Why Does my Bird Rub His Head On Me? (Explained!)

Having a bird in your home as a pet can be a lot of fun. They have great personalities and can be a welcome addition to your family. One thing that you may notice once you bring the bird home is that they tend to rub their head against you. This may cause you to wonder, why does my bird rub their head on me?

Your bird may decide to rub their head on you to get attention, to show that they love you, and if they have a health condition. Often the bird just wants to get some attention from you when they notice you are paying attention to someone else or one of the other pets in the home. Sometimes they will rub against you just to show they care. Each bird is different in the amount of attention they will need and how often they will rub against you.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why your bird seems to be rubbing their head against you and explore a few of the things that you can do to help out with this.

Why Does My Bird Rub His Head On Me?

There are a number of reasons why your bird may decide to rub their head on you. It sometimes will depend on the specific bird and the situation surrounding the rubbing to help determine if this is something that you are able to fix. Some of the most common reasons that a bird is rubbing their head on you include:

To Get Attention

The most common reason why your bird is rubbing their head on you is to get your attention. They may notice that you are giving some of the other animals in the home attention and they want in on the action too. For those who have been busy with other things, the bird just may miss you and wants to get your attention as soon as possible.

Each bird is different. There are some who will be able to go a long time without any attention before they start to notice and will try to get it from you. Other birds are needy and like to get attention all the time. If your bird is one of the latter, then it is likely that you will have them rubbing their head against you quite a bit.

Just a little attention with your bird can make a world of difference when it comes to a bird who thinks they need some attention from you. You can play with some of their toys with them, talk with them, or do something else to provide them with attention. Keep in mind that some birds are going to be really jealous birds so you will need to give them attention that is at least equal to the attention that you give to other birds in the home.

To Show They Care

While many birds may rub up against you using their heads as a way to get attention when you are busy, or when you are showing attention to other animals in the home, sometimes they will do it to show that they care about you. Each bird is different. Some will use this as a way to show they care quite a bit, while others may not be fond of this movement at all.

When the bird decides to rub their head against you to show that they care, it is almost like they are snuggling up with you. They will come in close and will just snuggle and rub right into you. Giving them a little attention and a soft voice during this time, and perhaps petting them on the head too, can help them know that you reciprocate as well.

This usually will not be something the bird does all the time. They may want to show it when they want to spend some time with you. Others may do it when they feel a little bit lonely. Your bird likes to spend time with you, whether with the other animals in the home or on their own and sometimes we get too busy to give them this attention enough. When the bird starts to cuddle up with you, then it is time to give them some of the love and the attention they are looking for.

A Health Problem

Most of the time the bird will do this as a way to show that they love and care about you, or as a way to get your attention on them. When you start to notice that the bird is doing it all the time, it is time to look to see if there is something else that could be to blame. It is possible that something is wrong with the birds head and you may need to get them checked out.

One common problem that is going to bother the head of your bird are mites. These like to feed on the dead skin cells and are known as burrowing mites. In a parakeet, the head is most likely affected, especially on the eyelids, beak, and cere. It is possible that the feet and legs will be affected, but it is most likely going to be on the head.

If the bird is rubbing against you quite a bit and it doesn’t seem like attention or affection is to blame, then it is possible that there is a problem like mites that you will need to deal with. If you do not take care of the infestation, there can be some serious complications that are hard on the bird and can make them very sick. The best way to deal with these mites is to visit the vet and see what treatment options are recommended by them.

Should I Be Worried That My Bird Rubs Their Head On Me?

It is not uncommon for a bird to rub their head on you during the day. In fact, this is pretty normal. Birds have to use different parts of their bodies to help show that they are interested, that they need attention, and to show that they love you. They can’t just walk up to you and say the words, so rubbing their head on you can make sure that you know they are there.

As long as your bird is only doing this on occasion, then it is nothing to be concerned about. In fact, it is completely normal for your bird to do this around you. Whether they are doing it to show love and affection or they are using it to get your attention, you will see that they are going to enjoy spending time with you.

How to Get My Bird to Stop Rubbing Their Head on Me?

If the bird is rubbing their head on you because of an infection or another issue, then it is time to take them into the vet to get the condition checked out. This is the only way to get the situation fixed and to make sure that your bird is going to feel better and stop rubbing their head on you.

If the bird is rubbing their head on you for one of the other reasons, then there are a few choices that you can make. You can either give them the attention if they are seeking attention, you can show them a little affection as well, or you can put them back in their cage if you do not have the time to provide them with the attention they need.

While it is important to show love and attention to your bird so they feel important too, if you need to head to work or get things done around the home, you may not have time to give it to them right that second. Putting them back into their cage so you can get things done may be the best solution. Just make sure that when you do have time later on, you focus some attention on the bird.

Why Your Bird Is Rubbing Their Head On You

Birds have to use different methods to make sure their owners know that they care. They can’t speak it and hugging like humans do is not really an option at all. this is why a lot of birds will use head rubbing to help display this emotion. They want to make sure that you know they care and that you are going to give them some attention to.

On occasion the situation can be a health issue and you need to visit the vet. When the bird is showing they care with just a few rubs on you with their head, then there isn’t an issue. If they seem to be frantically doing it and acting like they are in pain, then it is possible something else is wrong and you will need to take them to the vet to get the situation under control.

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