How Long Can A Beagle Be Left Alone?

I started a new job recently, and I am concerned about my Beagle. 

I am not sure if he can be left alone and, if so, for how long. I don’t know what the best option is for my situation to keep my Beagle happy and safe.

Needing to find answers to my problem, I decided to investigate this topic and find the best option. 

I hope someone else finds it useful if they are in the same situation.

How Long Can A Beagle Be Left Alone?

Beagles can be left alone for different amounts of time, based on their age. The younger the Beagle, the less time they can be left home alone. Adult Beagles can be left home alone for up to seven hours. Senior Beagles should be left alone for less time depending on their condition.

Training is a huge part of the process of leaving any dog home alone as it teaches them what is expected of them in situations and to behave at their best.

Puppies should not be left alone for more than an hour or two for their own safety, even in a doggie-proofed household. 

Their curiosity may not get them into trouble if the house is safe, but they may get lonely, scared, or have any number of issues that crop up during that time. 

Beagles are known for having separation anxiety as they enjoy being a part of the family “pack” and can have trouble being separated from those they care about. 

Training can help this situation, but in some instances, certain dog breeds will still have trouble dealing with being separated. 

Beagles who do suffer from separation anxiety may benefit from staying at a doggie daycare where they can socialize and be a part of a group, or they might enjoy having a caring family member or friend come in periodically to look after them. 

How Long Can A Beagle Be Left Alone 1 How Long Can A Beagle Be Left Alone?

Whatever choice is made, Beagles can be left alone for various amounts of time, based upon their physical, mental, and emotional health and how they handle it. 

If a pet parent decides to leave their Beagle puppy alone for longer than two hours or their adult Beagle alone for more than six hours or so, someone should come in and care for the dog somewhere in the day, or another option should be investigated. 

They will need to have fresh water and perhaps some snacks or food, and they will also need exercise and some love and attention and fresh air and emotional connection for their happiness and well-being.

Leaving your Beagle at home can be a hard thing to do for anyone. 

We love our dogs as family, and to be parted from them for any length of time can be hard on us, but even more so hard on them. 

Their ability to understand that our jobs and responsibilities are necessary for everyone’s well-being, including theirs, is not there. 

While this may be the case, Beagles can be left alone for anywhere from two to seven hours.

Knowing this doesn’t mean that we can stop our lives because we have a dog. 

Thankfully there is much that can be done. Training and social skills are highly important for all dogs. 

These skills, which are learned passively and while engaging with a trainer, help Beagle learn what is expected and how they are supposed to behave. 

This can help them learn to behave their best while their pet parent is away.

Even the best-behaved Beagle will still have moments where they cannot cope with specific situations. 

One such situation is when they suffer from separation anxiety. 

Beagles are a breed of dog known for suffering from this problem; therefore, pet parents who love them should be aware.

As they were historically bred to be a part of a hunting pack, this is how they feel their best. 

They love to be a part of their human family “pack” and can have difficulties if they are separated for any length of time. 

Training can help this behavior, but some dogs will always struggle with being away from those they love

When this happens, pet parents should be prepared and plan to continue with their work and lives while keeping their Beagle happy.

Doggie daycare is a good option, although costly and may not be the best choice for pet parents, depending on their financial resources. Investigating local doggie daycare facilities in your area beforehand to compare pricing and services offered is a must, and the internet can be a useful tool in accomplishing this task.

This type of care for the Beagle who doesn’t like to be left alone can provide entertainment, socializing, exercise and fun for the dog who has a hard time being away from its human family.

Next, there is the option of having someone come into the home to visit the Beagle, whether puppy or adult. 

This option is suitable for those with limited financial resources and leaves room for adjustments as they don’t have to spend all their time with the dog, with the option being one or many visits with the dog.

Visits will usually be a particular length for those who are paying for a dog sitter. 

Half an hour to an hour is usually the customary allotted time frame for this type of care but having a trusted friend or family member do this same thing is also the option.

Either way, they can entertain, provide attention, a bathroom break and exercise while offering snacks or food and checking the house for any issues.

Whatever choice is made, the Beagles’ well-being and health should be always considered. 

This includes their mental, physical, and emotional health, and pet parents should be aware of their Beagles’ needs and act accordingly regardless of their human lifestyle.

Do I have to use doggie daycare or a sitter to leave my Beagle alone?

No, you don’t have to use doggie daycare or a sitter to leave your Beagle home alone, but you must consider their needs. 

Therefore, if they are to be left alone for any length of time, they should always have fresh water and some food or snacks to eat in case they get hungry.

They should be in a safe environment where they can not get hurt by anything in the home if they get stressed or act out.

They should be in a climate-controlled environment with some toys and perhaps the television or other stimulation to distract them from being alone.

It may also be a good idea to have a pee pad down on the floor for puppies in case they have accidents, but some pet parents don’t like to use them. 

Crates are an excellent option for when you leave your Beagle home alone for a time. 

They provide a safe area where the Beagle cannot get into trouble or get hurt, and they reduce the chance of bathroom accidents and promote restfulness.

No dog, regardless of the breed, likes to sleep where they go to the bathroom, so they will hold it if possible, which may or may not be a good thing. 

There won’t be much to do except chewing on the few toys the pet parent has left behind; therefore, they will likely sleep or rest.

Many apps can be used today so the pet parents can keep an eye on their beloved fur baby while they are away, which can make life outside the home easier. 

However, if the pet parents need to be out longer than two or seven hours, they should be prepared to have someone come in and look after their dog, providing a break from the indoor environment.

If I decide to use a dog sitter or doggie daycare, how do I locate one right for my Beagle?

If you decide to use a dog sitter or doggie daycare, the best way to locate one is to use the internet and possible word of mouth through friends, neighbors, or family.

Comparing pricing is essential to investigate what each sitter or daycare location has to offer you and your pet. 

How many animals are cared for during a day, how much attention they receive throughout that day, and what is included will help make the best choice possible for your Beagle?

Before a sitter or facility is selected, it is essential to check references thoroughly and visit the facility or have the sitter come to the house for a meet and greet.

The meet and greet and visit to the facility allow the pet parents to decide if this is truly right for their dog based on how the Beagle behaves.

It may be necessary to interview multiple sitters or visit a couple of facilities.

When one is selected, the pet parents should be prepared for a few bumps in the road the first few days or weeks as the Beagle gets used to this new situation. 

Eventually, once they warm up and get comfortable, they will consider this new sitter a part of their human “pack” or this facility a part of their new family “pack” and will be more than happy to see mom or dad go off for their day.

Closing Points

Leaving a Beagle alone is no different than any other dog or human child.

How long they can be left alone is different for every dog, and a pet parent will need to find the right balance that suits their family.

While leaving a Beagle alone can be hard on our hearts, the Beagle can learn to adjust if their pet parents take proper steps in addressing their separation issues. 

When this is done, it is likely they will temporarily forget and have fun, which is for the best anyway!

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