Can Beagles Live Outside?

19250152 m Can Beagles Live Outside?

Beagles are great pets to have but for some, there is a concern about whether or not they can live outside. I thought a lot about this and with a lot of research, I discovered the answer.

Can beagles live outside?

Beagles don’t have very long coats so if you live in a place that gets cold then your beagle cannot live outside because they can get severe frostbite. Also, it can be dangerous to leave your beagle outside no matter the weather because their sense of smell has been known to cause them to run away.

Beagles are such a strong breed that we want to believe that they can do anything, and they can live through everything. But unlike the movies, beagles can’t quite handle the cold as we may have been led to believe.

Can Beagles Live Outside?

We have all seen A Charlie Brown Christmas and watched as snoopy decorates his dog house that is outside. Or even better, seen him ice skating across the frozen lake with only a scarf to keep him warm.

Well although Snoopy is a beagle and a very intelligent representation of one, he doesn’t quite paint the picture for typical beagles. Most beagles are actually rather sensitive to long periods in cold weather, and very few can ice skate.

Beagles are not the right breed to try and make an outdoor dog. Their bodies are not made for extreme temperatures especially the cold. They are bred to be indoor dogs.

A lot of people try and make the argument that beagles used to live and sleep outside in the 18th century so why can’t they live outside now? Well, the answer is kind of clear.

Back in the 18th century when beagles were used primarily as hunting dogs they lived in very different circumstances than the circumstances we have to offer our beagles today.

First off, if someone owned beagles for hunting they owned a pack of beagles for hunting. The number per pack usually ranged around 20 dogs in each pack.

That makes for a lot of body heat to go around so that the dogs don’t get cold. I guess if someone had the space to accomodate 20 beagles ad they wanted them to live outside, then their beagles could be outdoor dogs.

This still deals with proper conditions though. The lords and dukes and wealthy men that owned these packs of beagles had shelters built that kept out the elements and normally had straw on the floor to help insulate against cold weather.

So, if all of those circumstances were replicated then yes someone could easily have some outdoor beagles as pets. But it is not wise to keep a beagle alone outside both day and night.

This is not only because of the weather. Beagles are social dogs and they thrive off of human-to-dog contact. If a beagle is left outside all day and night it will get lonely and those feelings can then, in turn, affect its health.

Not only that, but beagles have been known to act out when they are put into situations where they are left alone for the majority of their time. They will often start howling incessantly, they will go crazy digging holes everywhere, and they will even begin to start chewing on everything that they can find, including your house.

This is not to say that beagles cannot be left outside while you are at work. Most of the time this is actually a great proposition for beagles because they love being outside. As long as you come home and let them inside and spend time with them, they will remain happy dogs.

If I Leave My Beagle Outside During the Day Do I Need to Provide a Shelter?

It is totally normal for people and families to leave their pets outside while they are away during the day. If you leave your beagle outside during the day while you are at school or at work it is ideal that you provide a shelter for them.

Because they aren’t staying outside 24/7 this shelter doesn’t need to be extravagant or expensive. If you have a covered porch and buy a little doggie bed for them to lay in when it is cold or raining, that is a perfect situation.

If you find that you don’t really have anywhere that is relatively covered and could offer your beagle refuge from storms and cold weather, then you can always follow Charlie Brown’s example and build (or buy) a dog house.

Dog houses normally start around $70-$150 if you are going to buy one, but if you want to you can get some fancy ones for around $250. But a basic dog house is really all that is needed.

If you want to do something extra, I have some family that made a little shelter in their garage for their dogs and they have some heated blankets and sleeping beds that help create a more comfortable feel.

The idea to build a dog house might be more appealing to you as a dog owner. If that is so it will normally cost around $50-$100 for materials and that doesn’t include tools and stain.

It can be a fun project though to build your own dog house. You can get ideas and inspirations on lots of different sites, and lowes has a break down for all of the materials that could be needed for the building process.

What Dog Breeds Can Live Outside?

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If you really need a dog that can stay outside full time, there are some breeds out there that love the outdoors and have the built-in protection to keep them safe and happy outside.

#1 Siberian Husky

These dogs ancestors are from a remote town in China where all they were used to was the freezing cold tundra. They have extremely thick coats that help them stay warm in cold weather.

They are great outdoor dogs, but they still need love and attention from their owners. Because they are pack dogs their emotional health relies on their ability to socialize.

#2 Mastiff

Mastiffs also originated from Asia and have lived outdoors most of their lives. Going from fighting territorial dogs, to tamer guard dogs, to the peaceful dogs they are now, took a lot of training and dedication.

Like with any breed that is kept outside making sure that they have a proper shelter is important for any and every animal. That way they will always have a refuge when needed.

#3 German Shepherd

German Shepards were originally bred in Germany where they were used as police and military dogs. They lived up to their design in both world wars as they fearlessly supplied German trenches with the food and supplies they needed.

They have spent a majority of their history outside and have the right build and fur to be kept as outdoor pets. German Shepards are wikedly smart though and do need proper mental stimulation every day.

#4 Irish Wolfhound

These dogs massive size and rough coat naturally lend themselves to living outside. They are actually quite gentl beasts, even though they normally stand about 3 feet tall measured at the shoulder.

Being breed to take down massive elk and wolves these dogs know how to fend for themselves and are survivors. Because of their massive size, they love to be outdoors and they love to run.

#5 Australian Shepherd

Despite their names, Australian Shepherds were actually bred in the American West and are known for being great farm and ranching dogs. Although, it is believed that they are descendants from some Australian bloodlines.

Because of their durability and longtime outdoor exposure, these dogs are perfect for anyone who wants a dog who not only can but loves to live outside. Especially if you have a lot of land and a job for it to accomplish.

Related Questions:

Do beagles shed?

Beagles have relatively short hair and so while they do shed if they are brushed regularly and kept clean you won’t notice that much shedding. They do shed more during the spring as they lose their winter coat, so they may have to be brushed more regularly because you will start to notice more hair.

Do Beagles eat a lot?

Beagles are known for overindulging whenever they get the chance. Because of this, you cannot free feed them. They need to have controlled feedings at regular times of the day. That way they don’t eat you out of your home and into obesity.