Mosquito Fish: Is Petco The Go-To Source For These Useful Creatures?

Mosquito fish are rather useful members of an aquarium. Is Petco a good place to buy them to replenish your supply?

mosquito fish at Petco 1 Mosquito Fish: Is Petco The Go-To Source For These Useful Creatures?

Can you buy mosquito fish at Petco?

Yes, Petco does carry mosquito fish, but primarily online with no option for in store pickup. A Petco store near you might carry the fish in the store, but you’ll need to contact your local store to find out.

We’ll discuss what makes the mosquito fish useful in addition to giving some general guidance about how to find mosquito fish. 

Does Petco sell mosquito fish?

Petco sells mosquito fish at the very least online. According to their website, they sell mosquito fish and other freshwater fish, but many of them are sold and shipped instead of being picked up in the store. This isn’t to say that your local Petco doesn’t carry mosquito fish, pet fish, or live fish, but moreso that they don’t make a point have the website tell you if they are in stock or not.

Given the more recent approach to using curbside services, Petco may be avoiding the idea of handing you a bag of goldfish in your vehicle while encouraging you to come inside and look at what else a live animal needs for food and accessories.

What do mosquito fish do?

mosquito fish at Petco 1 1 Mosquito Fish: Is Petco The Go-To Source For These Useful Creatures?

Given that aquariums offer plenty of warm water, they are certainly an attraction for mosquitos who pursue that exact liquid. 

Having an aquarium in your house can make it a hotbed for mosquitos – that as someone who lives in the upper midwest, I can definitely say are both annoying and shouldn’t be inside your house. 

Mosquito fish naturally eat mosquito larvae as soon as they hatch.

This is great to reduce the number of mosquitos in your house and your aquarium without you having to put up any traps, have a fly swatter, or do much of anything else besides keep the mosquito fish themselves alive. 

Note that mosquito fish, despite their literal name, aren’t the only live fish to purchase to eat mosquitos. Minnows, goldfish, and other finned friends do the same thing. Take a look at what will look best in your aquarium in addition to what is most cost effective.

Is Petco a good place to buy mosquito fish?

Petco is certainly a good source, especially if your local store carries mosquito fish in store, and you prefer to shop in store. Otherwise, ordering online is fine too – it really depends on what you like

While the process of packing and shipping pet fish and tropical fish can be expensive, the prices on Petco seem reasonable for the purpose and you aren’t the one who has to do it.

If it helps and you don’t have a Petco local to you, you can look elsewhere for mosquito fish. 

Many pet, fish, and aquarium supply stores will also carry the helpful little fish as well as many other fish types. You’ll probably also want to price shop both Petco and other sources because you might be able to find higher quality or longer living and better bred mosquito fish from a variety of sources. 

mosquito fish at Petco 3 Mosquito Fish: Is Petco The Go-To Source For These Useful Creatures?

One of the biggest plus sides to going to Petco is that they are a national chain and there is probably a store near you, so much of this decision is whether you would chose Petco or another local store that might carry them.

Our one suggestion might be to contact your local Petco before going and see if they carry mosquito fish in stock. Stores carry a different variety of freshwater fish, live fish, and tropical fish based on the store manager’s and owner’s discretion.

How much do mosquito fish cost at Petco?

While the cost will surely fluctuate based on economics and local conditions, you will probably spend about $2 per mosquito fish at Petco on a regular basis. You’ll often need a few fish per pond – but they will literally be fed at least in part by mosquito larvae.

Mosquito fish can be relatively cheap compared to other solutions while also actually adding something visual to your aquarium. We would recommend searching other options before buying from Petco.

How would Petco and other places ship mosquito fish?

Sending live animals through the mail is surprisingly common. You’ll likely receive a well padded container with water – and it might not come on a typical mail truck. It will likely need climate control if you live in a place that gets too hot or cold.

The box might also have instructions not to cut or pop the insides so the fish remain safe.

mosquito fish at Petco 2 Mosquito Fish: Is Petco The Go-To Source For These Useful Creatures?

Can I put mosquito fish in a pond?

We would suggest not putting mosquito fish in a pond in your backyard. A population of mosquito fish can throw off the natural biology of your pond or small body of water. 

If you do put mosquito fish in your pond, we suggest ensuring that natural plants are either growing or adding some yourself because mosquitos are not always present and breeding, so the mosquito fish can readily starve.

Environmental agencies tend to prefer different treatments to get rid of mosquitos because mosquito fish aren’t as effective when deployed in a larger area. There are natural places for mosquito fish though – so adding them isn’t always helpful anyway.

It’s also worth noting that the mosquito fish’s diet is not limited to the larvae of a mosquito. If you have other insect or fish larvae in the area, the mosquito fish might eat that too. You should also generally consider the rules for aquariums when putting your freshwater fish or tropical fish in there so they don’t eat or attack one another.

Key Takeaways

  • Petco is a good source for mosquito fish, though you’ll want to check with your local store
  • You might not be able to buy mosquito fish in person at your store, check to see if they ship
  • Mosquito fish are very useful for small aquariums to stop the presence of mosquitoes
  • You generally should avoid putting mosquito fish in outdoor ponds unless they have food

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