Can Poodles Live in Apartments? A Complete Guide.

When it comes to bringing a dog into your apartment, it is natural to question whether or not a certain dog breed would be suitable. For those of you looking for poodles’ suitability, I am here to answer your questions.

Can Poodles Live in Apartments?

Poodles can live in apartments. Although the smaller sizes such as toy and miniature are more suitable for apartments, standard poodles can also live in apartments. Despite their high energy, poodles are easily trained and able to adapt to new settings.

Although poodles are considered to be apartment friendly, there is still something you should consider with your apartment and schedule before bringing a poodle into your apartment.

Poodles in Apartments

When you are living in an apartment, it is important that your dog’s lifestyle is suitable for the small space he/ she will be living in.

Even if there are no major issues that you are able to see, it may just be a matter of emotion. Many dogs become sad when living in a small area. Instead of their natural and free self, certain dogs will be more depressed.

Luckily, poodles are not this way.

Poodles are able to live in an apartment. One quality that makes poodles so great for apartments is that they love to be around their owner.

Poodles bond fast and easily to their owners. Because of the poodle’s love for you, he/ she will feel the need to be around you often. So, in comparison to other dogs, poodles do not need as much space because they will be satisfied to simply sit by you.

However, an element of a poodle’s temperament that does not match an apartment lifestyle is the high energy.

Poodles are extremely active and energetic dogs.

You will not want to keep your poodle cooped up in the apartment all day. Although certain poodles may be able to handle, most poodles will become a bit destructive without their daily exercise.

Apart from this, you will find that poodles are happy to stay with you in an apartment.

And although most people would think that only a toy poodle can live in an apartment, all size of poodles can actually live in an apartment. Depending on the size of your apartment, you may find toy poodles more suitable.

However, for those of you in love with large dogs, take a big sigh of relief. Standard poodles are also able to live in apartments.

Significant Factors for Poodles in Apartments

When looking for a dog that would do well in an apartment, it is likely that there are a few factors in your mind towards what would make a good apartment living dog.

Because you know your apartment and what you are looking for, you should still keep those things in mind.

However, to help you narrow down your search, I will list the most significant factors in a dog’s suitability to an apartment.

Desired Trait:
SizeSmall to Medium
Energy LevelLow to Moderate

Toy and Mini Poodles Do Better than Standard Poodles

Size is likely the first thing you thought of when questioning if a certain dog would fit well in your apartment.

Although a dog may be a good fit for your apartment, it is also very important that your dog literally fits in. Size is an important factor in determining whether or not a dog is suited to your apartment.

After all, you are likely questioning whether poodles can live in apartments because apartments are smaller.

Almost every dog is best suited in a large home. It is simply easier for an owner and a dog to live together when there is more available space and a nice backyard.

However, because of different circumstances many people can not have a home.

But, according to their size, poodles are a great match for your apartment.

There are three size varieties of poodles that I will focus on:

  • Toy Poodle
  • Miniature Poodle
  • Standard Poodle

Although these different types of poodles have very similar temperaments, they simply differ in size, with the standard being the largest of the poodle sizes.

Standard PoodleMiniature PoodleToy Poodle
Heightover 15 inches10-15 inches7-10 inches
Weight40-75 lbs11-20 lbsLess than 10 lbs.

Although standard poodles are least suitable for apartments, all of these poodles can live in apartments.

There is no specific guideline towards how large or small your dog can be according to your apartment size. However, some things you should take into consideration is the space for the poodle’s things.

You will want to make sure there is room your poodle’s crate as well as bed in your apartment.

There should also be enough space that your poodle can walk around without knocking anything over. If the walking space is too narrow, you will find yourself upset at your poodle often, even though the only issue is the lack of space.

Barking: Quiet

This is the one significant factor that people often forget about when thinking about dogs suited for apartments.

However, in comparison to a home where there is open space for your dog to bark, whine, and such, your dog should be quiet while living in an apartment.

While living in an apartment, there will be neighbors around you. The last thing you want is for your neighbor to come by and complain to you about your loud dog.

But aside from neighbors, there will likely be many people walking by your apartment every daily. Although poodles have great ears and would love to warn you about the people that are outside, it can get to be too much when your dog barks at every step that goes by your door.

This is why it is so significant to have a quiet dog.

Although poodles do not have a high tendency toward being quiet, they can easily be trained. Poodles are naturally ranked about average for dog vocalization. But, with training, you can decrease the amount of barking.

Energy Level: Low- Moderate

While living in an apartment, you will not be able to have a doggy door so that your dog can go outside whenever he/ she wants to. Instead, there will simply be closed doors for your dog.

Because of this, it is difficult to keep a high energy dog in an apartment.

However, there are many dogs out there with low energy and activity levels. These dogs seem “lazy” because they are simply satisfied with sitting on the couch all day long.

On the opposite side of the spectrum are those dogs that are incredibly high energy and have a need to be moving around and get lots of exercise. Poodles fall under this category of high energy dogs. This high energy would typically mean that the poodle would be unhappy in an apartment.

