How Big Do Cockapoos Get?

I recently adopted a Cockapoo puppy, and I am more than thrilled to have a new four-legged friend.  I haven’t done much research on the breed, but now that I have her, I am curious to know how big she will get.

After I got off my shift tonight, I decided to settle in and do a bit of investigating about my new puppy.  Here is what I was able to locate.

How Big Do Cockapoos Get?

Cockapoos can get as big as twenty pounds and as tall as eighteen inches, but this depends on their background, type of Cockapoo they are, and genetics.  Cockapoos come in three distinct types, the Toy, Miniature, and Standard.  

These variations are because they are a cross-bred dog that comes from the pairing of the American Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle.  Poodles come in three sizes of Toy, Miniature, and Standard. Therefore their Cockapoo puppies can get big and come in these sizes depending on which Poodle is bred with the American Cocker Spaniel is bred. 

How big Cockapoos get depends largely on their genetics and the size of their parents. 

Their diet, lifestyle, and other factors will determine how big Cockapoos get as they go through the puppy stage into adulthood.  The Toy Cockapoos are a mix of a Toy Poodle and an American Cocker Spaniel, and they can get as big as ten inches to their withers in height and approximately twelve pounds in weight. 

The Miniature Cockapoos are a cross between the Miniature Poodle and the American Cocker Spaniel, and can get as big as fourteen inches to the shoulder and eighteen pounds.  Finally, the largest, the Maxi or Standard Cockapoos, a cross of the Standard Poodle and the American Cocker Spaniel, and can get as big as eighteen inches to their shoulder and twenty pounds.  Each dog is individual, and therefore, these are only guidelines to help provide an idea.

Cockapoos are a cross between an American Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle.  The Poodle comes in three distinct sizes, the Toy, the Miniature, and the Standard.  For this reason, Cockapoos can get big, but only as big as their parental background allows.  The size of the Poodle determines how big a Cockapoo will be as an adult.

Other factors that can play a part in their height and weight include their overall health, diet, and lifestyle regarding stress and exercise.

The puppy phase will have each Cockapoo growing at a different rate based on who they are and how they respond to their environment, but they can get big depending on their genetics.  Each dog will complete this puppy cycle at a different pace and be as unique as the next regarding weight and height.

Of the three different sizes, the Toy Cockapoo is the smallest. The Miniature is the next in line with the Standard or Maxi Cockapoo being the biggest.

The Toy Cockapoo can be anywhere up to ten inches in height or less and up to twelve pounds or less.  How big they get depends on their diet, lifestyle, and genetics.

The Miniature Cockapoo can be as big as fourteen inches or as little as ten inches in height.  They can also be as big as eighteen pounds or as little as twelve pounds.

The Standard or Maxi Cockapoo can be as big as fourteen to eighteen inches in height.  They can also be as big as twelve to twenty pounds in weight.

These guidelines give a general idea of the sizes based on the type of Cockapoo.  This doesn’t mean that if an individual Miniature Cockapoo is fifteen inches in height or fourteen pounds, they have suddenly become a Standard sized Cockapoo.

Genetics is what determines the type of Cockapoo they are regardless of how big or small they become.  Diet, health, individuality, stress, and other factors determine size.

How can I help my Cockapoo get big but also be healthy?

The way to help your Cockapoo get big and healthy is to take them to their regular veterinary visits and provide them with a healthy and adequately nutritious diet.

Providing the Cockapoo with a well-rounded lifestyle, no matter how big they get will keep them healthy.  Things to include are enough exercise, plenty of rest, lots of playtime, nutritious food, and ample water, as well as enough positive love and reinforcement.

These things enrich their bodies on the inside and the outside.  It creates an overall healthy dog regardless of how big the Cockapoos might become.

This includes having them rest when they seem tired—providing extra nutrition when they are overworked and more exercise when they are spending a lot of time laying around.

Anticipating their needs and fulfilling them, being watchful of what is going on with them emotionally and physically can keep them be healthy, strong and become big.

Whether a Cockapoo gets big or not, health is the primary concern as they come in all shapes and sizes, just like humans do.

What if my Cockapoo doesn’t fit into any of the size categories?

If a Cockapoo doesn’t fit into any of the size categories, it is best to consult with their veterinarian to ensure that they are healthy.

Their veterinarian can determine if their diet is sufficient for their overall health or if they are experiencing stress or exercising enough.  Their veterinarian will have a history of who they are as a dog, when it comes to their health.  They can also offer insight into the breed and each individual dog.

If it is determined that the individual Cockapoo is healthy, whether they are big or small is merely just a number.   Happiness, good health, and strength matter more than what the numbers say.  They are only a guideline, not something etched in stone to strive for to prove good health.

What makes a Cockapoo bigger than another, other than genetics, diet, and exercise?

What can make one Cockapoo bigger than another, other than genetics, diet, and exercise, is gender?  Gender plays a role in how big a dog becomes and is in adulthood.  Female Cockapoos, and other dogs for that matter, are almost always a bit smaller than their male counterparts.  This size difference is seen not only in height but weight as well.

Another area that can make one Cockapoo bigger than another is undetected or undiagnosed, health issues.  These health issues can potentially cause a Cockapoo puppy to grow slower or not reach its full potential.  This scenario is a less common issue that affects growth and how big a Cockapoo gets, but it can still happen.

Regular veterinary visits and consults about problems can reduce the likelihood of any health issues will go unnoticed.

Age can also play a part in how big a Cockapoo gets.  Puppies will be smaller than their adult counterparts, while seniors can see a decline in how big they are weight-wise.  There can be an increase in their overall weight, too, as Cockapoos age.

Does one size Cockapoo get bigger at a faster rate than another?

Yes, one size Cockapoo does get bigger at a faster rate than the others.  The Toy Cockapoo develops faster because of its smaller size.  They tend to reach their full physical maturity faster than the Miniature or Standard Cockapoos.

This scenario is true of most smaller dogs; they don’t have as far to go physically to reach their full potential, so they get there faster than the bigger Cockapoos.

On the flip side, though, the Toy Cockapoos may reach their full height and weight before the Miniature or Standard Cockapoos, they will often develop slower emotionally and mentally.

The Standard Cockapoo may be the biggest, but they take the longest to get there, with their emotional and mental development happening right alongside or before their physical bodies reach their full potential.

Will my Cockapoos’ weight and how big they are, fluctuate through their lives?

Yes, your Cockapoos’ weight and how big they are, will fluctuate throughout their lives.

Each phase of life will bring different challenges.  From puppyhood to adult to senior, a Cockapoos weight can change throughout time.  Some Cockapoos will get big while others will not based upon normal life changes with age.

Factors of health, diet, exercise, lifestyle, stress level, pregnancy, hormones, gender, and many other things can all cause a dog’s weight to move up and down slightly on a yearly, monthly, weekly, or even daily basis.

Generally, once a Cockapoo has reached adulthood, its weight will only go up and down slightly unless it is suddenly eating larger amounts of unhealthy foods.  A few pounds up this week, a pound or two down the next, is all normal.

Sudden or extreme loss or gaining of weight can signal a health problem and should be addressed with the Cockapoos veterinarian.

Final Thoughts

How big Cockapoos get depends on many factors, including genetics and what type of Cockapoo they are.

Size is all relative, as no human or dog can be put into a box or category.  We are all unique.  While some things factor into size, and we can provide a guideline, at the end of the day, health is all that matters anyway!