Popular Snake Breeds that are Green

The color of a snake typically makes it more desirable among collectors and owners. Snakes make a popular pet, but some snakes might make better pets than others. With all the various types of snakes out there, let’s take a look at some popular green ones.

Some of the most popular green snake breeds that are kept as pets are the:

  • Green tree python
  • Rough green snake
  • Grass snake
  • Garter snake
  • Vine snake

There are a lot of things to consider before buying a pet snake, like what care is needed or how big it is. Green snakes are different from many other snakes, so even if you know how to care for other snakes, some of the details in this article may be new to you.

Green Snakes as Pets

The first thing to remember is that buying a snake, or any pet, makes you responsible for another living creature, so making sure it is what you want to do and that you have the right pet for you is super important. 

The five snakes discussed in this article are only a few of the many snake breeds out there. There are snakes of other colors and breeds that may require different care or suit your needs and lifestyle better.

However, these five green snakes can make good pets with proper care.  They are various sizes and have different diets and environmental needs that will require some preparation, but if you learn what you need to know about your new slithering friend, the two of you should get along great.

Green snakes may not be good for beginning snake owners because they are shy and don’t always like to be handled by humans. They do better being watched. They may also be reluctant to be fed. If you are a beginner, I wrote an article about how to choose your first pet snake. It includes my own choices on a first pet snake, as well as tips to help you choose. Find it here.

Green snakes, in general, get along with each other as long as they have space to move and climb, so you can have more than one in a tank. They do need a lot of greenery to live and hide in. They will also need light and heat for the tank.

Keep in mind that in some states purchasing or owning some of these snakes is illegal because they are endangered and need to be kept in the wild for their own protection, so be sure to check your state’s snake trading laws before purchasing the snake(s).

what popular snake breeds are green Popular Snake Breeds that are Green
A green snake sitting on a branch

Care for Your Green Snake

Care for snakes depends a lot on the size of the snake. Green snakes do have a wide range in size, with garter snakes being about 2 feet at biggest and green tree pythons coming in at 4-6 long as adults.

If your space is limited, a smaller snake, like the garter snake or the rough green snake, would be better for you.

A 30-gallon tank would be ideal for these smaller breeds. If space isn’t an issue, you should be fine to support the green tree python, but you will need a tank much bigger than 30-gallons by the time the snake is an adult.

Inside the tank, the snakes will need environmental comforts. As mentioned before, green snakes are naturally shy so they like to hide. This means that they need greenery and a lot of it. That doesn’t just mean leaves either.

Include sticks and small branches along with the leaves to give the snake a place to climb. Placing a shallow dish of water for the snake helps the snake stay hydrated and comfortable as well.

Aside from having the right size of tank for your snake, you will also need a lamp to provide light and heat for the snake. Snakes are cold-blooded, so they need the extra heat. Keeping the temperature between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit should be fine.

Snakes can develop infections and other illnesses, so taking them to a vet periodically to ensure good health will help you find ways to better care for your snake if needed. Here, you can find an article I wrote about terrariums for snakes, and how to purchase the right one for your snake. It gives suggestions for some great terrariums.

Diet of Your Green Snake

Many green snakes will eat insects and nothing else. Many people feed their snakes with crickets, but the diet of the snake should not be limited to only crickets, so add in other insects or spiders as well.

Mealworms don’t need to be avoided, but should only be fed to the snake once in a while. Insects with exoskeletons can cause problems to the snake’s digestion.

Green tree pythons are the exception to this diet. Because they are bigger snakes, they don’t eat insects. Instead, they prefer to eat small rodents like mice. Make sure the mouse or mice are smaller than the snake is wide, otherwise your python will have a hard time eating.

Remember, adult pythons only need feeding every two weeks or so. These snakes digest food much slower than humans do and not feeding it daily does not mean you’re starving it.

Green snakes can get their drinking water in two ways. First, they may just drink from the shallow dish of water placed in the tank. Some snakes may prefer not to drink from the water they soak in though, so misting the tank with a spray bottle every day or so creates drops of water on the leaves that they can drink instead, and would help keep the tank comfortably humid.

Cost of Your Green Snake

Smaller green snakes are relatively inexpensive. A rough green snake can be purchased for about $30.00 and a northern garter snake can be purchased for around $20.00.

Be aware that, a green tree python is a lot more expensive than the smaller green snakes. They sell for approximately $300.00, making them ten times more expensive than a rough green snake. $300.00 tends to be a low price for a python. Be absolutely sure that you are able to care for a python before you purchase one because it isn’t a small commitment to make.

Though the cost of purchasing the snake alone may seem doable, remember that there are many other costs involved in owning a snake. You need to also purchase the tank, the heat lamp, and the foliage. Snakes are also a continuing cost. You will always have to buy food for them and pay for the constant use of the electricity used to keep the snake warm.

Be aware of how much the cost will be to own the snake. You don’t want to buy one and be unable to care for it. Plan ahead first.

The prices listed here are approximations. The actual prices may vary depending on where you are shopping and the specific type of snake you are in ownership of.

If the prices seem high to you, try looking somewhere else. If you are shopping online, then make sure you are buying your snake’s items from a valid company with healthy, well-cared for snakes. If you’re wondering where the best place is to buy a pet snake, this article answers that question. It suggests places as well as choosing the right snake for you and your lifestyle.

What is the best pet snake for beginners?  Green snakes are generally not good for beginning snake owners, but there are several types that are good for beginners, such as corn snakes and rosy boas. For more information check here.

popular snake breeds that are green Popular Snake Breeds that are Green

What are the smallest pet snakes? Some of the smallest pet snakes include the bimini blind snake and the ringneck snake, which are small enough to be confused with earthworms. More typical would be a western hognose snake or a garter snake, which are around 2-3 feet long.

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