Does Petco Sell Hognose Snakes? Are They Healthy?

You are interested in getting a pet snake but don’t want one that will be venomous or create issues. But where to get one? Does Petco sell hognose snakes?

Does Petco Sell Hognose Snakes 1 Does Petco Sell Hognose Snakes? Are They Healthy?

Does Petco Sell Hognose Snakes?

Petco offers various kinds of non-venomous snakes, including hognose snakes, although the inventory differs from store to store. Most hognose snakes make excellent pets, are relatively easy to care for, and are only sold in-store. Petco also has king snakes, ball pythons, and corn snakes, among other species. 

Snakes are lovely additions to the family as long as you desire to own one. While not for everyone, many reptile owners have invested considerable time and effort in keeping them as pets and have found joy in caring for them. 

One of the most popular snake breeds to own is the hognose snake which many stores offer for purchase. But what exactly is a hognose snake? What is involved in caring for one? 

How much does a hognose snake cost at Petco?

A hognose snake a Petco will cost you anywhere form $120 to well over $500 for a rare or exotic morph.

What Is A Hognose Snake?

A hognose snake is part of the family of unrelated snakes found on every continent except Antarctica. 

The name is derived from an upturned snout that the snake uses for burrowing in the dirt or sand. Their markings vary, although this snake is often confused with copperheads and often killed on sight. They can reach up to 3 feet in length.

They have two maxillary teeth on each side (fangs), and a hognose snake will have a mild bite that can sometimes sting or cause redness but is not harmful to humans. 

A hognose does exude a mildly toxic salvia to animals that they use to paralyze prey before ingesting it. While their color patterns can vary greatly, hognose snakes are multi-colored with sandy hues with black and white markings across their bodies. 

Their heads flatten like cobras when threatened, and at times they will hiss. The tendency has earned them the nickname “Hissing adder” or “puff adder.” They often feign strikes but rarely bite when held. 

The hognose snake is prevalent throughout the midwest and is prevalent from lower Canada to the Mexican border. 

They are primarily a forest snake, preferring to hide in fallen leaves and debris in wooden settings. 

Does Petco Sell Hognose Snakes 1 1 Does Petco Sell Hognose Snakes? Are They Healthy?

What Kind Of Habitat Does A Hognose Snake Need?

While a small Western hognose snake can exist in a smaller aquarium, larger adult snakes need more room (36” x 18”). 

Since this type of reptile is a burrower, you will need a good deal of substrata for the snake to bury itself in.

The best substrata are aspen shavings, which allow for burrowing and are not allergic to the snake’s respiratory system. There are various products on the market, and you can purchase them at pet stores like Petco. 

Humidity should be kept at about 30 – 50%, and the tank’s temperature should be between 70 – 85 degrees. 

The snake is not nocturnal, meaning that you will find that it will be awake during the day. A water dish large enough for them to curl up in is also important and freshwater should be changed daily. 

This snake loves to hide, so ensure your aquarium is filled with effective branches or multiple hiding spots. 

These snakes are very hardy, and as long as they are cared for, they should live for 10 – 15 years in captivity. 

What Does A Hognose Snake Eat?

Does Petco Sell Hognose Snakes 2 Does Petco Sell Hognose Snakes? Are They Healthy?

A hognose snake will eat small rodents, like mice or lizards, as food.

You should feed your hognose a mouse or rodent the size of their body. Pink mice should be fed during the growing process every 3 – 4 days, but once a hognose reaches adulthood, they can handle other kinds of mice like fuzzy mice or hopper mice. 

Adult Hognose snakes should be fed once a week. Frozen mice are available at Petco in various forms for reptiles’ diets. For more information regarding the availability of mice from Petco, see the company website. 

If a snake does not eat a mouse within twenty minutes of you placing it into the aquarium, this reluctance could be a sign that it will not eat it at all. 

Check the humidity of the aquarium. 

If the humidity is too low, the snake might not feel inclined to eat anything. Do not try to force-feed a captive snake for any reason. You should never save unused mice. 

Just throw them out. If they stink too badly, a zip lock bag can help to keep the odor from getting the best of your apartment. 

How Should You Handle A Hognose Snake?

Does Petco Sell Hognose Snakes 3 Does Petco Sell Hognose Snakes? Are They Healthy?

The best way to handle a hognose snake is to wait after first purchasing it. Allow your new reptile to adjust to its environment before attempting to handle it. 

Juvenile hognose snakes may feel threatened and stressed by being handled. These characteristics show that the snake is stressed. 

You should always pick up a snake by the underbelly and gently allow it to walk from hand to hand.

During the early years, you should keep your interactions with the snake short-lived, gradually increasing the time as the snake adjusts to your touch and learns that you are not a predator. 

Do not drop the snake, as the fall can cause hardship, and do not handle the snake within 48 hours after eating. This time period allows these reptiles to adequately digest their meal. 

What Preventive Care Measures Need To Be Taken?

There are several things that you can do as a snake owner to ensure that your Hognose has a happy and healthy life. 

  1. Check the humidity of the aquarium at least once daily to ensure proper temperatures. If you find a problem, then make the appropriate adjustments. 
  2. Clean the aquarium at least once weekly to remove dead skin, feces, or soiled aspen shavings. 
  3. Thoroughly clean the aquarium every couple of months and replace the substrata. Completely Clean the aquarium with a mild soap and water solution, rinse clean, and allow to dry before adding new substrata. 
  4. It is always a good idea to have a vet keep track of the medical history of your pet snake. They can perform an annual exam to make sure that everything is alright. 

Can You Buy Snakes Online?

The best way to purchase a snake is to go to a Pet Store and find a local breeder who specializes in the kind of reptile that you want to purchase. 

Petco has a variety of products designed to help both beginning and experienced snake owners learn the ins and outs of pet ownership. The Petco website can help you find the right slithering snake for your family. 

While FedEx allows snakes to be shipped directly to a residence, they do require a special certification before they allow the products to be sent. 

The advantage of a pet store like Petco or a local breeder is that you will have an opportunity to handle the snake before you buy them and have the opportunity to ask questions should you need to ask them. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Hognose snakes make excellent pets as long as they are cared for properly. 
  • A hognose snake eats mice and small lizards.
  • A hognose does bite but is not harmful or venomous to humans.

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