What’s The Difference Between A Budgie And Parakeet?

Birds are some of the funniest, most intelligent pets a human can have, and while some look vastly different, many look quite similar. Whether you’ve heard of both names or only one, parakeets and budgies are an example of birds that look the same. It’s to the point that it’s sometimes difficult to decipher if they are the same bird with two nicknames or two very similar types of birds. If you’re looking to adopt your bird companion or are just genuinely curious, this article will put this controversy to rest and answer whether they are the same bird or not.

Here is the true difference between a budgie and a parakeet.

Whats The Difference Between A Budgie And Parakeet 1 What’s The Difference Between A Budgie And Parakeet?

Are Budgies and Parakeets the Same?

Budgies are a type of parakeet, but they are not the same. Budgie is short for Budgerigar, which is a specific type of parakeet. Similar to how a parakeet is only a type of parrot, budgies are only a different version of a parakeet. 

Before you get confused, this fact is based on the logic that not every parakeet is a budgie. 

There are several different types of parakeets, and they range in size, colors, native lands, and other defining features. 

A budgie may only be one type, but there is an explanation as to why parakeets are easily confused with budgies.

Why Are Parakeets Called Budgies?

Budgies and parakeets confuse and are regarded as the same because Budgies are the most common species of parrots, and they are the birds we notoriously keep as companions.

Budgies are pets because of their fun, loving, and energetic personalities. It makes sense that the two are the same to many because the only parakeets most pet owners have ever seen in real life are budgies. 

If you go to the pet store for a parakeet, you will most likely find all budgies. 

Do Budgies Talk?

Budgies most certainly talk. Their ability to do so makes them one of the most popular pet birds. Budgies are highly intelligent and can accumulate a vocabulary of tens to hundreds of words. 

They might not always speak clearly or in complete sentences, but budgies will almost always be loud with their newly discovered words. It’s humorous but also an excellent way to communicate with your pet to know if they’re hungry or if something is wrong.

So not only do budgies talk, but they learn from us and communicate once they’ve understood. The question is not only how do budgies learn human language, but how do they understand it and use it properly?

Whats The Difference Between A Budgie And Parakeet 1 1 What’s The Difference Between A Budgie And Parakeet?

Can Budgies Be Taught How To Speak?

Yes. Budgies can be taught words through repetition. They are only able to speak because they mimic our vocabulary. By associating the word or phrase with an action, budgies can communicate their needs. 

It’s the same way a dog or cat understands when it’s time for dinner. You say the word that alerts them that food is out, and they associate that sound with the action of food being in their bowl. 

The main difference is that budgies can speak back to you and communicate that they’ve understood.

Whether your primary language is English, Spanish, French, or anything else, budgies can learn words from it. After all, they can only speak because they can learn how to. 

Budgies can learn faster if surrounded by other parakeets that can help them along. By them all communicating with you and one another, they understand better, too. 

Budgies compete with some of the larger parrot species in their vocabulary and pronunciation. These birds are capable of far more complex vocalization patterns than other species, and learning more about their speech can teach us about our relationship with language as well. 

Do All Parakeets Talk?

Not only do all parakeets have the ability to speak human languages, but all parrots are born capable of mustering up words.

The issue that prevents all parakeets from talking is that not all parakeets or parrots find themselves around humans enough to learn. 

If there is no human there to teach them or for them to hear words from, some of these birds will never say a word in their lifetime. That is the same reason that when you adopt a bird, they may not say a word until a few months when they’ve finally picked up on your language patterns.   

Can a Parakeet Mate With a Budgie?

Since not all parakeets are budgies, there are limitations to breeding amongst budgies and parakeets.

Budgies can mate with other budgies and breed with them, but budgies cannot mate with any other type of parakeet.

That is because, although budgies are a type of parakeet, they are also a unique and special type. They have their genus, so whereas other kinds of parakeets at least have some relatives in their genera, budgies don’t. 

Budgies are unique and share the fact that they’re parakeets with other parakeets, but that’s about it. Breeding or mating budgies with other parakeets are dangerous for both birds because of the lack of shared genetics. It could result in a very unhealthy bird. 

Is a Parakeet a Good Pet?

While it’s a subjective question, parakeets make a joyful, energetic, intelligent, and for the most part, hilarious pet to all ages. They can communicate with you and are low maintenance. 

Depending on what is considered a good pet for you decides whether or not parakeets make great companions. 

Not only do they make us smile or tell us their thoughts out loud, but parakeets bond with their owner and other parakeets easily. They are better in pairs because they can get lonely. These pets may seem like they talk just to talk, but truthfully they’re very social creatures.

Therefore, if your definition of a good pet is a fun, loving, social bird you can hold partial conversations with, then parakeets and budgies make great pets. If you’re hoping for a more silent but cuddly companion, budgies may not fit the criteria.


Budgies and parakeets are the same, yet not the same. Budgies are the most common type of parakeet used as pets and are also the most unique version of a parakeet due to their independent genus. 

Although a budgie is a parakeet, and a parakeet isn’t always a budgie, they make great companions and almost always leave a bright smile on our faces with their antics and the words they pick up on from us.

If you’re looking for a social and fun pet, budgies, other parakeets, and certain parrots make great options. 

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