Can Poodles Stay Outside in the Heat?

If you are concerned about your poodle staying outside, it is likely that you’re in the middle of summer. For that purpose, I am here to address your concerns about your poodle in the heat.

Can Poodles Stay Outside in the Heat?

Poodles should not stay outside in the heat for long periods of time. Temperatures above 90 degrees can be life-threatening. With a single coat of hair, poodles skin is sensitive to the sun. Poodle’s paws, noses, and skin should be protected.

Although poodles should not be outside in the heat for long periods of time, there are some things that you can do to help your poodle have an enjoyable time in the heat.

Poodles in the Heat

It is natural to worry about your dog. They are like our little babies who need our protection.

In some cases, this mindset is not necessary and our poodles would be fine without us. However, in the heat, poodles need our help to fully protect themselves from the sun. In comparison to other dog breeds, poodles are more in danger in the hot sun.

This is because poodles have a single coat of hair, rather than a double coat that some other breeds have. Having a single coat of hair simply means that poodles are lacking an undercoat.

Undercoats protect dogs from temperature differentiation as well sun burn.

Because poodles do not have an undercoat, their skin is much more sensitive to temperature changes.

Poodles are the dog equivalent to that one friend who gets sunburnt within five minutes in the sun. Because of that, they need protection in order to go outside in the hot sun.

In regards to poodles staying outside in the heat, they should not be outside for long periods of time. So, if you are wanting to make your poodle an outdoor dog during the summer months or in a hot climate, this simply will not work.

Keep an eye out for your poodle and watch the time they spend outside in the heat.

Although your poodle may go outside, he/ she will not be happy and healthy.

Your poodle is still in need of exercise and the easiest way to do that is by going outside on a walk. The outdoors is not toxic towards your poodle. Your poodle will be perfectly fine going outside for a walk.

It is only during long periods of time in the heat that your poodle may be in danger.

Overall, poodles can handle a similar amount of heat that we can handle as humans. The only difference is that when we start to feel overheated or dizzy, our poodles may have it even worse with the possibility of death.

Although being outside is not immediately fatal to your poodle walking outside, you should be watching out for him/her.

Poodles love to be outside playing around, so we shouldn’t keep them from releasing all of their energy. However, we should not take them out and let them play like we would in nice, cool weather.

It is important to keep an eye out for your poodle and watch the time they spend outside in the heat.

Temperature Safety Standards

As far as temperatures go, your poodle will react to outside temperatures similar to you and your body.

If the heat is too much for you to bear, it is definitely too much for your poodle to handle. This is a good gauge for knowing whether or not to take your poodle outside.

If you walk outside and immediately feel uncomfortable, your dog is at risk.

Although the temperature outside will not always be a sure sign of danger, it is a good guideline to check the temperature outside. Below, I have listed what you should expect for each warm weather scenario.

Temperature (F)
60- 70Great weather. No worries.
70- 80Keep an eye out. Risks not likely.
80- 90Getting to dangerous temperatures. Be cautious.
90+Potentially life-threatening if left outside long

Outside of temperature, there are other factors that will affect your poodle’s risks such as how much he/ she is running around and if there is shade in the area.

By simply checking the temperature, you can see how much time is permit-table for your poodle to be outside.

Caution: Heat Stress and Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is common for both humans and dogs alike. Although most humans use it to exaggerate just how hot it is outside, this is very real for your poodle.

Poodles can only handle so much heat, and when they are left out in the hot sun for a long time, it can be fatal. This is most commonly seen when owners leave their dogs in their car.

To cool down, dogs pant. However, panting does not do enough to cool down a poodle when it is very hot outside.

In extreme heat, you will also need to take protection into your hands.

Regular TemperatureHeat StressHeat Stroke
101-102 F103 F106 F

Heat Stress

Heat stress is not fatal to your dog.

Heat stress is only around one degree higher than your poodle’s typical body temperature. However, this one-degree difference can feel much more extreme for your poodle.

Although heat stress will not kill your poodle, it will make him/ her very uncomfortable.

The best thing to do at this point is to bring your dog inside to the nice A/C. You want to cool your poodle down immediately and give him/ her lots of water.

If not taken care of, heat stress can lead to heat stroke.

Heat Stroke

Heat Stroke entails your poodle’s body temperature being brought up around four or five degrees F.

These temperatures are not safe for your dog. And, once your dog reaches this level, they are sadly enough in serious danger. This is why you have to watch out for the warning signs of a heat stroke.

Some of the warning signs are:

  • Red gums, darker than the typical coloration of gums
  • Excessive panting. Although panting is normal for your poodle to cool down, this panting will be more strenuous.
  • Glazed eyes. By simply looking into your dog’s eyes, you will be able to see if they are at risk.
  • Drooling. The drooling will be more extreme than typical dog drool. It will come out of your dog’s mouth faster, with even more drool.
  • Excessive Thirst. You will likely see your dog searching for any liquid to drink up.
  • Fast Heartbeat. It is not too difficult to feel your poodle’s heartbeat. Simply hold him/ her and you will feel the heart beat faster than you would ever imagine.

Once you see these warnings signs, it is so important that you take action immediately. Do anything in your power to bring your poodle’s body temperature down.

