English Budgies: Does Petco Sell These Beautiful Birds?

Are You Thinking About Purchasing A Beautiful Parakeet To Complete Your Family Of Birds But Wondering Where To Get One?

Does Petco Sell English Budgies 1 1 English Budgies: Does Petco Sell These Beautiful Birds?

Does Petco Sell English Budgies? 

Petco offers a variety of bird species for sale, including budgies (also known as parrots), but you are unlikely to find an English budgie at your local Petco. The English Budgie comes from the “budgerigar” family and has the scientific name of Melopsittacus undulatus. While there is some debate, most birds Americans label as parakeets are the same as Budgies. 

Considering that over 20 million households have a bird as a pet, it is no wonder that there is great interest in the English Budgie. 

These larger-sized parakeets are one of the fastest-growing bird species in the US, and many pet stores like Petco carry them for sale. 

While there is debate about what constitutes a Budgie, these gorgeous birds are winning the hearts of their owners everywhere.

It’s therefore not at all surprising bird lovers are looking for rare budgies like the English budgie at Petco. 

So what is an English Budgie, and what do you need to know before bringing one into your home?

What Is An English Budgie?

Does Petco Sell English Budgies 1 English Budgies: Does Petco Sell These Beautiful Birds?

An English Budgie is a member of the budgerigar (parakeet) family of wild birds that originated in Australia. The breed was introduced in the late 19th century in England, where it was known as a show bird. 

Larger than the American budgie (parakeet – a smaller version of a parrot) or their much smaller wild Australian cousins, they have various color combinations. (The original Budgie had green and yellow markings and was bred with other birds.

Today, there are more than 30 different color hues).  Most domesticated Budgies are around 7 inches and weigh a little under an ounce and a half.

The Budgie has become the most popular bird across the US and Europe due to its beautiful plumage and its skill for mimicry.
The English version of the bird has a beard-like line of feathers around its neck and head, which gives them a fluffier appearance. While not as large as a cockatiel and much larger than a finch, the English Budgie makes a wonderful pet. 

For more specific information about the kinds of parakeets that Petco offers, please see the website. 

The birds are only sold in-store; believe it or not, they can be shipped by plane if special conditions are met (regulations vary with carrier). 

What Are The Qualities Of A Budgie? 

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Most Budgies are quick learners, social birds who love to fly when they can. (My family had some of these birds when I was young, and whenever one got loose, it took an act of Congress and the National Guard to retrieve it).

These birds are delicate creatures who cannot endure rough treatment, so owners should be cautious when handling them.

Due to their social nature, most Budgies do not do well alone and prefer companionship (other birds give them the sense of a flock). 

Due to their wild heritage, they are easily spooked, do not like bright lights, and need coverings at night to quiet down.

What Kind Of Habitat Does An English Budgie Need?

An English budgie will need room for adequate flight, so most pet stores recommend a 3’ x 2’ cage at least 2’ tall. 

This room provides enough space for a pair of parakeets.  

You should provide your Budgie with a balanced diet of seeds and fresh vegetables. Parakeets like green broccoli florets, finely chopped sweet potato, and other vegetables. 

Many owners feed their pet birds seeds or pellets, but any owner needs to ensure that these products are providing adequate nutrition. Many pet stores, like PetSmart or Petco, offer food supplies for feeding your parakeet. 

Petco is a great place to pick up supplies for your budgie, but if we’re being completely honest, they are not the best place to purchase live animals.

Check out our article on all the things Petco doesn’t say about their budgies.

Your parakeet should have fresh water daily in a dispenser or water cup. 

The cage should be cleaned at least weekly with non-toxic detergent and hot water. 

Allow the cage to dry thoroughly before relining it and reintroducing the birds to their environment. (Most newspapers are printed with non-toxic ink so that they can be readily used for lining).

The cage should have a good perch for Budgies to rest on. Since Budgies spend most of the day sitting on a perch (they even sleep on one), it is essential to have more than just one is essential inside the cage. Perches come in all configurations and sizes

(Plastic perches or a small dowel rod are acceptable. Most pet stores have perches that can be bought separately or come with cages. 

Are There Toys That Budgies Like?

Does Petco Sell English Budgies 3 English Budgies: Does Petco Sell These Beautiful Birds?

There are a variety of toys that you can purchase to keep your Budgie entertained. 


Budgies, like other small birds, love to swing.

A swing can easily be hung on the front, or the top bars of the cage, so your little friend will learn how to swing or even sleep while perched on it. 

Squeaky Or Spinner Toys 

Parakeets love to crawl onto toys that squeak or spin. Petco offers several variations of some great spinner toys like Mac’s Natural Spinner Sticks or Insight ActivToy. Even a small mirror with a tiny bell on the bottom can give your bird hours of fun. 

Pieces of Lettuce

Some bird owners have had excellent luck clipping a leaf of romaine lettuce (pour a little water in it and watch your budgie play in it while they peck it and nibble on it).

The point is that whatever you place inside the cage to keep your parakeet entertained doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. 

Foraging Treats

Some great products bird lovers enjoy giving to their pets that allow the parakeet to tap into its inherent foraging capabilities. Many pet stores sell foraging bags where you can hide a few treats and let your bird use its instincts to enjoy an extra morsel. 

Is It Better For Budgies To Live In Pairs?

Budgies are social entities that prefer to be in a flock. While they only pair with one bird during their lifetimes (whom they mate), they need the familiarity of another bird in the cage. 

The downside is that the bond with their fellow cagemate may be stronger than their bond with their owner. 

Base your selection of a mate on the sex of the bird, bearing in mind that females tend to dominate the social hierarchy of wild Budgies. 

How Long Do Budgies Live In Captivity?

A captive Budgie will live for 7 – 12 years, while their wild cousins have much shorter life spans due to the threats from animal predators. 

While your parakeet does not need to worry about predators (unless you have a cat or dog), it is always a good idea to have an annual checkup to make sure that your Budgie is living its best life possible.

Key Takeaways 

  • An English Budgie is a bred bird based on a wild budgie from Australia.
  • The English Budgie is bigger than their wild counterparts and usually lives longer in captivity.
  • Petco and other pet stores offer many supplies for raising birds as pets. 


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