more than others at this time and throughout the entire process.   For Cockapoos that do shed this can be a rather intense time with hair flying everywhere.

Since the Cockapoos are cross-bred between two purebred dogs with different coat types, it can be a mixed bag of how much hair they shed at this time.

Good grooming habits can help any puppy through this process, whether they are a Cockapoo or another dog breed.

However, some Cockapoos can shed more as adults than when they were puppies, but this is related to the coat of hair they have.  If they are an adult Cockapoo with curly ringlets or wavy hair, they may shed more because they have extra molting seasons.

What type of hair do Cockapoos have?

Cockapoos that may or may not shed much, can have either the hair from their Poodle parent or the hair from their American Cocker Spaniel parent.

The American Cocker Spaniel has either a slightly wavy coat of hair or a straight coat of hair.  Their coat is also a double coat with a second layer of insulating protection.

The Poodle has a curly coat of hair that is a single coat of only one layer.

With such diversity, puppies of these two purebred dogs can end up with various coat combinations.

As an established cross-breed dog, the Cockapoos generally come in three coat types.  These coat types include a single-layer coat of curly hair, a single or double-layer coat of hair that is wavy to curly, and finally, a double-layer coat of hair that is straight to wavy.

Do Cockapoo Shed

While each Cockapoo is unique in its coat of hair and shedding habits, the Cockapoos with the double coat of hair that is wavy generally shed more than the others.

What type of grooming habits do I need to have for my Cockapoo?

The type of grooming habits you need to have for your Cockapoo is the same as other dogs.  They need to be brushed, bathed, nails clipped, teeth brushed, and body inspected for health problems or issues that need to be addressed periodically.

When and how this grooming takes place depends on the dog breed, the type of hair they have, and their pet parents’ schedule.  When a Cockapoo sheds it can get everywhere so it is best to address this issue head on with a solid grooming schedule.

Generally speaking, a Cockapoo with wavy or curly hair should be brushed every other day to ensure that its coat of hair is healthy.  Cockapoos usually end up with curly or wavy hair, which can quickly become tangled and matted if left unattended.

If they are not brushed regularly, Cockapoos can look like they have curly dreadlocks, and if they are never groomed, this can become painful for the dog.

It is best to introduce grooming habits to any dog as early as possible.  The Cockapoo puppy can sit through short brushing sessions that include praise, treats, and perhaps a little playtime to get them used to the idea of grooming.  These grooming sessions need not be perfect but merely an introduction to the process.

Time and patience will help them accept it as part of their lives, for any Cockapoo regardless of whether they shed or not.

Older puppies and adult dogs can sit through longer brushing sessions to ensure that their coat of hair is healthy and tangle or matt-free.

For those Cockapoos that inherit a smooth and straight coat, they will only need to be brushed two or three times per week at most.  Their hair doesn’t get tangled or matted as easily, like their curly-haired relatives, so they have an easier time.

When it comes to more extended grooming that includes clipping nails and brushing teeth, this too should begin as early as possible in a Cockapoos life.  At a young age, perfection is not the theme, as it serves to merely introduce them to the process and help them accept this type of handling.

The pet parents can do bathing if they want to attempt it, but this doesn’t need to happen often unless the Cockapoo needs bathing or is shedding everywhere.   If this appears to be too much of an undertaking, professional grooming can be a great option.

They should be bathed approximately every two months unless they get extra dirty.  It is best to use a dog shampoo designed to be gentle on their body.  If the Cockapoo is bathed too often, it can develop skin issues.

Good grooming habits help keep the Cockapoos’ coat of hair healthy and reduce the amount of shedding hair around the house.   Many people seek out this breed for their potential to be low-shedding. 

Many of them are, but there is always the chance that they can shed, and how much is determined by who they are as a dog.

In Conclusion

All dogs shed, including the adorable Cockapoos.  While each dog is unique in the traits they inherit from their dog parents.   Some will shed more than others.

It can be hard to determine what you are getting with a cross-bred dog like the Cockapoo, but multi-generational dogs are more likely to be low shedding than this dog’s first generation of puppies.

When it comes to shedding, some do, and some don’t.  At the end of the day, if it doesn’t affect a person’s health or well-being, a few well-placed dog hairs make a house look lived in, so why make a fuss!