Once your poodle has reached the point of heat stroke, there are many things that could go wrong with his/ her body.

  • Brain swelling
  • Kidney Failure
  • Abnormal blood clots

These are all serious issues that could be present when you leave your poodle in the sun. For this purpose, it is not suggested that you allow your poodle to stay in the heat for too long.

We want our poodles to live their longest and happiest lives possible. So, we have to make sure that the sun does not interrupt their life.

Protecting your Dog’s Paws, Nose, and Skin in the Heat

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Even if your poodle is not showing any signs of a heat stroke, there are other dangers that will keep your dog from being happy and healthy.

The three parts of your poodle’s body that are most sensitive to the sun:

  1. Paws
  2. Nose
  3. Skin

Each of these areas needs assistance to stay protected. These areas are all susceptible to damage from the heat. In extreme heat, your poodle’s paws, nose, and skin will need help to assure they are healthy.


Have you ever stepped onto a blacktop pavement in the heat with bare feet?

If you have, you will likely understand why your poodle’s paws need protection in the heat. Damage can occur to your dog’s paws immediately upon touching the ground or gradually over time.

Whatever it is, you can prevent the damage by protecting your poodle’s paws ahead of time with paw wax.

The application process of paw wax is simple. You just take your dog’s paw and spread some of the paw wax over the paw. This wax will give protection similarly to how our shoes shield us from the hot pavement.

In extreme heat, your poodle’s paws, nose and skin will need help to assure they are healthy.


Your poodle’s nose is also susceptible to damage while in the hot sun.

Whenever it gets intensely hot outside, the sun seems to want to find any moisture and take every little bit of moisture away. Similarly to how your lips get chapped after you have licked them or they have gotten wet, your dog’s nose will get “chapped” in the heat.

Because there is moisture on your poodle’s nose, it is susceptible to being damaged in the heat. Often times, during the summer months, you will see little spots on the dog’s nose.

Similar to the paw wax, you can get nose butter for your poodle’s nose.

To apply the nose butter, you simply have to dab the product onto your dog’s nose. This will keep your poodle’s nose moisturized even after the sun soaks up the natural moisture.


As I mentioned earlier, poodles have a single coat of hair, lacking an undercoat. Without the protection of the undercoat, your poodle’s skin is extremely sensitive to the sun and heat.

Luckily, there has been another product made to ensure that your poodle’s skin stays healthy throughout the summer or heat.

The best way to protect your poodle’s skin is with leave-in spray.

The application again is simple. You spray the product into your poodle’s hair and soak it into the skin. This spray does not have to be applied often. You could even wait a few weeks before reapplication.

Although these three things may seem like a hassle to apply to your dog’s paws, nose, and skin, it will keep them feeling great.

Because of the dangers that are presented to our skin, we use sunblock to protect ourselves in the sun. Your poodle can’t do anything to protect themselves. That is why your role is so important. You are able to apply products to keep your poodle healthy.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Poodle in the Heat

Aside from these products available to keep your poodle safe in the heat, there are some other tricks that you can do to help your poodle in the sun.


There are two sides to grooming during the summer. Some say that your poodle’s hair should be kept short to protect him/ her from heat stroke and leave them feeling cooler.

However, others argue that the longer hair will keep your poodle’s skin safe in the sun.

Because there are so many things to be cautious of with poodles in the heat, there is not one perfect haircut that will protect each part of your poodle’s body in the heat.

However, my suggestion for you is to keep your poodles hair short.

Although this poses more of a risk to your poodle’s skin, you can use the product that I described, leave-in spray. With this haircut and the use of leave in spray, your poodle will be protected in the heat.

Cool Areas

If you already own a poodle, then you know that they are very high-energy dogs. Poodles need to run around a lot to get their energy out. However, most people do not want their poodle running around in the house.

For this purpose, it is common to let your poodle outside to run around.

In cooler months or in a cooler location, it would be fine to not have a watchful eye on your poodle. Yet, when it is hot outside, it is important to watch your poodle.

But, it is impossible to watch your dog every single second.

Because of this, I suggest leaving out a dog house or something that is shaded and especially cooler. This way, if your poodle gets too hot while playing, he/ she can cool down without any help.

Cooling Vest

If your poodle is going to be outside on an extremely hot day or for a long amount of time, it is best to place a cooling vest on him/ her.

Cooling vests do just what the name says, they cool your poodle down. With a cooling vest on, your poodle’s body temperature will note raise to dangerous temperatures. Although the sun will beat down, the cooling vest will even out your dog’s temperature.

Although it is an extra cost, cooling vests will do great things for your poodle in the heat.

Walk at Morning and Night

Poodles need their exercise. Unlike other dog breeds who can manage pretty well without any exercise, poodles need to get their energy out.

The best way to do this is to bring your poodle on a walk. However, when it is extremely hot outside, it becomes a bit dangerous to take your dog for a simple walk.

At morning and night, the temperatures are decreased and your poodle’s safety is increased.

This is why you should walk your poodle at morning and night.

During these times, the sun is just rising or setting. Because of this, the temperatures are decreased and your poodle’s safety is increased.

Although it may not always work for your routine, you will find that morning and night walks give your poodle the chance to enjoy the fresh air while staying safe.

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