How Long After Eating Do Yorkies Poop?

Once your Yorkie is done eating, it is likely that they will need to spend a little time outside to relieve themselves. 

Each Yorkie will have a different schedule when it comes to this, but learning how to predict this will make it easier for you to help your Yorkie get outside when they need it. You may be curious though to know how long after eating Yorkies poop. 

How Long After Eating Do Yorkies Poop?

Yorkies will need to poop within 45 minutes after they are done eating. Some Yorkies will need to go to the bathroom earlier, but they will usually be done with needing to go poop within that 45 minutes.

The Yorkie owner will need to take some time to learn the Yorkies schedule to help them learn when to take the Yorkie out so they do not make a mess in the home. This can also be part of the tools that you use to potty train the Yorkie. 

While each Yorkie is a little different, it is important to learn their schedules and what will work the best for them. Let’s take a closer look at how long it will usually take before your Yorkie is ready to poop after they eat. 

How Long After Eating Do Yorkies Poop?

On average, your Yorkie will need to go to the bathroom about 45 minutes after they are done eating their meals. This gives the meal enough time to go through their system and then they are ready to go outside to relieve themselves. 

Each Yorkie will be different though. Some will be able to have the food go through them a little faster and may need to go to the bathroom about 20 to 30 minutes after they are done eating. This means that you will need to take them out a little bit earlier.

It is rare for it to take more than 45 minutes for the puppy to need to go to the bathroom. 

Take some time to learn about the bowel movements of your Yorkie. This may seem silly, but it will help you to know when the Yorkie needs to go outside and can make potty training easier when you are ready. 

When you first bring your Yorkie home, it is a good idea to take them out often after they are done eating. This will give them a lot of opportunities to go when they need it. Start this out when it is fifteen minutes after they eat. 

After waiting a bit, you can bring them in and then try it a few minutes later, continuing this process until your Yorkie does go poop and seems done relieving themselves. 

The good news is that your Yorkie will be a dog of habit. Once you get used to when they go to the bathroom after eating, then they will stick with this schedule most of the time. 

You will then be able to just let them out at the right time after they eat their meal each day, making life a little bit easier and helping your dog have time to be outside and use the bathroom. 

This works whether your Yorkie needs to go poop fifteen minutes after they eat or closer to 45 minutes after the meal is done. 

How Long After Eating Do Yorkies Poop 2 How Long After Eating Do Yorkies Poop?

Does My Yorkie Need to Go After Each Meal?

Yes, your Yorkie will need to go outside after every meal. They had some food and probably some water, so they need to be let outside to relieve themselves as well. 

This should just be part of the routine that you get into with your Yorkie to save time and hassle later on. 

Your Yorkie may not need to poop after each meal so do not be surprised if they do not need this each time. They still need to be let out to relieve themselves. 

They should still poop almost every day so give them some time to wander around outside without feeling rushed. If they have not pooped yet during the day, they may need a little more time to roam around the yard to prepare themselves for it, so take it easy and do not try to rush them. 

When Should I Let My Yorkie Out After Eating?

You will need to learn the signs that your Yorkie gives to make sure that you get them out in time. Some Yorkies are ready to go to the bathroom within fifteen minutes of their meal because they are so small and can’t hold it in much once the food goes through them. 

Other Yorkies may need a bit more time when they are done eating before they are ready to go to the bathroom. 

Learn the signs from the Yorkie to determine when they will be ready to go poop. Most Yorkies will get on a schedule for this one so you will be able to rely on that each night. 

When your Yorkie starts to show some signs that they need to go to the bathroom, then just let them out right away. If you are not used to their schedule yet, then start taking them out about fifteen to twenty minutes after they eat to be safe. 

Try not to rush the Yorkie when they are outside going to the bathroom. Some Yorkies like to walk around, explore, and prepare before they will go to the bathroom outside. 

If you try to rush them or assume that they do not need to go to the bathroom because they do not go within the first few minutes, then you risk them having an accident in your home or having to bring them back out a few minutes later. 

Let them explore and look around before you assume they do not need to go. 

What if My Yorkies Doesn’t Poop After Eating for a Few Days?

For the most part, your tiny little Yorkie will need to poop each day. There are a few reasons why they may not do this for a few days. Some of them are serious, while others are not, so it is important to know what to look for when trying to determine this. 

How Long After Eating Do Yorkies Poop 2 1 How Long After Eating Do Yorkies Poop?

Sometimes it is a change in the diet that will make it difficult. If you notice that your Yorkie has not gone poop in a few days and this happens right after you change their diet, then this is likely the culprit. 

Give your Yorkie a few days to adjust and usually they will get back on their normal schedule. 

Another issue could be environmental stresses. This can be any changes to their food, changes to their shelter, and even some changes in their routine. 

These are often going to result in just minor changes to their pooping habits and the constipation that they feel will subside within a few days if this seems to be the problem. 

Your Yorkie may be struggling because they are dehydrated. The moisture that is needed to help them poop is going to be absorbed back into the body to help make up for the loss of fluids. 

Severe dehydration is something that you should take seriously, especially when we are working with a dog as small as your Yorkie. If you worry that they are not drinking enough, then it is time to visit the vet to get this taken care of. 

Always remember that fiber and regular exercise are necessary to help your dog keep a healthy digestive tract throughout their life. You must take the time to help them go on walks, to play, and to eat the right things. 

You need to also encourage them to drink more fluids, especially if it is getting close to the summer time. 

There are different ways that you can encourage your dog to drink up more fluids. Ice cubes in their water can help to cool things down. 

A popsicle on occasion can help as well. Canned wet dog food does have some water and if your dog is struggling to get enough fluids, then offering that instead of their regular food. 

There can also be some more serious conditions that could cause an issue. If you have tried out some of the other options and your Yorkie will still not poop, then it is time to take them into the vet. 

This will help you to get a diagnosis to help your Yorkie get their digestive system back on track. 

Yorking Poops After Eating

It is important for your Yorkie to poop because it means that their digestive system is doing the job that it should. 

Monitoring this and being aware that they will likely need to go out to use the bathroom within 45 minutes of their meals. Help your Yorkie by letting them get outside and encouraging the to use the bathroom when it is necessary. 

This will help the Yorkie feel good and can get them on a good schedule for when you are ready to potty train the dog.  

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