Poodles will actually adapt to your schedule.

Yet, poodles are able to adapt.

Because poodles are such loving dogs attached to their owners, poodles will actually adapt to your schedule. Through repetition, poodles will learn when you will be home.

So, instead of being destructive and freaking out without exercise, poodles will wait until you come home.

However, just because poodles are able to adjust to your schedule so well, does not mean that you can neglect to take your poodle out for a walk. Although poodles are more flexible than other dogs, they cannot make it through the day without any exercise.

Overall, poodles will be happy in your apartment, as long as he/ she is well taken care of.

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Apartment Features Suitable for Poodles

Aside from your dog being suitable for your apartment, it is also important that your apartment is suitable for your dog.

Depending on where you are living, it may be easier or more difficult to live with a poodle. However, if you are moving to an apartment soon, there are a few things that you should look out for in an apartment that would make your apartment more desirable for dogs.

Desired Apartment:
PositionFirst floor, near a yard

Obviously not every apartment will have these ideals available. In fact, some apartments may have the exact opposite of the ideal.

You can still make living with a dog in an apartment work with the less than ideal. However, it will be much simpler for you and your poodle if you look for these qualities in an apartment.


When you have a home, the positioning does not matter one bit. You simply open the door and your poodle is outside peeing in the backyard.

However, with an apartment where the backyard is not readily available, it is significant that you are able to be close by in case of an emergency. When your poodle is about to pee, you don’t want to make your poodle walk across a big building before getting to pee.

The ideal situation would be getting your poodle outside immediately.

To create this situation, the best apartment floor you can have is the first floor. Depending on where your yard space is, you will want the apartment closest to the exit.

The positioning will make a big difference, especially while you are house training your puppy.


If you are not on the first floor of your apartment building, you will want to have an elevator in your building.

This is especially important to have. If your poodle were to get an injury and have needs of you carrying him/ her, you will be desperate for an elevator. The worst thing for you would be taking the stairs with a poodle in your arms.

Along with in case of emergency, there will be many situations where you have things in your arms. So instead of letting go of your dog’s leash, you could just take the elevator.


As one of the most important issues of having a poodle in an apartment is in regards to bathroom breaks; you will want to give your poodle a backup plan in case of an emergency.

If you have a balcony, then you could place a patch of artificial grass on the balcony. With this patch of artificial grass, your poodle could do its thing.

I say that this should be done on a balcony because you do not want to have that smell in your home. On the balcony, the smell will not come in and linger into your apartment.

This is also good for when you are running late to take your poodle outside.

Training for an Apartment

Although poodles are considered to be good apartment dogs, there is still some training that you can do to make sure that your poodle does well while in the apartment.

Let Your Poodle Get Comfortable with Noise

For poodles, it is important to desensitize them to different sounds.

With poodles’ temperament, they will be naturally prone to be easily startled. Poodles are extremely alert and have great senses.

Because of this, poodles are easily startled.

So, when there are noises outside, it is likely that your poodle could bark. To make sure this isn’t happening, you will want to get your poodle used to these different noises.

A good way to do this is to bring your poodle around different people. Just having people around and getting used to those noises, your poodle will become desensitized to the sounds.

Make a Routine

To transition into having a poodle inside an apartment, you will want to give him/ her a solid potty schedule.

By following the same routine, your poodle will get used to going to the bathroom at certain times. With the same schedule, your poodle will anticipate before he/ she will pee and be able to wait.

Learn Indoor Exercises

Depending on the weather, you may not be able to take your poodle outside for exercise. However, your poodle will still need to get some energy out to stay happy and satisfied.

Some different exercises that you could do are some nose tricks.

There are some different things that you can do with your poodle inside. Take time to learn different indoor exercises.


As I mentioned earlier, it is possible to train your poodle to not bark.

When you are in the apartment with your poodle, listen for noises along with your dog. When you see your dog perk up, stop him/ her before he/ she barks. You can simply say “good dog” in a perky voice.

After, you should give your poodle a reward. Whether that is petting, throwing a ball, or treats, give your dog something they’ll enjoy.

Then, your poodle will be on his/ her way to no barking.

Your Schedule with a Poodle in Your Apartment

Although everyone has a different schedule and I cannot anticipate everyone’s schedule along with their poodle, I can give a general guideline to what your schedule should be like with a poodle.

AMMorning Walk
Feed Poodle
MIDDAYWalk (possibly with dog walker)
Kong Treats

This general guideline will keep your poodle happy throughout the day.

Before you leave in the morning, simply take your poodle for a walk. This will get some energy out. Then, of course, feed your poodle.

Not everyone is able to come home midday with their schedule. But if you are able to, you should take your poodle for a midday walk. If you are unable to, then you can always hire someone to take your poodle for a walk.

At this time, it is also good to give your poodle a Kong treat. Kong treats will keep your poodle occupied while you are away.

In the evening, you should have the longest exercise session of the day. With a poodle, you will have to groom him/ her in the evening every day.

Overall, it will take a lot of work, but a poodle is still a poodle. You will still love having a poodle in an apartment.

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