What is a Twoodle Dog?

I needed a therapy dog for my child.  I wanted a dog that could be of service to my child but also a companion dog.  I also needed this dog to be hypoallergenic. 

There aren’t very many options that fit all this criterion but the Twoodle boasted being hypoallergenic and looked friendly.  I needed to discover if the Twoodle would meet all my criteria for a dog.

I took my time to thoroughly research and here is what I learned.

What is a Twoodle Dog?

What is a Twoodle Dog?  A Twoodle dog is a hybrid dog that is a mix of Smeraglia English Golden Doodle and a Smeraglia Snoodle.  Originally bred to meet the many needs of select clients as assistance dogs they offer all the qualities a client looks for in a dog. 

They are as unique as their name implies in breeding, personality, appearance, and ability.  If you are looking for a designer dog that will WOW you and your friends with all their redeeming qualities, this breed fits the bill!

Likened to a teddy bear due to their appearance these uniquely bred dogs were created to meet the many needs of dog owners today including specially-abled people.  

They are a mix of three distinct dog breeds, a Poodle, Golden Retriever, and Schnauzer, and offer some amazing qualities wrapped into one little dog.

Created by a specific breeder they boast important qualities that include strong focus, healthy endurance, clear attentiveness, a docile personality, hypoallergenic coat, and they are driven to meet the needs of their owner.

These redeeming qualities highly recommend them as assistance dogs but also companion dogs for everyone in society.

Why another new mixed breed of dog?

With the creation of each new mixed breed of dog, inferior qualities are removed through breeding the process.  Such negative qualities of aggression, excess shedding, and training difficulties can be lessened through this breeding process. 

Positive qualities that relate to temperament, personality, and physical traits of each parental breed background are blended which can create a superior dog breed.

The new breed of dog can boast a higher content of good, positive qualities from each dog breed, leaving behind the negative.  This creates a breed that is highly trainable with good character and physical attributes.

The Twoodle has a mixture of positive qualities from the three dogs of their breed background.

What is a hybrid or designer dog?

A hybrid or designer dog as those in the media like to call them is a dog that was created from two or more different purebred dog breeds.  They are not a specific breed themselves but a hybrid of the two or more breeds combined.

By mixing multiple breeds there is the potential to gain a variety of qualities from each breed.  In this way, four Twoodle dogs in one litter might produce a wide variety of positive unique traits.

If the correct purebred dog breeds are selected due to their mental capacities, emotional state, and physical traits this can be a recipe for success.  As is the case with the Twoodle.

What size is the Twoodle Dog?

The Twoodle dog comes in two distinct sizes that vary based on their parentage.  The smaller sized Twoodle will be an average of 25-35 lbs. while the medium-sized Twoodle can average 40-50 lbs.

What does the Twoodle look like?

The Twoodle looks like a teddy bear with an allergy-friendly coat of hair.  Unlike the three breeds of dogs that were used to create the Twoodle comes in more exciting and designer colors for their beautiful and soft coat of hair.

These colors include Chocolate, Parti, Champagne, Cream, Black and Chocolate, and Tan Phantom, and provide enough variety to please everyone.

What makes the Twoodles personality so special?

They have the good qualities of each of the three mixed breeds.

From one breed they can receive the qualities of being happy, docile, easy-going, and loyal.  They can boast a gentle, loving nature that is dedicated and devoted to their owners.  They can be dependable and playful providing the right mix of personality and charm.

Thanks to their unique breed background they can also boost strength, strong focusing abilities, reliability, and intelligence which lend the Twoodle to being highly trainable.  This is an important trait for being an assistance dog.

Is the Twoodle listed with the American Kennel Club?

No.  Since the Twoodle is not a breed but a hybrid or mix of dog breeds, they are not considered pure breed according to American Kennel Club standards.

The American Kennel Club has very strict standards for acknowledging a breed.  Breeders must meet special criteria before they can have their breed accept and acknowledge by the American Kennel Club.

Is the Twoodle a healthy dog breed?

Yes, they are a healthy dog breed.  This doesn’t mean that every Twoodle will have perfect health.  The three dog breeds that make up their background do have health issues, as does every dog breed for that matter.

Proper nutrition and loving home, combined with annual checkups at their veterinarian can ensure that any health issues that arise are addressed quickly for the best possible outcome.

The dog breeder can go over their breeding background to shine a light on the potential illnesses they may encounter throughout their life if this is of great concern.  While this isn’t a guarantee it can provide tips and knowledge that can help in the future.

What recommends the Twoodle to those looking for a service or therapy assistance dog?

Their personality, physical abilities, and mental capacities recommend them as assistance dogs as well as companion dogs to everyone on society.

Service or therapy assistance dogs need to have very stable personalities.   They need to be friendly yet docile and have a calm, no-fuss personality to be around a wide variety of people in society. 

These dogs provide a service to our community therefore they need to be able to mix and blend within that society without such negative emotions of fear or aggression.

These assistance dogs might visit hospitals, schools, nursing homes or other public facilities to be of service or encounter varied situations with their own. 

Having the right temperament and personality are the most important quality for them.  They need to be able to get along with everyone and continue with their service regardless of the situation.

They must be pleasant and friendly to those they assist as well as others around them.

A wide variety of people need assistance dogs, therefore it would be better if they were low allergen or hypoallergenic to meet the needs of all clients.  Thanks to the Twoodles breed background they have a coat of hair that is low shedding and hypoallergenic.

This quality also helps in those situations where the Twoodle blends into society while assisting its owner.  It is impossible to know who they will come in contact with, being hypoallergenic is healthy for everyone involved.

An assistance dog needs to have high intelligence and a greater ability to focus on the type of training they need to receive to be of service to others. 

They need to have the mental capacity to be responsible and reliable when being of assistance to those specially-abled people in the community. 

Strength and tolerance are also qualities that an assistance dog should have to be of the most help to their owner or the community.

Is the Twoodle a better dog than the three that make their breed background?

No.  There is no such thing as a better dog breed, pure or mixed. While certain criteria can make a dog better for certain situations, all dogs have the potential to be their best.   Purebred, or mixed only has a small bearing on the dog that they will become unless they are to be a show dog.

The Twoodle has many excellent qualities from their breed background but what each dog receives can vary since they are a mixed breed.

One dog might have a stronger sense of duty and responsibility, while another might be an overly friendly dog.  Each of these dogs has strong positive personality traits but is equally different from one another.

That is why it is best to meet with each dog individually and discuss with their breeder what is most important for you as a dog owner.   They will have a better understanding of each dog which can help you make the best choice for your situation.

Final Thoughts

The Twoodle is a hybrid dog with a big list of wonderful traits.  These traits would make them a great addition to any family or home where they can be of service to their owner and possibly others in society. 

They will be a friendly and loving companion that is intelligent and loyal while providing relief from dog allergies for those who need that.

With all this dog rolled into one cute bundle of joy, It’s hard to imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to take one of them home today!