Are Australian Shepherds Good With Kids?

I have kids, and I was thinking about getting a dog recently. Not knowing if the dog I like is a good choice for a family with kids, I figured I would investigate the Australian Shepherd, who is my number one choice for a dog due to our busy, active lifestyle.

 Looking on the internet, I found some interesting information about this breed and their relationship to kids.

Are Australian Shepherds Good With Kids?

Australian Shepherds are good with kids if they are appropriately trained because they, like kids, are active and enjoy having fun outdoors. They should be supervised around small children or babies but older children and teenagers will get along great with Australian Shepherds.

Aussies behave best when their environment is kept interesting, and kids are all about excitement, fun, and new and exciting adventures, so they will naturally go hand and hand.

Australian Shepherds have a tremendous, easy-going personality, and they are people pleasers, especially with kids. This easy-going nature is good around kids as the Australian Shepherd won’t likely be bothered by certain kid behaviors that are normal.

Australian Shepherds can sometimes become hyper, though, which can sometimes be a problem if paired with hyper children.

Still, pet parents who have children should be aware of this and manage the household to prevent an overabundance of hyperactivity, separating them when necessary.

The busyness of homes with children will be of great interest to this breed of dog as activities are likely to change quickly and spontaneously, which will be right up their alley. 

One moment they might be found snuggling with the kids, and then the next, the Australian Shepherd might be found playing catch or roughhousing with the family. 

Australian Shepherds can be bigger in weight and height than some other dogs, but their personality and nature make them safe to be around children. 

What Makes Australian Shepherds So Good With Kids?

Are Australian Shepherds Good With Kids 1 Are Australian Shepherds Good With Kids?

One of the best reasons an Australian Shepherd is good in a family with kids is that they need a lot of attention.

So do the kids; together, they can share bonding moments where they give and receive attention while inspiring each other to new adventures and fun.

Australian Shepherds make great family dogs when that their family has children. Children have a natural affinity for adventure, fun, excitement, and being active and outdoorsy.

This is a natural and comfortable fit for the Australian Shepherd as they are highly active and respond best when in a setting that is interesting and changing.

While they love to snuggle and just hang out, Australian Shepherds are working dogs that love playing, working, and having fun.

Their easy-going nature and love of learning new tricks and activities will significantly fit kids, creating a strong and comfortable bond between them based on fun and new adventures.

That being said, there are some traits that Australian Shepherds can have that can make it a bit challenging if the pet parents are not aware and prepared to deal with them.

What Should I Watch Out For When My Aussie Is Around Kids?

The Australian Shepherd can sometimes be hyper, depending on the dog. This can be a common trait with this breed if left unchecked and not modified with proper obedience training.

For families with somewhat hyper children, they must be prepared to manage this behavior in the Australian Shepherd.

For instance, if a kid in the family is a bit hyper at times, it may be necessary to separate the dog and kid pair if a situation arises. This can prevent them from feeding off each other’s behavior and break the cycle.

However, most parents that have a hyper child already know this and have learned to manage those situations. Having a plan for managing the kid and the dog if they both become hyper at the same time is a good idea.

Another characteristic of this breed is that Australian Shepherds have a strong herding instinct-driven from their breed background and just naturally happens. While not necessarily harmful, this is something that can be a bit of a surprise unless the pet parent is prepared for it.

This breed will be driven to herd and at times might be found nipping at ankles and doing whatever they feel is necessary to get the kids or whomever to go where they want them to go.

Pet parents can manage this with good obedience training, which will likely need to be reviewed periodically.

However, it must be noted that this behavior is instinctual, and it may not ever be irradicated entirely from their dogs’ character. Sometimes the best way to manage this is to have an outlet if possible.

Having a regular outlet for the Australian Shepherd to perform their herding skills will give them a sense of purpose in this area and allow their true nature to come forth positively.

This can minimize the chance that they will herd the kids of the household as they will learn where it is appropriate to do that.

This breed is a safe breed for kids to hang around as they don’t usually show aggressive tendencies like some other dog breeds can sometimes do.

They are a medium to large size dog which can sometimes be a problem in households with very small children. 

However, Australian Shepherds or other dog breeds that live in families with small children or babies should always be supervised regardless of nature and character.

Situations can arise where a dog or child will accidentally hurt one another; therefore, pet parents should always watch.

Perhaps one of the best reasons to have an Australian Shepherd in a family with kids is because they both need a lot of attention.

Together they can form a close bond where they meet each other’s need for attention and inspire new ways of having fun. What could be more perfect than that!

What Can I Do To Make My Australian Shepherd Gets Along With My Kids?

There are many ways to help your kids have a good relationship with their Australian Shepherd that is easy and will come naturally to them both. Keeping them both entertained and setting aside time to bond together is a great way to help get them acquainted.

Are Australian Shepherds Good With Kids 2 Are Australian Shepherds Good With Kids?

First and foremost, daily life should be fun and forever changing. This should already happen in a household with kids as kids love to explore and do new things.

Kids can naturally get bored quickly; therefore, it is likely that there are many diversions and exciting activities that the kids can naturally change up from moment to moment and day to day.

To foster a good relationship between the kids and the Australian Shepherd, that lifestyle should be maintained as Australian Shepherds are like kids with fur.

They will thrive best in a diverse, engaging, and forever-changing household.

When kids and the Australian Shepherd are paired together in this type of household, they will naturally form a close and lasting bond based on their adventures.

Another aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked is ensuring that the kids are making time for the Australian Shepherd

Kids these days are busy; school, baseball practice, whatever they have going on, it is busy and sometimes takes them away from home as their parents.

Ensuring that the Australian Shepherd is included in these adventures regularly will put the pair together and naturally create a strong and close bond between them.

When that is not possible, reminding the kids that they shouldn’t forget about their dog can be helpful.

This is particularly true of older kids and teenagers who might have much to do and spend less time at home. 

When they are at home, their activities might be very focused on social media or other technology, and they may forget to spend time with their beloved dog pal.

Encourage your children to teach your dog simple tricks and learn responsibility for taking care of another family member.

Pet parents can be forward-thinking and have activities at the ready when these moments arise. After a teenager spends a long day away from home, the last thing they want to do is think about what they can play with their dog. 

Mom or dad could have the volleyball net set up so everyone could play a fun round of volleyball, including the Australian Shepherd.

Besides having lots of activities and reminding kids when they are busy, pet parents should set up their homes for bonding. 

Aside from activities, everyone, including the Australian Shepherd, will need time to bond in a relaxed setting. After a long, hard day of fun and adventure, everyone needs time to unwind. 

Having comfortable spots in the house where kids and dogs can chill and interact will inspire close bonding.

Australian Shepherds And Kids

Kids and dogs are a natural fit, provided the dog has the right temperament and nature. Australian Shepherds are a natural fit for a family with kids because they love being active and having fun.

When this carefree personality is paired with the likes of most kids, it will be non-stop excitement and thrills for everyone, including the Australian Shepherd.

Training is necessary, and supervision sometimes required, but all and all, the Australian Shepherd makes a perfect pet for a kid!